Friday, 19 June 2015


Last week it passed the 'one year until we get married' mark....That's a mark isn't it? Everyone knows how super fast a year goes once you get past the ages where you have trillions of holidays throughout the year and life seems to run away from you sometimes. So here we are- less than a year left and though lots has been sorted, now that the main parts have been organised it's time to start getting excited about the little details. I've spent days in the sunshine browsing for fabrics to make napkins (on this note, can anyone recommend a great *read cheap* fabric website?) Hours have gone by looking at types of invitation, paper type, font, designs and wording may seem stressful to most but it's bringing together little ideas that I really love about planning our big day! 

I've been thinking a lot about what our wedding day really means to me. Harps and I are pretty awesome as we are and after marriage I hope that not much really changes. My respect, love and heart grows for him every day as it is, I hope that continues. I hope we continue to belly laugh for the next sixty+ years together and when people have asked me 'what do you want from your wedding day?' It really is simple. I want a day that brings all our little groups of loved ones to one place altogether to relax, I want the day to be about all of those brilliant memories we have made already and all the ones we're sure to make in the future. I want Harps to feel just how important he is to me and how thankful I am to have him in his life. And I want him to feel the pride I have when I take his name, leaving my rather undesired maiden name behind.

It's becoming more and more frequent for ladies or gents to keep their own surname when they get married, others who insist on being Ms instead of Mrs- all of which I totally understand. I mean, you've had the same name for X amount of years and it forms your identity but I'm in a rather different situation...

On my wedding day there won't be one other person that holds my maiden name present. My mum has remarried, my 'father's family' and I aren't in contact. To finally hold the same surname as the person I call 'my family' brings me a sense of identity and release from my maiden name and the past. It's honestly the most exciting part of getting married for me.

To continue completely the same, just getting more awesome together. That'd be pretty pretty pretty good.

Love Sophie Xx


  1. I think its respectful to the future partner for ladies to take their last name. I don't even want a wedding (I dread to think of being the center of attention!) I just want to be Mrs B!
    Your reason behind taking his name is so sweet though.<3


  2. Aw congrats on getting married! I totally get the surname change. Hope you find the fabric you're looking for! :)

    Renee | Lose The Road

  3. Such a lovely post, you must be so excited and a year will absolutely fly by. I feel the same about my maiden name in that I can't wait to share the same name as the person that i've built my life with and kick off our future officially.

    Happy planning!

    Sophs xx
    The Sopho Diaries

  4. Sounds like it's going to be an exciting year heading up to the wedding - napkin folding, that's a level of dedication that I'll never have!

    The name change is neither here nor there for me. I'd keep mine, just because I like it, but at the same time, I like my bf's so maybe I'll keep both.

    Saying that, the chance that we get married is quite slim so I guess I'm sticking to mine :)

  5. I get this. I used to be very attached to my surname - it's very unusual and it's always been part of my identity - but now that my mum and sister have taken their husbands' names it's lost its significance. I had no hesitation about our daughter taking my boyfriend's name.

  6. I loathed my maiden name and was happy to take his. It's an unusual name, which I like. My dad died 3 years after I was married and my mum is remarried now, I'm not in touch with his family so I would literally be the only person I knew with my maiden name if I still had it.

  7. Eeeee! It's all so exciting! Sounds like you're getting there with the planning doll, and I'm sure everything will fall in to place for you and Harps when the day comes!
    I didn't think twice about wanting to take R's surname either and I agree with Danielle, I think it's respectful to the future partner to take their surname.
    I'm about to start changing my name over now that the marriage certificate has arrived so that's the next big 'thing' for me at the moment!

    I don't really buy fabric online I'm afraid because I use a local surplus store and hobbycraft. But! What I will say is, I often buy double bed covers from local charity shop (if I find a pattern I like that is, especially if looking for retro inspired) because this is much more cheaper than buying by the meter/fat quarters and you're also helping a charity out too!

    xo Amy | I Am Adorkable

  8. Lovely post! I think the reason you want to take his surname is so sweet. It's nice to take your man's name, I think, or to double barrel it.
    I always hoped to get a very English surname after having my Nigerian surname of Jaji for so long (it's a nightmare - few people can pronounce it). But I think I must have tempted fate as my boyfriend (and hopefully future husband) has a long and even more complex Ugandan surname.

  9. Such a lovely post and such a lovely reason to take your soon-to-be-husband's name. I hope you have a wonderful wedding day. I can't wait to hopefully see snippets of the day on your blog or on social media (I'm so nosey)!


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