Saturday, 19 July 2014

Location Location Location: DairyLand Farmworld.

DairyLand Farmworld is actually a magical place! I remember moving from London, first seeing this place on a leaflet in a super market- chuckling to myself as someone who'd lived near Thorpe park and Chessington- I mocked places like Dairyland Farmworld. And that'd how life carried on, I grew and appreciated Cornwall for what it is; the perfect place to grow up, and sadly, longer passed without visiting DairyLand. Located on the way to Newquay, the ideal place to take children (or animal lovers like me) this summer. I was lucky to be invited to go and have a mooch with my dear friend Tracey and her daughters. (It's always better when you can go to places like this with children). Tracey had been the week before and had a ticket which enabled her and the girls to get back in for free (a great tip for families). 

We played in the sandpit, using the diggers. I got sandy knees.

We played on the tractors and put on our best farmers accents.

Tracey ran around in circles on what can only be described in my opinion, as the greatest idea for swings ever. Seriously, why aren't all swings like this?!

We checked out some farmy friends.

And then came the main attraction....PET-A-PET. Which is just like Sophie Heaven. We all sat in a circle (I say we, more like me and 12 children) and got passed these pets on trays that we were allowed to stroke. BEST. IDEA. EVER. I've got me a whole career lined up from this idea! Oh and there was a cutie bunny sitting in his food.

I played in the DairyLand stocks. Not sure why there's stocks here, but there ya go. King sheep told all the others what to do a'la Animal Farm. Tracey sped down a slide so fast, her whole faced morphed into a blur...Yes that's her daughter standing at the top looking embarrassed.

Then was time for feeding the baby animals. I managed to interrupt this scary, frothing looking calve...and stopped to take some farm selfies (of course).

Coming to Cornwall this summer? Not sure what to do? I got ya covered. 
Love Sophie Xx

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