Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The Wedding Planning Series #12 Minimoon An Excuse To Holiday Twice.

I come to you all with dilemmas and questions and many responses needed. So far and with a little less than seven months to go (eeeeek!) I've been pretty successful and stress free with planning our super duper wedding next year. There have been two main causes for confusion and both come in the forms of honeymoon destination. 

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We'd decided when we first started planning that it'd be pretty sensible to have our honeymoon a few months after our wedding- more time to save up for that luxurious trip we both want to have. That was all fine until I came across a couple (who yes, quite frankly were rather wealthy) and they told me all about their mini-moon. Immediately mesmerised by the play on words and the general cuteness sounding of it all, was hooked on the idea and have decided we.must.have.one. 

The thought of going away somewhere in the UK for 3-4 nights for a little peaceful time just straight after the wedding just is too lovely to not indulge in don't you think?  Which brings me to my dilemma. We'd originally planned to go to the Lake District, Harps loves bike riding and I like generally wandering in nature; a little log cabin *insert Pinterest imagination getting carried away* and tranquility/ romance galore. I had it all mapped out...Until I looked at a map. It's pretty darn far away from Cornwall guys and we hadn't really considered the factor of actually getting there? So much so that we started debating about just going the whole hog and taking a trip to Scotland (I've always wanted to go) but then I can't help but think I'll want to squeeze 'doing' too much into our few days there? Now I've started debating Bath which I'm having the same debate with. It's hard to decide what to do when you want to force yourselves to slow down but you're both naturally exploring people.  

So now I'm weighing up between city break and all out forest excursion. I'm looking for your help (and yes I secretly would love it to be that extra bit special and luxurious)!

If you think all this is a bit crazy, don't even get me started on the actual honeymoon planning! Oi vey.

Oh and if you're keeping track, catch up with my other Wedding Planning Series posts below!

Love Sophie Xx

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