Monday, 2 March 2015

The Wedding Planning Series #9 The Last of The Wedding Fairs.

Harps looks like he's on crack in the above photo (he's not honestly!) 

I'd advise anyone getting married to jump at the chance to go to a few wedding fairs. I've now attended four wedding fairs and yesterday I went to Wed Magazine's wedding fair at Boconnoc Estate and it was probably the best of the wedding fairs I've gone to in the last year. It certainly was the busiest and what made it such a lovely day is that Bimble and Harps came along with my mum and I; it's great to have Harps's input along the way with all this planning shebang. 

We arrived a little after 12 and it was jam packed! I was on a particular hunt for chatting to the marquee company that was there and also finding some selections of caterers and cutlery hire services. I feel like I've come away with a really great selection! I think this'll be the last wedding fair that I'll go to. It's easy to get wrapped up in all the selection and you could literally spend forever browsing and choosing that I don't really want to complicate too much for myself. 

Bimble had a great time too; munching goodies at the chocolate fountain, all I saw was my mum wiping 90% of his face afterwards- I wish I'd seen him go for it. He also blagged a ride on the horse and cart all by himself! It was even funnier when on the way back the horse stopped to let nature take its course. Bimble didn't know what was happening! 

The final adventure was trying to leave. We got so stuck in the mud that my mum thought we were going to have to get a taxi home! Luckily the horse and cart people saved the day and some lovely staff at the venue helped push the car to freedom! I wasn't much help (of course) but cheered them on from the sidelines and cracked inappropriate jokes as usual. 

Have any of you wedding planners been to any fairs? Did you find them helpful or just a bit overwhelming? 

Love Sophie Xx


  1. I last went to a wedding fair when Christ was a lad. I heard someone use that phrase this week, I have said it for EVERYTHING.
    Also Bimble's happy horse and cart face made my day.
    M x

  2. Wedding fairs are excellent for all the freebies. And the ideas. Basically just steal everything and then do it yourself or source it cheaper :-) xx


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