Friday, 13 December 2013

An insight to Bimble, down syndrome and our little family.

So this evening I sat down after a crappy day and Bimble's Christmas present had arrived. (He's going to bloody love it!) I really wanted to tell you all about it, but then I thought..."Nobody has a clue who 'Bimble' is!?"....So here, for you my friends, is a post dedicated, in honour of, and for the love of...BIMBLE! 

So...from the very beginning! Who is Bimble? Bimble is my uncle Tim. He's called either Tim, Timmy, Bimble (because he always bimbles around, you can't hurry him to do anything!) or Wimby (A shortened version of Bimble). He lives with my parents on the other side of town, and before they passed away, with my Grandparents in the same house. He loves Duran Duran, The Muppets, The Spice Girls (I think that one may be my fault!), Radio Times, ANY programme that's British and made before 1990 (Thank my Grandpa for that) and scary movies (Thank my mum for that!). 

Bimble and I practically grew up together. You see, he has downsyndrome and when he was born, things were different. It was hard for families to cope. As my mum's brother she got bullied because nobody really understood what it meant. Children can be really cruel. 
Me on the other hand, as you can see here one Christmas when I was younger, had no idea he was different in any way until about the age of 6 or 7. To me he was just always my fun Uncle who liked really old fashioned things, but was really ticklish like me. Gold star in my book! My Grandparents kept him wrapped in bubble wrap. I remember once when he was winding me up at the age of 8 or 9 and I called him stupid. My Nanny went MENTAL! I've never seen her so angry since that day. I didn't understand?! You can't blame her, she was right to do so, and I didn't mean any harm, I just didn't want to watch Dads Army!

We moved to Cornwall about 10 years ago. It was because my Grandparents had a lot of health problems. My parents wanted a better upbringing for me in a safer part of the country, and we wanted to be there for when the inevitable happened. Bimble was never even considered to go into a home. He would always be with us, he's our family! And when my Grandparents passed away in 2011, that's just what happened. My mum gave up any work, my parents moved into my Grandparents house, she became his carer full time, and everything stayed exactly the same for Bimble...with one difference...

He blossomed. 

First he wanted a new haircut. No more bowl cut my Grandparents had settled for. He went to the Hairdressers, had the whole caboodle! He started walking more, happy to go along the beach or walk in the woods. He got cheekier. Forever playing pranks on my Dad, chasing him around the kitchen, or otherwise taunting him. His speech improved tenfold. My parents have and continue, to refuse to mollycoddle him. Bimble loves independence now. From cutting up his own food, to cleaning up after himself. Some days my mum comes upstairs on a Sunday and he'll have made her  a cup of coffee and bowl of cereal.
 He started developing a sense of style. Demanding that my mum and dad redecorate his room into bright colours. He became more confident in himself. By no longer being scared by all dogs (my parents have 2, it'd be pretty hard to stay scared), to watching scary movies without his eyes closed the entire time! He's blossomed in a way that none of us knew he would. We go to the cinema now, although he nearly always starts choking on the popcorn! He speaks to me on the phone some mornings on my walk to work, whilst my poor mum is trying to get him ready and him and I are shouting at her together. 

My mum has sacrificed a large amount of herself to make this work, and should anything happen to her and my dad; it'd be me doing exactly the same. I remember sitting down with Harps after we'd been together a few years and said "You know, if anything, he's part of me. I'd be there for him." Thankfully Harps and Bimble love eachother and Harps accepts and embraces that eventually, he will outlive my parents. He will become my responsibility and that suits me just fine. We are all here for him, and he's more than there for us.  Just think for a minute about that love between a brother and sister. Mum is Bimble's world. As much as he tells her to "pack her clothes and move to London", the love between them is so special and pure that I find it beautiful. Then there are the little moments, like when he comes and sits with you, holds your hand and tells you he loves you. Or when he comes home from work (I'll post all about that in my next post) with something he made. It's worth it isn't it? 

So the thing is, Bimble is who keeps everything together. He makes us laugh when we least expect it. If he pops into work with my mum and gives me a cuddle, it's sure to brighten my day. If I'm on the phone to my mum and he's repeating literally every word she's saying. It makes me laugh! If he goes into town with ANY of us, he's sure to see at LEAST 10 people he knows, and stop, and talk to every single one of them! If he sees a pretty girl in a shop, he will literally tear your arm off if it means going in there to flirt with her. And never go into WHSmiths (or any other perfectly good newsagents...infact most are better, it's just all St Austell has) with him, because IT WILL embarrass you being dragged towards the sex magazines and trying to inconspicuously drag him back in the opposite direction!

