Saturday, 8 November 2014

Location Location Location: Pentewan

As many, if not all of you, reading know, I live in the idyllic countryside of Cornwall. Here, we're starting to shut down for the winter; shops are closing earlier, tourist attractions are pretty much unavailable and you don't really need to book anywhere to eat because it's probable that you'll only come across a couple of tables of locals when you go out (especially on a weekday.) It's the perfect time to live here. I know that sounds strange, but there's nothing like a crisp walk on the beach; the fresh, autumnal air bringing you back to life, followed by a cosy cafe; snuggling with a warm cup-o-something and dreamily talking about Christmas. It's what winter is made of in my book.

Last weekend, celebrating six years of togetherness, Harps and I rose early and ventured out in the unpredictable November drizzle. Wrapping up warm, I suggested we went to Pentewan beach; about four miles from where we live and usually swamped with tourists, it seemed like the perfect place. Neither of us had been such young children and could't remember much- you know what they say about never seeing the places you live so close to? Situated just outside of St Austell town centre (before Mevagissey) we occasionally ride our bikes in the woods (Kings woods) nearby which has a brilliant cycle trail into the village. 

Not realising that it was the first day of the low season that dogs were allowed back on the beach, we were greeted by lots of smiling mutts, bellowing in the morning sun towards us, they all looked so happy! After quite the walk along the sand and rocks, where I could't stop taking photos and Harps looked for buried treasure and sea life, we wondered back into the village. We'd intended to have a hearty roast lunch but by the time we'd finished walking we felt a little too windswept to eat too much, which is how we ended up in The Cove B&B and Cafe.  

A warm rush of air greeted us by the door, as did the marvellously friendly owner. Literally my favourite type of cafe; crammed with little ornaments, interesting art work and photographs, not to mention the fish tank table! That's right guys- A FISH TANK COFFEE TABLE! We immediately flounced onto the corner sofa directly next to the table and ordered a couple of delicious hot chocolates to warm up. Whilst browsing the simple, yet plentiful menu, we glanced down to see Bandit the cat, greedily eyeing up the fish. "It's like television for cats!" I squealed at Harps.

A couple of tasty sandwiches, much cat stroking and half a mug of hot chocolate later, we decided to go and sit outside to finish off our drinks. Warm enough from the full bellies and cosy atmosphere, we watched the world go by for another hour or so.

What a lovely place to visit hey?
Have any of you been before? 
Love Sophie Xx


  1. Looks amazing! Send me one of those hot chocs please!! ;)

    Lou x

  2. Lovely lovely spot and pub. Looks like a great day. x

  3. Happy six years of coupledom, spent in the best possible way.
    That cat looks like it's winking, maybe at the cat tv!
    M x

  4. The beach photographs look amazing and loving the look of that hot chocolate!



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