Monday, 28 December 2015

Tis The Season To Be Jolly.

Well that's Christmas all about wrapped up for another year. Did you all have a good one? I'm currently weighing up the pros and cons of changing out of my pyjamas (I've been debating this for approximately four hours though!) I sort of disappeared about a week before Christmas; my days merged into one long session of darkness, trains and cookie decorating (notice how there is no evidence of said cookies- how bloody hard is it to use royal icing!?) In a whirlwind of working and Christmas prep, there's only a few people that I didn't manage to squeeze in. Is it just me or once Christmas day comes, all the stresses building up to it just seem to melt away. We had a wonderful day; starting in the morning with my parents and Bimble (I got him fake tattoos and a moustache to make him into a strong man and as you can see, am far more excited about it then he is!) The afternoon was spent in the kitchen with Harps's grandparents and early evening we feasted before coming home and sitting with Batman to open gifts. The last few days since have been a slower, much needed rest. Hands up if you're ready to go back to work? No, me neither.

Over & Out

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Batman Diaries #11 Batman At Christmas.

Batman has grown to love Christmas. This being his third one, he revels in the papers to chew, tree to play with and attention he gets. It's the only time of year he stays a little bit more still to be able to take photos. It's almost as if he's in awe of the tree; glittering and glowing in an evening. He has his own little stocking that hangs on his hammock but really he's more interested in pine cones (I keep a few at the bottom of the tree for him to play with) and opening his presents (and everyone else's) before the big day. 

Merry Christmas 
Love Batman Xx

Monday, 14 December 2015

Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree.

It's really and properly almost, very nearly Christmas now! To the extent that I'm not embarrassed to show you my tree which has actually been decorated and spreading festive cheer for just over a week.  So snuggle down with a warm or tipsy beverage of sorts and grab a biccie; it's tree time!!

I'm always in charge of the tree. Harps and I always decorate it together but I'm definitely more bothered about him; this is actually the first year he hasn't lay on the floor, throwing the decorations at it, shouting "Christmas!" just to annoy me! (I think it was because he had the camera to keep him distracted.) Our little tree is on it's last legs. This will be the last year that we use it. Bought five years ago, we fell into the whole 'black Christmas tree' thing? Why was that a thing?! It was cheap and did the job with our minimum wage jobs. Next year we'll be going big and going real! Also check out my lovely festive reindeer made by the guys and gals at People & Gardens! That cheeky little fox below is one of the only non-handmade decorations we own but he's just so damn snazzy!

Slowly, over the years we've gathered little homemade Christmas decorations from friends and family. Every year it's my favourite part of decorating the tree. It's become a little tradition that Stacie makes me decorations for Christmas and I can't wait to see what's this years! Most of the above are hers but last year my brother and sister-in-law gave us their little handmade melted snowman bauble which is such a great idea don't you think?! This year our collection has already grown with some friends who are expecting their first baby next year (HUZZAH!) making us a mini Christmas Batman which is so cute and thoughtful and a great use of recycling their tree from last year by gifting it on this year! What a plan for next year ey?! 

So after a day of blanket, film watching and paper chain making. Christmas is slowly arriving in the Harps household. 

Now show me all your trees dammit!

Over & Out
Sophie X

Friday, 11 December 2015

15 Strange Things I Wonder Falling Asleep.

I've always struggled with my sleep. Insomniac, night bird, whatever you call it; I've just never been able to shut down ol' brainy when it comes to getting some decent shut eye and if I've got an actual reason to fall asleep quickly, you betcha it'll be nearly impossible until the wee hours of the morning. Birds are singing by the time I sleep sometimes. A couple of nights ago I started thinking about a strange series of things (as usual) and thought maybe you'd like to hear some rambling thoughts of a tired lady. Psychologists eat your heart out with this lot.