And we wouldn't change him for the world. 

Love Sophie xx

Batman's First Christmas!

Our Christmas tree is finally up! And I love it! Last year I decorated it on my own and it was fun, but no where near as fun as decorating it with Harps! I sat making paperchains whilst he untangled the lights. Then we put the tree together (we have a fake one from when we first got together and I wanted a real one this year but wasn't sure how Batman would react) and I wrapped my really thin paperchains all around it! Then we put on the lights and started on the baubles (I hate tinsel EUGHH) and our handmade decorations I get every year from my best friend Stacie. She also has a blog, and she's a pretty fucking awesome designer!

Batman was SO curious whilst all this was going on! He barely left my side! I think he's decided he's kind of scared of it now...he sort of sniffs at it, realises that it isn't hay or straw and runs the opposite direction! He fucking loves wrapping paper though! Literally EVERYTHING has little Batman chew marks on it! So much so that I've had to wrap up his Christmas presents early, JUST so as I can put them at the front under our tree! Hahaha, so now when he tries to chew, he's just opening his presents bit by bit!

Also, every year Harps and I have a contest to see who can come up with the best tree topper! This year, however we joined forces and bring you.......GLADIATOR TIGER!

I officially am excited for Christmas! 
Love Sophie xx

Sunday's Photoshoot With Tracey Warbey Photography

On Sunday morning, I got up at crazy o'clock for a Sunday (like 8am!) and went out to shoot with my wonderful friend and talented artist, Tracey Warbey. Anyone who's read a few posts before will know that I spend a lot of time letting out my arty farty side with this lovely lady. If you have read my other posts, you will know we went out a few Sundays ago to Bodmin Jail! It was really fun and here's a few of the shots that she captured; I think you'll agree she's awesome! 

They're called her 'Lost Souls'. She wrote an awesome blog post that you can, and should, check out!

Anywhoo, this was a few weeks ago! Gosh I'm behind on writing to you all! So back to Sunday just gone (December 8th) we went out again to a small woods near Charlestown to find some lovely leaves! We did a pretty good job and I felt like a little hedgehog burrowing in them to get the shots we wanted! It was so much fun! Here's some behind the scenes pictures and the first of the edited ones! 

Love Sophie xx

Friday, 6 December 2013

My Lucky Rabbit Feet, Text Santa & Winter

So at work we are raising money for ITVs Text Santa which is an awesome fundraising event every year that raises money for six different charities. This year they are hoping to raise money for Barnado's, Age UK, Beat Bullying, British Heart Foundation, CLIC Sargent and Help The Hospices. All of which are jut amazing charities, wouldn't you agree!? You can see all about them here! So I have been wearing a very snazzy Christmas hat designed by Ant & Dec. It's great because it's a santa hat AND a reindeer hat all in one! It's really easy to donate too and there's loads of fundraising going on around the UK! So please get involved, donate time, money and care to these causes because they help so many and Christmas is the perfect time to get involved and help. Trust me you'll feel amazing and it definitely put me in a festive spirit!

Speaking of festive spirit, look at the pretty lights in St Austell town centre! They drape all along the street...I wonder if I could borrow them for my wedding??! haha! These are the only good ones to be honest, the rest are a bit lame, so I didn't bother with those! 

Also I have actually got a pair of jeans! I only had one pair and they were mens, so I'm not sure if that counts? I always find it really hard to get a pair that I like; they never seem to fit right or have some sort of embellishment or design on them. But I saw these the other day in TKMaxx and they are perfect! Nice colour ey? 

And to finish off, aren't't Batman's feet cute! I hate feet but I think I found an exception :-)

On that cheery note, good day to you all!

Love Sophie xx

Thursday, 5 December 2013

My Christmas Wishlist

EEEEEKKKKKKK! 20 DAYS TO GO! How damn fast has this year gone?! I have always been a bit of a Scrooge up until last year, Christmas had always been a bit overrated, never a particular good time of year and really...just...crap..However, last year I was proved completely wrong! I decided I was going to give it all one more shot and boy did I go for it! I watched every Christmas film on, made snowflakes, paper chains and decorations (which I am VERY excited about doing again on Sunday) and threw myself into the festivities! I loved it. I had an awesome time, and cannot wait for this year.

