Friday, 23 January 2015

Location Location Location: Falmouth.

I honestly almost called this post "Cornwall- The Best Place on Earth." Which whilst may be accurate, let's face it- it's a little bragasaurus isn't it? It's been too long since I've posted a locations post, which sadly is due to not visiting many new places in recent weeks. Now that the hubbub of Christmas and 'new year new me' is out of the way, we can all get on and enjoy 2015. So when my bestest gal in the land offered to take me out on a date as a birthday treat, we both hopped, skipped and jumped at the chance to head into Falmouth for a day of good food and wintery walks. 

Time with Stacie is always the best, someone who understands that you need to pour the tea slowly so as to get a nice photo for the blog and considering we have pretty much exactly the same tastes for good quality, quirky food places, I knew it'd be a perfect way to spend a Sunday.

Our rumbling tummies and freezing fingers had us heading straight for food as we arrived and after a short walk we ended up visiting Fuel cafe/lounge/bar for what became the most amazing lunch. We settled with our delicious lunches (see my drool worthy chicken burger below!) and picked up one of the many games scattered around to play. Shrieking at the sight of Guess Who we were ready to move in then and there. 

I'm pretty damn fortunate to have another best friend who lives right in Falmouth now (he's studying film at Falmouth University!) and knowing we'd be in the area, he came down to meet us. We were just finishing our championship round of Guess Who (I won obviously) when he arrived, and we all headed for a little tour around Falmouth town. 

Stacie and I had been hoping to visit one of Falmouth's many art galleries but lack of planning and Sunday hours meant that by the time we emerged from the warmth of Fuel there weren't any open. Heading to the sea (and then sharply retreating after flailing in the high winds) we all took solstice in a pub/bookshop/ping pong table emporium (ok maybe not emporium- it was pretty impressive) called Beerwolf Books. Reece said that this is where the students come and I imagine I'd actually live there if I was at Uni. After a while of browsing (I'm pretty lucky to have friends that are just as huge bookworms as I am) and a couple of purchases after, we continued our little walk, eventually ending up stopping for more cake and drinks at The Shed, a beautifully decorated restaurant and bar with the tastiest cakes! My phone was dying, my belly full and my heart happy at such a lovely time with these two. I'd thoroughly recommend to any of you visiting us down ere a trip to Falmouth. 

Love Sophie Xx


  1. I love Beerwolf, it's really great and cosy :) (I always nab the fireside spot ^.^)
    I wouldn't judge you if you had titled the post : Cornwall, best place on earth! But then again I'm biased because I totally agree with you :P muahaha.
    Falmouth is so great :) Probably my favourite 'main' town >.< Such a good music scene there :)

    Sarah xxo

  2. I don't think that's bragging, Cornwall is pretty cool and it'd certainly be a hot contender for the best place on earth! Falmouth is somewhere we always seem to miss, when we stay with my sister in law in Newquay we always end up doing the north coast and miss the south. Definitely something I'll have to change though because I've just read Fuel and The Shed's menus and now I'm hungry! :-) xx


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