Monday, 8 December 2014

Festive Planning: Swooning Over Cookie Cutters.

Starting the search for the perfect accompaniments to my handmade and homemade Christmas, I stumbled across the Lakeland website. Two hours later and I'm stuck in an impossible conundrum of 'what festive cookie cutters to buy?' 

  • Christmas Tree Cookie Cutter £3.99- I love the way these have been used to make the 3d tree, and sitting in chocolate cupcakes makes these almost irresistible.
  • Snowflake Cookie Cutter Set £9.99- I haven't found such intricate snowflake cutters anywhere else, for four designs, this is a bit of a bargain really.
  • Piñata Cookie Cutter Set £4.99- These are traditionally piñata or donkeys but for a festive twist, simply add some antlers and you've got yourself a surprise filled reindeer! (For the record- these are the ones I'm most swooning over!)
  • Mason Cash Petit Beurre Advent Biscuit Set £19.99-  A beautiful set of 24 numbered advent delights, I'd never be able to bake enough for all my friends and family (as planned) but it'd be nice to make these for the home- not sure they'd last long enough though!
Just so you know, I haven't been approached by Lakeland, I'm just really in love with all of these!

Love Sophie Xx