Thursday, 31 July 2014

Thankful Thursday: Fancy Drinks, Firewalks & Friends: The Perfect Weekend.

Good Afternoon guys! How the devil are you all this week? I've gotta say I'm feeling the drag of the week round about now, probably something to do with having the most super weekend that I've had in a while, combined with another very busy weekend coming up! Sandwiched in-between seems to be this annoying week of working and little playing but lots to do! Right now I should be making bunting which means I need to zoom through thanks and crack-a-lack on!

1) To the ladies I spent Saturday night with.- I am so thankful that I have you all in my life. I had such a lovely dinner at Noodle Kitchen and Cocktail Bar-Newquay- Seriously, the food was delicious. AND I learnt to use chopsticks! Finally!

2) Dancing the night away.- It's been far too long since this last happened, and after a few of the above, cheeky cocktails I have no shame in admitting to starting and participating in a break dancing circle in Newquay's busiest bar. I nailed it btw.

3) Bosom Buddies UK- This amazing (and local) charity educates young women in schools about regularly checking their breasts for signs of cancer. It also provides a massive support network for women that are battling the illness. A few weeks ago I held a charity poker night and raised over £200 for them, which will be matched by my employer! And on Sunday a good friend of mine (and 44 others) gathered at the amazing Perrenporth Beach- The Watering Hole to take part in a firewalk. The Watering hole is situated right on the beach, the only one of it's kind in the UK. Not only that but the beach is dog friendly so there really isn't a more perfect place in Cornwall. The event also included a skydive challenge that was being completed throughout the day, but people were still falling from the sky when we were there. 

4) My Harpona- The awesome part of the charity event on Sunday was that a certain Liona's fiancĂ©'s band were also playing at the event and Leona had decided to come too! It wasn't until a few days before that we even realised we were both going to be there! Plus, for once Harps wasn't working so he came too! We had a great time squinting at the bravies walking on 550 degree heat (eh-no thanks) and dog watching. We also realised that Harps and Leona are basically the same person- which is what magnetically attracts me to them both ;-)...So I hereby christen...Harpona! (sounds like a dodgy shark film?) Harpona actually knew each other before I knew either of them (which is so weird to think of!) But basically I stole them from each other and now they're allowed contact once in a blue moon (it's more that Harps is rubbish at being free) By some magical luck, we ended up spending Tuesday together too! 

So there you have it. Pretty perfect ey? Pretty thankful for last weekend. As always thanks to Lisette for not only inspiring me to be more thankful, but CERTAINLY inspiring me to make those yummy brownies! (I'm going to try tomorrow!) And to Leona for all of the above.
Love Sophie xx

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Sophie & Leona Take Some Photos.

Welcome to the most photo heavy post in the world. So Leona and I tried to take photos of Batman with my macbook. Then this happened. You're welcome.

Harps came home and we tried to make him join in...

I bloody love that girl.
Love Sophie & Batman Xx

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Thankful Thursday: The Summer Tag.

Good evening summer buds of July! How the devil are we all this week? I've been spending as much time as possible outside, growing tomatoes (brilliant aren't they!?) Eating ice-cream in my summer hat, embracing my freckles and getting rid of my milk bottle complexion. It's been pretty damn great. Except for my poor neighbours that have been witnessing me in barely-there clothes. Sozages guys! I apologise for missing yesterdays post, I actually wasn't frolicking, just busy. I actually had loads of weird news stories to share and just forgot to post it when I FINALLY sat you'll just have to wait in suspense until next week for a super duper news post! (Yes I'm aware that my new excitement expression is super duper- for this I do not apologise.) I also had a list of thanks to share this week, but to be honest it's all summer related. Since the bodacious Michelle tagged me in The Summer Tag, I figured "Hey you crazy cat Sophie, why not include it all in that?!". So here we are chums...

1. What's your favourite thing about summer?

Living in Cornwall. You all know my love for my homeland, and I'm not being a bitch *totally am* but if you live anywhere other than Cornwall/ Devon...SUCKS TO BE YOU! Everything is awesome about Cornwall in the summer and I really wouldn't want to be anywhere else! I don't even understand why Cornish/Devonish people go abroad in the summer when they are in THE.PERFECT.PLACE.

2. Do you have a favourite summer drink?
Michelle! I LOVE PEACH ICE TEA TOO! This is also a shoutout to anyone who can send us both ice tea recipes please!? I also really become obsessed with anything mango related. Mango tea, mango juice, mango smoothie, mango milkshake...GET IN MY FACE MANGO. (This is rapidly becoming a very excitable Thursday post!)

3. Is there a location you prefer to go to in the summer?
I love all the beaches obvs but there are also some really beautiful gardens in Cornwall  If you're coming down this year, be sure to check out The Lost Gardens of Heligan and Ennis Gardens. Both are stunning. St Ives is buzzing this time of year and though I prefer it in the winter months (quieter) it really is the perfect artsy seaside town. 

