Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The Wedding Planning Series #1 Venue.

Ok, so as you all know (and if you don't, you should) the Harpermeister and I got engaged in November. It's been five grueling years of doing his ironing, (I kid, don't leave me Harps!) picking peppers and onions out of his food and being chased around the house like a child. But anyway, what can I say, the man completes me. (He'll be happy to know I called him a man if he ever reads this). So has the exciting time of wedding planning begun and I'm not gonna lie. I'm gonna need a bit of help! So far, my savings calculate that we won't be getting married until around 2018...but you can never be too prepared! Plus, it's fun isn't it! So far all we really know is that Harps is happy to turn up and sign on the dotted line, as long as he can choose his own "cool" shoes. Job done. Easy peasy. I've got a few other ideas but for today let's just stick to location. As you all know, I live in Cornwall and I think one of the best parts about living down here is that I can DEFINITELY have an outdoor wedding.
1) I want all of it to be outdoors. All day.
2) And in the same place. I don't want people to have to move around. 
3) Lots of lawn games.
4) A picnic for everyone.
5) A band- Maybe jazz music, maybe ska, maybe reggae, maybe steel drums? I'm finding this a very hard decision?! 
6) Lots of booze....and tea...and cherryade and slushpuppies.
7) And maybe a petting zoo of some description.

 Not much to ask, right?

So, to the venue. I think I've narrowed it down to four potentials..Exciting stuff I know. I haven't visited any of these places yet, but I'm planning to over the next few months!

1) Lantallack. http://www.lantallackweddings.co.uk/.

I am a massive sucker for a swing. You can make these sorts of decisions over whether there's a swing or not can't you? Also it has beautiful wild flowers, picnic benches (I'm currently just planning on popping everyone on the floor on blankets?!) Big green space for plenty of funsies, a lovely lake nearby and gorgeous barns in the background. There's not much not to love! I want our wedding to be rural, fun, and a whole day event that people can just relax, party and go to bed that night with a smile on their faces. I don't want much fanciness (though there'll be the obligatory Sophie fanciness) and this place seems perfect for all of that.

2) Rosteague. http://www.rosteague.co.uk/weddings-events.php

Rosteague HAS A MAZE! An actual hedge maze! And doesn't it look so fun! They also have a separate croquet lawn especially for lawn games, and once again tick all my boxes for the perfect outside location! There's also this beautiful little thatched roof summer house that I have fallen slightly in love with. It'd be quite romantic to get married in the maze I think? There's pictures on their website of it and I like the angles that it makes the chairs? Is that weird?

3) Lamorran House Gardens http://www.lamorrangardens.co.uk/gallery.htm

Lamorran House Gardens looks beautiful and I absolutely ADORE "The Cupola" that is almost hidden amoungst the trees. Isn't it just perfect? The iron work makes a lovely detail and though I'm not that bothered about being close to the sea (I don't care for the generic-'I live in Cornwall and therefore need photos on the beach feel') However, the sea just sneaking in the back there is breathtaking. How lovely would the photos look of us getting married here?! The only problem is that this area can only hold 25 people for the actual ceremony...And I'm thinking closer to 50?...Hmmmmm...

4) The Green Cornwall http://www.thegreencornwall.co.uk/weddings

I really like The Green Cornwall because it definitely has that wholesome feel I'm looking for? I like the simplicity of the lawn and the trees, and that little archway is pretty cute isn't it? I can imagine just everyone spending all day and all evening in the same place. Using chairs from the ceremony when they're cursing me for making them sit on the floor to have a picnic? (It also has a lake and wild flowers everywhere)

So there's my nominations. Please help!

Love Sophie Xx


  1. I love the look of the first one! So cute. Not that I am keeping ideas in mind for myself :P
    Joanne xx

    1. Haha you should be planning! It'll be happening soon I'm sure! Xxx

  2. Wedding planning - how exciting!!! I love the look of the first two places and I think it's mostly the swing and the maze that are doing it for me hahaha. Such a kid at heart, but seriously - so amazing! If Jake ever asks me to marry him (he says he doesn't want to get married, but I reckon he'll come around) I want to get married outside under a blooming Jacaranda tree. I don't much care for the rest of the details of the venue, as long as there is a big Jacaranda tree blooming over the top of me. xx

    1. Aaaaahh Sunae that sounds so beautiful! How long have you and Jake been together? Harps always said the same thing but I think he just knew I'd get sick of him eventually if he didn't put a ring on it. Hahaha! I think Ia m in agreement that the maze or the swing is a must! xxx

  3. Swing or maze Sophie!! The place with the swing would look lovely for your wedding photos, but the maze would be fun for everyone! :p


  4. Those are all so pretty! You're going to have a hard time choosing!

    What if it rains all day??x

  5. On photography alone, I would go for #4. But without any idea of your numbers it would be hard to choose! After having a quick snoop on #1's website, they seem to have lovely scenery too. Biggest tip is going and see them all if poss, without mentioning the word 'wedding' so you get a realistic feel for it.


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