Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Location Location Location: Melinsey Mill

Happy first official UK day of autumn everyone! I've been having a beautifully autumn themed day and I'm excited to share a not so well known, but a quirky, beautiful and tranquil little spot in Cornwall that I'm sure you'll all love as much as I did. 

Melinsey Mill is situated in Veryan near Truro, hidden away in the winding country lanes. Somewhere my mum wanted to take me for my 21st birthday a couple of years ago, alas they're only open between April- Late October, but on this lovely AUTUMN morning we decided to go for an explore and cake. For your information, my perfect way to spend a day off! 

A working 16th century watermill, this quirky attraction really captured my imagination (just like my mum knew it would!) According to county records, there has been a mill on the site since 1210 and the local, family business shows a selection of perfectly Cornish eccentricity curios and   homemade goodies. 

Free admission, we first wondered through the mill to check out the amazing machinery, guiding us up the stairs, we found a seating area and a selection of artwork and other handmade delights.

Possibly ghosties in the corner of my photo there- probably just bad phone flash though.

Lovely explorers.
A dusty selection of bottles and jugs.
A fancy walking stick with a fish handle.

These little guys made my heart swell.

I found this beautiful photograph (I think) for sale.

Crazy horse art. Purpose.

After a good ol nose, we looped around the mill house and ended up in the little cafe area. All homemade food and local produce, I ordered a giant slab of chocolate fudge cake, mother had a lovely looking bit of quiche with a delicious salad. We chatted outside, overlooking the small lake, tranquil and relaxing. 

We practically licked our plates and needed to walk off the cake scoffing so we had a wander and discovered a garden straight out of a Lewis Carroll novel. 

Tea pots and chairs hanging from trees, rickety bridges and twisty walkways, I was in my element. 
Smile mummy I'm going to blog about this place!

Even the plates were super cute! Scoff scoff.

This is so great.

After such a lovely time, mum suggested that I help her pick Bimble up from work and walk the dogs. Bimble and I declared that we were going on a conker hunt! He's had a haircut that's much shorter than he's used to, what do you think? He doesn't like it because he always wants 'girls hair' but I think it makes him look younger! We linked arms and skipped along, shouting random insults at mum and learning all about acorns and conkers. Sadly we didn't get either (this photo is ones that I found on my way back from buying groceries!) 

Love Sophie Xx


  1. I have never seen an acorn or a conker!
    Please take me to this beautiful place when I come to visit you one day? I love old buildings and the teapots hanging in trees call for an Alice in Wonderland photoshoot in my opinion! haha xx

  2. Oh it looks all Alice In Wonderlandy, can we go?? Can we, can we?? With Bimble and your beautiful mamma if they want.
    M x


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