Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Location Location Location: Mevagissey.

I really want a shell like this for Christmas.

Mevagissey, situated on the edge of St Austell is probably my favourite place in Cornwall. Before we moved here, I used to visit my Grandparents here every summer. Nanny and I used to always come to Mevagissey, it was our special place. My love for it hasn't changed, neither has this popular seaside town. I love nothing more than going here on a winters day (and I'm lucky to be about a 10 minute drive away!) A good ol fresh walk and a bag of chips. It's pretty much deserted and there are maybe three shops open, max. But come spring, Mevagissey emerges into life.  Come summer, it's so, so busy. I went here with my parents and it was jam packed, but beautiful and Cornwall in bloom. My favourite part was the tourist in the above photo. The tide was out and he took his family (wife and two young children) down here to 'look at the seaside' maybe? Whilst his children and wife are just our of shot 'looking at wildlife', he wonders, contemplating life. All the while, the four of them, what seems completely oblivious, to the fact they're walking through the sewage pipe exit. Delightful.

Love Sophie Xx

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  1. I love Mevagissey, and Cornwall in general. Lovely post :) x


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