Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Wedding Planning Series #11 Marquees.

It's most certainly time that we had a wedding catch up isn't it? With less than ten months to go until the big day, my plan of getting bits and bobs done as we go is working really rather great and something that was concerning me the most (as you know!) was the marquee. 

Well do I have a story for you!

At the beginning of this year, I entered Harps and I into a competition with a local marquee company, Absolute Canvas, to celebrate their ten year anniversary! The requirement was to write a little about yourselves and the type of wedding you're planning and I was so excited not only to save some hard earned dollar but this was one of the main companies I'd been stalking online as who I'd wanted to book.

We all know what I'm like and this little snippet of information that they'd asked for turned into the biggest, in depth essay with made up words like marquee-ey complete with a cheesy jazzy photo of us both (I included it at the end of this post for your amusement). And to be honest, after spending a little longer than expected writing the entry I pressed send and that was that. 

A few months passed (like actually more than three) and after one particularly awful Friday afternoon at work, I looked at my phone and saw that little annoying voicemail icon and a missed call. Being too lazy to actually listen to the voicemail, I just called the number back only to get the best surprise that we'd been chosen for the competition! A lovely lady called Jasmine has been the greatest person to have phoned me in a long time.

After the initial excitement and in depth marquee-ey conversations, we took a little trip to see Tonya at Absolute Canvas's offices and planned from start to finish exactly what we wanted. Tonya's creativity shines so brightly it's no wonder they've been in business for a decade!

I'm actually so goddamn excited about our marquee now that I've been fully transformed. What I love about Absolute Canvas is how much choice there is. I've included a few of my favourite photos from their website to show some of the differences in the ceiling options! There are so many!! The service has been incredible so far and I feel so relaxed knowing that they're taking care of such an important part of the day. 

Thanks again Absolute Canvas for reigniting my faith in marquees and of course for choosing us for your competition!! Happy ten years and only ten months until the big day!!

What do you think about marquees? Indoor or outdoor wedding? 

Look at this cheese <<<<

Love Sophie Xx

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  1. Aw, that's so exciting - congratulations! Will Batman be part of the ceremony? I'd love for my bunnies to hang out with me if I ever got married but it's not like they do as they're told...

    Wild Bear x


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