Monday, 11 August 2014

The Wedding Planning Series #5 Venue Visiting: Rosteague. A Hedgemaze Heavy Post.

I can't actually type eloquently enough to express how excited I was this morning. It's all well and good building Pinterest boards and writing to you all about my wedding, but actually visiting the place that I hope to hold my wedding and having proper grown up adult discussions about it, was the key to actually feeling like shouting in your faces; 'I'm going to get married you guys!' 

I wanted to look relatively put together- hair brushing aside. So I wore this pretty vintage tea dress that I got in a charity shop some years back. Due to this, I also only took my denim jacket. BIG MISTAKE.

Views from the Bridal Suite.

The most amazing bathtub in The Bridal Suite.

The main gardens. Hedgemaze extravaganza! 

Located between St Austell and Truro, Rosteague is only 17 miles from our house and takes roughly about half an hour to get there. Unfortunately for us, we got stuck behind an emmit (tourist) on the way which made us late! What a terrible first impression and I hate being late! Luckily, the lovely lady showing us around, Emily, was more than understanding as I flailed out of the car screeching 'I'm so sorry!'.  The private road taking us up to the main house, must be about half a mile, and even then I was already set that 'this is the place for us.' The Milton family are the owners of the estate and have kept it beautiful in the 10 years they've been there. Before them, it was in the family for 60 years! Imagine that! I'd never let this place go! Quite a private family, the main house is no longer available for events, but that suited us as we're planning a very much outdoor wedding, and as we were shown around the grounds, I absolutely fell in love with the french style gardens and features. Viewing the thatched summer house, it got the official Harps seal of approval, whilst I just lapped everything up- eyes glistening. The bridal suite is beautifully quaint, traditional English style and the views are just breathtaking. (Can you tell that I like it?)

The Main Gardens.

Views From The Croquet Lawn! (YES CROQUET LAWN!)

More hedgemaze love.

Just so pretty!

Amazing right? I think to me, this place is my perfect venue. It reminds me of a place crossed between Alice in Wonderland and The Secret Garden, both places of my dreams. Harps is pretty outdoorsy and he agreed it really does just have everything. As the weather started to cloud over, we finished our tour and Emily offered us a route to go and check out the three (YES THREE) private beaches. As we started to walk though this scenic meadow- the heavens opened. Like smashed our faces in, opened. I was still on a fancy garden high and proceeded to grin like a cheshire cat (see what I did there?) and proclaim that 'it's fine'...Whilst a sodden Harpy looked rather unsure.

Harps did offer me his jacket by the way, but I was too excited to care.

Excited to the absolute max.

So we waved goodbye to Rosteague, excited and nattering about weddings, weather and hedgemazes.  What do you all think?! Could you imagine me getting married here? All feedback will be appreciated greatly! 

Love Sophie Xx


  1. From little I've read about you from this blog I think this place is completely you!!
    If I were to get married I love it too!! From the first few photos and the hedge maze I though Alice in Wonderland crossed with The Secret garden and then you said it too! haha
    You'd have to have some flamingo/hedgehog croquet on the go though :P

    Best wishes, Danielle

    1. Aaah Danielle, in that case, you know me so well! Hahaha! At one stage I complimented her on the nice 'estate dog; that they had and she laughed and said "Oh some funny people want to bring their dogs to the ceremony" To which I thought "Oh no, she'll die with laughter if I ask if I can bring Batman." Hahahah! Gonna get my croquet on for sure, I wonder if I can get lessons before hand so as to amaze everyone with my skills? Haha
      Sophie Xx

  2. This is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL VENUE EVER!! Holy smokes! It's perfect! Look at those hedgethingy mazes. Perfect!! I can 100% see you guys getting married here and I AM EXCITED ABOUT IT!!

    And yes, you don't need to ask, I will sleep in the bridal suite with you.

    Liam also said "is she naked?" about the photo of you in your unroom (room that I can't think of the name of, so I'm calling it an unroom.) because he was looking at it from a funny angle and it looked like you were naked apparently.


  3. Wowowowowowowow!! How beautiful!! Pleeeeeeeease get married here!! You suit it so well! Xxxxxx ps. You two are so cute xx


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