  • Does the wind make a sound or is it the effect of wind making a sound?
  • If Slipknot sang childrens' songs what would they be like?
  • Who was it that I once knew that poooped on a strangers trampoline?
  • Why did that happen?
  • Could you survive living in a whale's stomach if you were protected from the acid?
  • If Batman really did fall into the ocean what would I do?
  • Do I need to walk like I've wet myself up the aisle on my wedding day or am I allowed to walk normally?
  • What is actually happening when my throat makes those weird loud sounds when I'm settling down to sleep? And where are those sounds coming from?!
  • How great would my life be if I was best friends with Bill Murray? 
  • Does Putin cry himself to sleep at night?
  • What is my next door neighbour doing when she runs her taps so much after 12pm?
  • If that creaking sound I just heard WAS in-fact a murderer, what would my weapon be?
  • Can a pot of vix count as a weapon?....If I opened it first it could choke someone surely?
  • Do polar bears get sunstroke?
  • Could I make my life dream of going into business selling goat flapjacks called 'oaty goats' and still pay the bills?

Of course more often than not I actually lay there and worry about 'important' *read anxious* thoughts. But let's be honest, that's a bit heavy for sharing online and don't we all think about the crazy things at the worst times anyway? 

Over & Out.


*Oh and cheers deep dream for the creepy edited image! 

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

A Week With My First DSLR.

Black Friday got me. It's the first year I've ever succumbed to the insistent advertising and made the brave purchase of our first proper adult camera. Harps and I have been talking about upgrading a Kodak digital camera that we've had for about six years now for a while. With lots of exciting times coming up next year; our wedding and honeymoons, friends weddings, friend's babies and so much more, it just seems like the right time. Harps needs a better camera for his bike riding and I need a faster one for catching photos of that little ball of black fur that scurries around my house. 

Having a few days off gave us a chance to get a few festive jobs done; a visit to the barbers for a beard trim, pottering around Harps's grandparents garden, movie nights on cushions on our front room floor with Batman, baking all sorts of cookies, biscuits, gingerbread people and mince pies, foraging for goodies and this cute little spaniel who's my parents rescue dog. She's a daft one.

So here's to learning to use my new camera - A Nikon D3300 with 18-55mm lens and 50-200mm zoom lens incase you wondered. Any tips for new starting photo taking people would be muchos appreciated!

Over & Out,

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The Wedding Planning Series #12 Minimoon An Excuse To Holiday Twice.

I come to you all with dilemmas and questions and many responses needed. So far and with a little less than seven months to go (eeeeek!) I've been pretty successful and stress free with planning our super duper wedding next year. There have been two main causes for confusion and both come in the forms of honeymoon destination. 

•All images Via Pinterest Click for source.

We'd decided when we first started planning that it'd be pretty sensible to have our honeymoon a few months after our wedding- more time to save up for that luxurious trip we both want to have. That was all fine until I came across a couple (who yes, quite frankly were rather wealthy) and they told me all about their mini-moon. Immediately mesmerised by the play on words and the general cuteness sounding of it all, was hooked on the idea and have decided 

The thought of going away somewhere in the UK for 3-4 nights for a little peaceful time just straight after the wedding just is too lovely to not indulge in don't you think?  Which brings me to my dilemma. We'd originally planned to go to the Lake District, Harps loves bike riding and I like generally wandering in nature; a little log cabin *insert Pinterest imagination getting carried away* and tranquility/ romance galore. I had it all mapped out...Until I looked at a map. It's pretty darn far away from Cornwall guys and we hadn't really considered the factor of actually getting there? So much so that we started debating about just going the whole hog and taking a trip to Scotland (I've always wanted to go) but then I can't help but think I'll want to squeeze 'doing' too much into our few days there? Now I've started debating Bath which I'm having the same debate with. It's hard to decide what to do when you want to force yourselves to slow down but you're both naturally exploring people.  

So now I'm weighing up between city break and all out forest excursion. I'm looking for your help (and yes I secretly would love it to be that extra bit special and luxurious)!

If you think all this is a bit crazy, don't even get me started on the actual honeymoon planning! Oi vey.

Oh and if you're keeping track, catch up with my other Wedding Planning Series posts below!

Love Sophie Xx

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Dear Santa,

We all love a good Christmas list and although the festivities have been officially cancelled gift wise in our house this year (wedding saving is hard ya'll.) It doesn't stop me putting a little list together of what I'd love santa (I totally misspelled that as satan at first, don't want no gifts from that guy!). A surprising amount of footwear is needed this year, I'm fearing the cold weather and require some sturdy shoes to brave the elements in but also have had to abandon my slippers as an actual safety hazard. Of course there are some books thrown in there (and who am I kidding, I'll totally end up buying those for myself at some stage) and a few extra treats just because. 