So the other day, Harp's family asked for our Christmas list...and well, it was hard. There just isn't anything I really want that I could think of. It's my birthday in January so I always keep my best list for then ;-). So I knew I wanted books (I always want books, see me on Goodreads) and then I ended up finding a few other pretty things...

There's this amazing book that I am more desperate to receive more than anything! It's called; 

Raising Unicorns: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Starting and Running a Successful - and Magical! - Unicorn Farm

Doesn't that sound magical?!?!? And even better is the front cover! It's like it was made for me! I hope I get it! I'm gonna wear a sheriff outfit when I'm reading it and will keep you all up to date with my new money making scheme!

  • I also will be more than happy with a new watch! I've stopped wearing one in recent years, but I'm kind of looking for certain "everyday" jewellery now. Isn't this ASOS rose gold style 'globe' one beautiful?! I don't mind that the chronograph is just for show, it makes pretty decoration! 
  • And to go with it, I found this adorable 'Hare & Wishbone' charm necklace from Isn't it cute!
  • And to continue with my new mission to make our bedroom a bit nicer. These bed sheets from Debenhams are super awesome. I really like the tree print, but also the underside colour! Such a good yellow! 
So please santa, here is my list. Nothing too much I don't think! I've been pretty damn good aswell if I do say so myself (and ooh a large scrapbook for wedding planning fun!)  Cheers matey! 

Love Sophie xx

A post about our engagement party and the hangover that followed...

Good evening lovely world! I apologise for not catching up sooner! To be honest with you, I could lie about my busy busy life (which is partially true) but more importantly, I actually had a hangover that lasted TWO DAYS! TWO WHOLE DAYS! And my recovery on Tuesday was short lived; due to my twisted ankle, that I can only assume is from being a party princess at the weekend. I expect no sympathy.

To be honest with you all, I don't really drink. There are a few reasons. Firstly, I just don't like feeling gross the next day. I really don't think that the feeling of being drunk outweighs the after effects! Secondly, and probably more importantly, my family kind of has a love/hate relationship with it. My father drank a lot when I was younger (never bring red wine near me) and we used to go on holiday together once a year. By this time my parents had split and he'd get wasted from like 6pm and it'd just be a nightmare. This kept happening until I was 12 when I didn't want to go anymore. I called him the night before we were supposed to leave and told him. He was obviously heartbroken. I wanted him to go alone, some time with his thoughts, clear his head...maybe change his spots? Naive. We haven't spoken in over ten years now. I think drink can destroy families. Both my mum and my step-dad have also struggled with it, but are better now. My step-dad has been sober for over two years now! Isn't that brilliant! Anywhoo, for these reasons it's rare that I'll turn to drink for a good time. Give me a cuppa and I'm just as awesome!

 On special occasions (or if I fancy)....I will drink...This happened last Saturday.....this is all I can tell you..


The rest is blurry....and painful...and blurry..

All I know is I thought I was dying on Sunday. No amount of sleep/food/vomit (yes I know gross, sorry) could save for Monday...almost as bad to be honest...until the ankle..

So yes finally, it has been over a month since Harps put me in his pocket forever and it's been a month since I flew up to cloud 9. So far I haven't changed my mind and decided to run away...Nor has he revealed some really horribly disgusting habit that I didn't know about (it has been 5 years!)....And THAT guys, is something to drink for.

Goodnight, Sophie xx

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The #2014BloggerChallenge!

Hi everyone!

Christmas is fast approaching which means 2014 is right around the corner.

The New Year is a time for resolutions and starting fresh, so why not start with a challenge to kick off the new year! I have come up with the #2014bloggerchallenge. The challenge is to write a blogpost twice a month about different topics. The #2014bloggerchallenge posts will go live during the 1st and the 3rd weeks of each month. Everyone who signs up will be sent an email with the post topics. The topic ideas are there to give you new ideas and encourage you to write about things you wouldn't normally write about.

Anyone can get involved, whatever your blog topic! Whether you write about cooking, beauty, lifestyle or fitness. What's in it for you I hear you ask? Well... If you participate in the #2014BloggerChallenge, you'll get more blog traffic, discover new blogs and make friends with bloggers you probably didn't even know existed! 
All you have to do to get involved is email ( or click on the link at the bottom, with your blog URL, email address and name so I can add you to the list of participants. 
Let's start 2014 with a bang and let's see how many of you we can get involved with this challenge!! (sign up closes on the 9th December 2013 when the first topic will be sent out)

The Participants:
1 - Me!
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Love Sophie xx

Monday, 25 November 2013

What a busy few days!! Photoshoots, Days off, Batman Update, New Dress! Family Engagement Do!

