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My name is Sophie Louise Anne,I live in Cornwall but moved around a lot when I was younger. This is the longest I've lived anywhere and I LOVE IT! I like travelling but I am also a home bird. You are more likely to find me nose diving into a good book with a cup of tea (I take 2 sugars please), then twerking (I'm sure we used to call it humping?!?!) with vodka in hand. I met my boy (Harps) 5 years ago and we got engaged on 02/11/2013 in Rome. It was perfect. I also have a lovely Netherland dwarf rabbit called Batman. He's awesome! I love dresses and cats and ESPECIALLY CAT DRESSES! I laugh at all my own jokes because in my mind I am the most hilarious person I know. Animal humour is where it's at! I also love art, illustrations, fashion, graffiti, design and architecture.

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