Thursday, 18 June 2015

Summer in Cornwall.

There's a salty taste to the air and the sunshine warms my skin like a little cuddle from the sky. Yes people, Cornwall has officially stepped into summer. Longer days have meant my time off work has been full of so many wonderful things that I've totally left you all behind. A slightly cloudier day brings me inside from trying to even out my mysterious geometric tan lines, to report back the glory that is Cornwall at it's best. How many of you would guess this was the UK? All photos from this glorious day out are of Charlestown (see more about here and here) with my gal Stacie.

After lunching and drinking on the patio of a sea-side pub we ventured down to the shoreline, hunting for fancy shells, magical rocks and softened glass- shouting to one-another once in a while "Oooh I found a nice rock!" The fellow beach users were thrilled we'd arrived I'm sure. Finding our own little sandy spot convinced us that despite not being really very well dressed for a paddle, that we wanted to channel our inner mermaid. We waded until our clothes were soaked and our shoes were sodden and settled on the sand to build castles and dry off. More sand-mound-esque monuments were built and pockets full of underwater treasures we waddled back up the hill, stopping (of course) for our favourite ice-creams. 

Perfect summer days.

Love Sophie Xx


  1. Gorgeous pictures! Cornwall is amazing all year round but it is such a lovey place to visit in the summer. :)

    1. It is! I'm very lucky to live in such an idilic place! Will have a little read of your blog now! Have a great, sunny day!

  2. I haven't had a chance to make it to the beach yet this summer, but this makes me want to pack up and head there right now. Even if it is raining outside at the moment!

    Call me crazy, but I sure to miss the good ol' British summer and a good ol' British beach!

    1. It's ok! Head out and it might stop raining by the time you get there! I really don't go to the beach enough- totally take it for granted really. I forgot how bleddy lovely it is though! X

  3. I love that feeling when you forget your cozzy, but you're desperate to get in the sea and you're like - "Oh what the hell, I'm going in anyway" >.< I ended up spending most of last summer doing that :P
    So excited, only one week and I'm home for summer! squeee :D
    I love Charlestown, so pretty ^_^ So much Kernow love, when I finish my degree I am moving back forever and no-one can budge me :D

    Have an awesome summer :D

    Sarah xxo |


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