Good evening lovely world! Sorry that I haven't posted in a few days! Lots has been happening in SophieLand and I must say, I'm SHATTERED! I work full time, so must get used to scheduling my posts and being a bit more organised. Anywhoo, I've been off today and up to lots of lovely things! 

Firstly...I DID IT! Here is Batman looking awesome in his Innocent Smoothie Big Knit hat!!! I finally got the photo I wanted. He wasn't very impressed though! He proceeded to knock it off, sniff it a bit and then ran away. Ah well, can't say I didn't try! Maybe he'll prefer the next one I get!

Today I got this pretty dress from New Look for £2.50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT. A. BARGAIN. It's a little big but I'm gonna try and take it in before this weekend for our ENGAGEMENT PARTY! I also got this matching clutch bag for £3! And this GREEEAAAATTT Kellogs Frosted Flakes print! I feel like a champion today! I'm really excited for Saturday and celebrating with our friends (some are away though which is rubbish.) It's also an end of Movember party for all the men that have been growing taches this last month. Excuse the lack of make-up but so sue me, it's my day off! 

We had some family over on Saturday night to celebrate and I made a play-doh fish with Marie, Harp's 8 year old cousin!
It looks good doesn't it! I want to know if you can bake it? (I told her you could! Eeeekkk!) Does anyone know? She really wants to keep it! If not, I guess I'm gonna be making a replica sometime this week! 

And on Sunday, I was up at the crack of dawn to go to a photoshoot at Bodmin Jail. It's a really cool place in Cornwall, and the perfect location for a creepy shoot! The lovely Tracey Warbey picked me up and we went out in the freezing bloody cold! I's excited to see the shots, she's awesome at her thaaanngg. Check her website out here!
I've done some other shoots with her before, and she's great to work with! You can see them on her galleries and she's just started doing wedding bookings if anyone needs someone in Cornwall! 

Here's some behind the scenes photos from the day! 
And that brings my busy few days to a halt. Phhewww, makes me tired just thinking about it. Which brings me to currently sitting with my new Figgy Pudding candle burning, my first attempt at using my slowcooker bubbling away, and waiting for the feeling in my fingers to come back from being outside! Good evening lovely people!

Sophie xx

P.s Add me on Twitter! I'm getting good at it! @SophieHasNoName

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Weird and Wonderful News Wednesday....

WAIT A SECOND...JUST WAIT A SECOND...Ok, so I just learned that one of the best shows ever is doing a Christmas special..drum roll please...OPEN ALL HOURS! Oh my god how I loved this programme as a child. It brings back awesome memories of sitting down by Grandpa's legs; the smell of cigars clouding the view of the TV and his belly laughing to the adventures they got up to!!

It's of course not going to be the same without the amazing Ronnie Barker (RIP), infact I can't quite imagine the show without him squawking "GRANVILLLEEE!" every 30 seconds. Apparently, the rest of the original cast are still in it! Which is amazing! And the episode is all about Granville (the amazing David Jason) now owning the shop himself; including the bicycle! YES! Basically, I am more excited for Christmas than ever before! Isn't David Jason just amazing in everything!?

Secondly, and rather disappointingly I might add. Jammy Dodgers is being sold to an American company! First Cadbury, and now this! I bet they won't taste the same...I bet they'll skrimp on the jam...The Jam's the best bit...AND Wagon Wheels! They won't have half as much mallowey goodness anymore...*sigh* What is the world coming to?? ;-)

Someting that is also definitely worth mentioning is the return of the fabulous Monty Python! After 30 years apart, the original team is back together for a stage show! How brilliant will that be!? (This is all very TV orientated, I assure you it won't usually be!) To celebrate, here is a little clip of joy for you all!

And this awesome (if not slightly alarming) advert where Van Damme shows us all what his mumma gave him...

To finish off, I want to share one last video. Now, I think that this was actually from the beginning of the month, but I really hope it puts a smile on your faces.
My uncle is downs and he lives with my mum. When he was born, doctors said he wouldn't live past 8 years old. He's now almost 40! He's so amazing, his name is Tim and he helps make all the plants for the Eden Project! So when you pop down to Cornwall and obviously go there, think of him! You'll hear lots more about him! This video was sent to me from a friend and it made my heart swell with love and pride. Enjoy lovely people and good evening!

Sophie xx