Monday, 27 October 2014

The Wedding Planning Series #6 Wedding Fayres.

Ahhh wedding dreaming. I actually, genuinely spend the majority of my daydreaming time thinking about our wedding, wishing that I'd come across the money forrest and be able to help myself. It's easy to get carried away isn't it? Things that you'd never dream of spending money on suddenly tempt  you; like chocolate fountains! Who'd have thought something so garish would be so goddamn delicious, that whilst your face covered in pink dyed, white chocolate, you'd seriously consider theming your wedding around the neon lights that flash along with it? Anyway, yesterday, my darling (and newly engaged-Congratulations again!!) friend, Tracey and I went to a wedding fayre at the beautiful Alverton Hotel in Truro. I thought I'd share some of the businesses and goodies that were there! Are you planning your wedding? If so, tell me all your secrets!!!

My favourite business by far at the fayre was Loulabel Floral Designs, not only a lovely lady, but
the first time I've looked at wedding flowers and not been massively scared and confused! P.s. Arn't her
business cards lovely?!

Here's a terrible photo of some of Lou's work. Her website is much more beautiful than my
crappy phone camera, check it out here.

Lovely paper cutting examples-there were some really cute baubles with Mr & Mrs.

Some pretty jazzy waistcoats! I'd die with laughter at Harps in these!

Simple idea for table plans- this was made from an open suitcase and some string!
Really great cost efficient and adorable!
We tried out a photo-booth and I got REALLY into my costume of 'shark -hunter'. Luckily, Tracey
is a fabulous photographer, so I don't need to worry about such things!
Vintage ring cushions! See what I mean about all the extras!? It'd
be so easy to overspend!

The chocolate fountain of dreams.  Don't judge it until you've tried it!

All loved up and worn out!
Love Sophie Xx


  1. The hanging table plans are so cute! And the chocolate fountain looks amazing! :P


  2. You absolutely have to make Balsam wear the most awful waistcoat ever. Please. X


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