What are your Christmas wishes for this year? I'd really love to see some links below if you've made your wishlist yet?! 

Love Sophie Xx

Friday, 4 December 2015

Christmas Jumper Day 2015 // Womens.

I love a Christmas jumper. I love anything cheesy about Christmas really. I would buy all the jumpers if I could wear them to work in December, alas there's only one day where I can bare my festive knitwear. This year I'm going to be fundraising for my companies' charity of the year, British Heart Foundation. And on Friday 4th December, we'll be taking part in a festive themed day to help raise end of year funds. Text Santa also supports a variety of amazing charities; Macmillan Cancer SupportMake-A-Wish UK and Save The Children and host a fabulous, festive jumper and fundraising extravaganza on 18th December. Whatever the reason, it's a great way to raise some festive funds and get all cheery. Here's a few of my favourite Christmas jumpers for women if you're on the hunt for yourself or planning to treat someone, there's something for all the budgets!

Oh and if you're on the hunt for menswear, check out my handy little post here!

Love Sophie Xx

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Christmas Jumper Day 2015 // Mens.

The love of Christmas jumpers has grown massively in the last few years, with more and more festive fundraising ideas using them to promote brilliant charities! This year I'm going to be fundraising for my companies' charity of the year, British Heart Foundation. And on Friday 4th December, we'll be taking part in a festive themed day to help raise end of year funds. Text Santa also supports a variety of amazing charities; Macmillan Cancer Support, Make-A-Wish UK and Save The Children and host a fabulous, festive jumper and fundraising extravaganza on 18th December. Whatever the reason, it's a great way to raise some festive funds and get all cheery. Here's a few of my favourite Christmas jumpers for men if you're on the hunt for yourself or planning to treat someone, there's something for all the budgets!

Love Sophie Xx

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Train Wanker #2 Things My Train Smells Like.

This week took a turn for the cold. Like dammmmn fricking cold. Like the brave woman I am, I faced the trains. It's also posted a little late as the cold has broken my internet so much that Harps forced me to watch that film with 50 Cent that I'd put off for the last ten years. Time I'm just not going to claw back.

Monday: This was the worst way to start Monday. You may remember it was the night where the weather was having a fucking party all night. Just as I had to get up it'd been calmer and I wasn't as fearful as I should have been when I left home. As soon as I stepped outside I'm almost certain frost started forming on my nose. I can confirm that winter has arrived folks- I've felt it in my bones. I'm on the night train on Mondays which makes it even more insulting (it feels like nighttime dammit!) The only part of my body uncovered is my eyes....Even they're closed.

Tuesday: "Why does it smell like carbonara on this train? Who's having meaty, cheesy pasta this morning for their breakfast? "

Wednesday: Took a pretty great photo of the sun rising over Truro cathedral on the way to work. On the way home I was graced with the intelligence of two girls talking about how to get their boyfriends to stop cheating on them. I regretted not charging my phone enough to listen to a podcast.

Thursday: Day off, huzzah! No trains for Sophie today!

Friday: The weather was back to taunt me on Friday. My train smelled like soup in the morning and it was all a bit much. The photo above is my attempt at getting home that evening! 

Saturday: I was excited on my walk Saturday morning. Though cold, the weather wasn't as gloomy and I even managed to take a snazzy photo. I also knew it was my last day of trains for a few days (I'm on a mini holiday this week until Thursday!). As i arrived at the station, a suspicious feeling crept over me as I saw more people standing around than usual. Train delays. And though this 10 minute delay may not seem like much to you, when you need to get a connecting train that leaves a seven minute gap for delays and doesn't wait if it's any later...It's bullshit. So giving in that I'd be running to work from the train, I  treated myself to a hot chocolate only to discover that not only did they not heat the milk before adding it to the powder, but I didn't have enough time to go and change it and was left cursing GWR yet again for ruining my morning. 

My train smelt of sadness.

As I say, I'm off for most of this week so we'll pick it back up again at the end of next. I'm getting closer to the colder weather and more and more uncertain of when I'll get to work or back home again!

Do you commute to work? I'd love to hear some examples go strife in your travels...It makes me feel better.

Love Sophie Xx