Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Wedding Planning Series #2 Bridesmaids.

Good Evening lovely wedding planners and browsers! I hope that you're all having a lovely Sunday! I'm happy to be back! I decided to take a little break from blogging whilst I got over my funk and then came down with an awful cold, which resulted in many an evening of coming home from work and flopping on the sofa, gazing at Come Dine With Me. 

What happier and more exciting way to make a return than with a little bit of an update on my wedding planning. Here's where Pinterest takes over. First it's probably a good idea to introduce you to my bridesmaids! Well that's as long as none of them make me hate them by then! Haha. 

1) Charlie. Charlie is my oldest and dearest friend. We grew up living next door to one another and spent literally every second we could together. We went to different schools but it didn't matter. She was my main consistent through a lot of changes. When I moved to Cornwall, we haven't seen each other since. Almost 12 years later...How sad is that!? Luckily, it started with phone calls on the
landline, progressed to text and grew with us to Facebook and Instagram. We kept together through the hardest parts of our lives. We still kept exactly the same bond that we've always had and I know that she's the most important friend I've ever had. 

2) Stacie and Leona. You guys don't need to hear about these fancies. You see them all the time on
here and by now you are most definitely following the
ir awesome blogs. These two are just my bests. Completely different in most ways but fucking awesome all the same. 

3) Marie and Abigail. These are Harp's cousins and they're super cute. Marie is ten and is just starting to get to her teen years, she's so fun to talk to and play with and she's becoming super crafty! I think she could just be the next JoJo! Abigail has just turned three and is just starting to get fun (not that she wasn't fun before, just small and fragile.) She has so many questions about EVERYTHING and it's hilarious what she comes out with! I haven't asked permission for their photos to be on here so you'll just have to make do knowing that they're awesome.

So now you know all about them; my original inspiration was found browsing good ol Pinterest. It's the photo top, centre. Harp's only requirement for the big day was that he can wear "cool, bright hi-tops." Which I can live with, so this in mind, I love the idea of all white dresses. Different styles, because my bridesmaids could NOT look more different! But all knee length or shorter if they want. I want everyone to be comfortable, so I think this is the best way for everyone to find something that they like and also I figured that they could choose their colour. (This is a hint for you all to let me know what colour you'd like?) Then I came across those lace shoes which I've decided are a must; even if it involves a bit of DIY. Just to break up the bold colours. 

You can find all images and links to original sources on my Pinterest page! And follow my lists of lovely things too if you like!? /maybeonedaysoon.

So what do you think brides and browsers? Good idea? Bad idea? Are you planning a wedding? If so, let's be wedding friends! 

Love Sophie Xx


  1. What a bloody lovely bunch we are! I feel like we should just share a wedding day because I feel we both have the same ideas on our perfect day :) xxx

    1. I think that we should actually consider this as a viable option? Surely we can do it super duper cheap with all our connections? I've got food covered and photography with super duper chef brother and friend photographers, you can have the music covered (which let's be honest, will be EXACTLY the same and we'll just team up the bridesmaids?!

  2. Aaah the shoesies are amazing!
    Can I pretend I'm doing it again so I can play with the wedding stuff??
    Glad you're funk free and back
    M x

    1. Definately. I need your help. You sexy beast of a woman. I've missed you Xx


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