4. Favourite make up look for summer?
Just moisturise and a bit of SPF. Nobody wants a gross face. Waterproof mascara and in the evenings maybe a bit of lippy. Otherwise just really basic.

5. Dresses or Skirts?
DRESSES 4 EVA - I need to spray paint this somewhere. I feel it in my bones.

6. Sandals or Ballet pumps?

Sandals show your feet which makes them the devil's shoe. So ballet pumps. Though I probably spend more time in converse.

7. Do you prefer to wear your hair up or down for summer?
It's pretty much always down now until I get food in it or sun cream of ice cream or it sticks to my face because I'm sweltering *all of these things have happened to me in the lat 48 hours*. I have it up for bed, mainly because I'm secretly a bit scared that I'll choke on it or it'll strangle me (ya know, as hair does). 

8. Deep smoky eyes or bold lips?
I have big eyes so a 'deep smokey' look just makes me look like a panda. Especially in the summer. So I'll go with bold lips.

9. Favourite perfume for summer?
Marc Jacobs all the way. Though I actually really like the smell of sun on skin? Not sweat- do you know what I mean? So if I've been in the sun and I'm going for the relaxed look (pretty much my only look) i won't wear any. I know. Shock.

10. Last but not least, favourite music for the summer?
Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, Blink 182, Sublime, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Belle & Sebastian, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Spunge, Backbeat Soundsystem, Jimmy Eats World, Flogging Molly and much much more. i love summer music. I need some new bands though so please feel free to suggest some!

I tag the spectacular: Lemonaid Lies, Samsam Cherie, Daydreams of Summertime, A Rosie Outlook and Stacie Clark. (By all means don't do this and on your head be it! On the other hand if i haven't tagged you but you've done it, let me know!)

As always I'm grateful for Lisette for inspiring me to be more thankful. To my darling Liona, I'm sorry it's been a hard week- your sharky loves you very dearly.

Love Sophie Xx

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Wedding Planning Series #3 Food.

All images courtesy of Pinterest- Check out the original links on there. P.s. I love the goldfish centrepieces but I'm not that mean to boil some fisheys on a lovely spring day!

Good day flower petals! The wedding planning is still very much in the early stages but it makes me so happy to piece things together and share them with you all (besides, I've had some great tips from you all!) So far we've looked at venues and bridesmaids and this time is a little look into the food that I want....Well actually Harp's (the massively picky eater- boo) will eat. 

Going along the whole picnic theme, I ideally want a lovely set of hampers and blankets strewn along the *insert venue here* that groups of people can have their pre-ordered, individual little picnic lunches. I really want a spring wedding (outdoors- I know, I'm actually insane!) which means lots of fresh foods and vibrant flavours. I plan for this to be like pretty much after we get married- I hate being hungry for hours at a wedding. We'll all settle down for picnic loveliness and then spend the afternoon playing lawn games and dancing to bands and generally having a blast. Then when evening comes, we all have a massive bbq and dance and prance a bit more. Perfect right? 

So, very much still in the planning stages, I know that I want these individual lovely, fancy picnics and I have totally fallen for cake-in-a-jar...Because that's a great idea of course. And I have absolutely and utterly fallen in love with Benny's Organic Ice Cream tandem bike. The ice cream is DELICIOUS. I want to arrange for this to come mid afternoon for a cooling treat for everyone before the bbq but amongst a big selection of cakes and cool beverages (lemonade, cherryade, fruity punches etc). 

So what do we think? Do you think people will be hungry? Do you think it's a good/bad idea? Share your wisdom with me! If your in the midst of planning your own wedding, let me know! I need tips and help and support. Haha.

Love Sophie Xx

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Location Location Location: DairyLand Farmworld.

DairyLand Farmworld is actually a magical place! I remember moving from London, first seeing this place on a leaflet in a super market- chuckling to myself as someone who'd lived near Thorpe park and Chessington- I mocked places like Dairyland Farmworld. And that'd how life carried on, I grew and appreciated Cornwall for what it is; the perfect place to grow up, and sadly, longer passed without visiting DairyLand. Located on the way to Newquay, the ideal place to take children (or animal lovers like me) this summer. I was lucky to be invited to go and have a mooch with my dear friend Tracey and her daughters. (It's always better when you can go to places like this with children). Tracey had been the week before and had a ticket which enabled her and the girls to get back in for free (a great tip for families). 

We played in the sandpit, using the diggers. I got sandy knees.

We played on the tractors and put on our best farmers accents.

Tracey ran around in circles on what can only be described in my opinion, as the greatest idea for swings ever. Seriously, why aren't all swings like this?!

We checked out some farmy friends.

And then came the main attraction....PET-A-PET. Which is just like Sophie Heaven. We all sat in a circle (I say we, more like me and 12 children) and got passed these pets on trays that we were allowed to stroke. BEST. IDEA. EVER. I've got me a whole career lined up from this idea! Oh and there was a cutie bunny sitting in his food.

I played in the DairyLand stocks. Not sure why there's stocks here, but there ya go. King sheep told all the others what to do a'la Animal Farm. Tracey sped down a slide so fast, her whole faced morphed into a blur...Yes that's her daughter standing at the top looking embarrassed.

Then was time for feeding the baby animals. I managed to interrupt this scary, frothing looking calve...and stopped to take some farm selfies (of course).

Coming to Cornwall this summer? Not sure what to do? I got ya covered. 
Love Sophie Xx

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Thankful Thursday- The 10 Blog Posts I'm Thankful For.

I wanted to use this Thursday as a bit of a thanks for all the lovely reads from a few of the most fabulous people that I've come across. This Thursday is dedicated to all the lovely posts that I kept busy reading whilst getting out of my 'funk' and getting over my cold.

1) Tanya.L.Reynolds aka-Tanya's -'When You Know, You Know. Even if the Universe Doesn't Yet...'post was inspiring to us who constantly second guess ourselves. I see a lot of myself in what she wrote and couldn't help but shout a little inner 'Hurrah' to Tanya's inner confidence. 

2) The Tea Drinking Rose aka Charlotte's- 'The Modern Day Romace' post was beautiful. I'm a sucker for a lovey dovey kinda read. Sebastian's a lucky guy.

3) Miss Jojangles aka Jojo's- 'A screen printed tote bag' post was SO DAMN CUTE. I was sold at bunny print to be honest. It looks like a fun thing to do too, her posts are always make me want to jump up and grab some scissors and glitter and run amuck! 

4) Tartanmouth aka Charlene's- 'Five quotes form children's literature' post is the sort of post that I could read all day. I love a series post to fall in love with. Matilda was my favourite in this months ;-).

5) Trisarahtops aka Sarah's- 'Adventures in Exeter' post had the most amazing bookshop ever. It reminded me of Shakespeare and Company in Paris. I wish there was a bookshop like this close to me. It's so pretty. I guess I'll just have to visit Sarah and frolic around there with her! 

6) The Sparkly Panda aka Rhiannon's 'I have some BIG news!' post was exciting to see someone else so super excited about getting married. She's set a date! How official and exciting is that!? I can't wait to set a date, probably later this year when we've finalised our venue...Exciting stuff! 

7) A Rosie Outlook aka Rosie's 'Dear iPhone' post was so well written, so true and so close to home. I've also recently been rethinking my relationship with my phone. Her 9pm curfew sounds like a really good idea...I'm just not sure I'd stick to it. 

8) Lisette Loves aka Lisette's 'Lisette loves Palm Print' made me immediately start zoning in on palm print when I was looking for a new dress over the weekend. It was then VERY hard to restrain myself from sending her every leaf printed item of clothing that I came across...A few may have slipped through the net.

9) The Peppermint Pencil aka Anya's 'Little Corners of Mine' post showed off her lovely home. Being a fellow renter, it's really hard to have the dream house you imagine. She does a great job with so much loveliness everywhere! I love that she has melted candles onto bottles too! 

10) Oh! Leona aka Liona's 'This week I've...' post had the BEST photo of M. Just chillin next to a giant sundae. Haha! Plus Liona has these pretty damn snazzy Black Milk leggings she's sporting there. They're Alice In Wonderland themed which is just, let's be honest...perfect.

So thank you to all of you! For inspiring, entertaining and intriguing me. Have a great week. 
Love Sophie Xx

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Weird & Wonderful News Wednesday #20 Steven Speilberg 'Poaching', A 'New Black', 'How to Kill a Man With a Blowjob' and #FreeArturo

Good Wed-nes-day to you all. I still say Wednesday like that in my head, does anyone else? The weather on my last few days off has meant lots of time outside and therefore lots of freckles emerging. I sure do love summer. What are all of your summer plans? Are any of you going away? Arranging a party? Doing something special like moving house a'la Michelle

Now for a touch of news...

Steven Speilberg 'Poaching' a Dinosaur. Via

Like seriously, what is wrong with the world? I first come across this picture when someone I know shared it on Facebook. It caught my attention for the ferocious amount of comments it had accrued, along with scathing remarks. When did people become such idiots? Poor Steven Speilberg is probably sitting on a yacht somewhere, PISSED THE HELL OFF at whoever took that picture when he made Jurassic Park. Poor bugger. 

The 'New Black'. Via

Look how black this black is. It just looks like a never ending, deep space hole. Which is exactly how it's described. Read this fascinating article about this new material. Is it me? It definitely looks darker than 'old black'? Am I right? 

How to Kill a Man With a Blowjob. Via

This is actually the most hilarious video in forever. Watch Angel explain something called 'the grapefruit technique.' and how they can allegedly cause heart attacks in men. 

Free Arturo via

You all would have seen about poor Arturo by now, and I don't want to make this Wednesday a sad end for you all. All I want to do is encourage you to, if you haven't yet already, sign the petition to move Arturo to a safer and healthier environment. 

Love Sophie Xx