Sunday, 30 November 2014

I Need Help Choosing A New Phone...

Actual, genuine image of me on the phone. Via Pinterest

Confession time:

That's not me but it's a pretty good representation of how I suck at technology, I suck at Twitter, and I certainly suck at choosing new phones. I'd be the person who'd quite happily have a Nokia 3210 still if it wasn't for my constant need to browse Pinterest over lunch, take photos for blogging/life (I rarely carry a camera purely because I can't bare the thought of having to buy a new one and decide on what I need!) and catch up on the news because you never know when something crazy might happen!

Alas, my current phone- Samsung S3 mini (not the best I've had but I do like the simplicity of Samsung!) is on it's last legs already, is it just me or do phones never last these days? *sighs*. I popped into the local phone shop yesterday and was blinded by the billboard sized phones that are on sale these days- hey guys, I thought technology was getting smaller? Anyway, I know that I want a decent camera, my current one has a lot to be desired, I also figure that I can get over the size thing, but definitely don't want an iPhone. Other than that, I'm pretty easily pleased.

Any ideas? I'd really appreciate the help?
Love Sophie Xx

Saturday, 29 November 2014

People and Gardens Fashion Show At The Eden Project With Santander UK.

It's a week. A week since it all happened and every night since I've sat and started to write. Every night since, I've choked up when I've tried to form the words eloquently and ended up rambling on as usual. This time I wanted to tell you, and more-so show you, just what last weekend meant to a group of extraordinary people.

You all have heard me talk about nothing but People and Gardens for a little while now (go on, catch up here if you've missed it) and you're all totally aware that for the last few months I've been organising (alongside some lovely ladies) a fashion show and craft fayre to raise money for them.

Something that I don't know if I mentioned before is that I work for Santander UK.  I've always been nervous to talk about 'work stuff' online but I really can't contain my pride at working for a company that not only supports local charities and community interests but encourages their employees to get involved by matching how much an event, arranged by an employee, raises. How amazing is that?

This is how the day started...

Months and months of preparation had come to the actual day, we were all feeling pretty nervous. We knew we had an an amazing show planned with wonderful (and local!) designers and we knew that the ladies and gents at P&G would love it. But could we pull it off? Out of the four of us, Helen from P&G, Jess from Eden and towards the end I roped in my mum, not one of us had ever organised a fashion show of any kind. As more and more people started to flood through the doors, I ended up talking with a microphone to manoeuvre people!

Jess & Stacie before the show.

Before I start thanking people and reveal just how much we raised (Eeekk!), I just want to go back to why I've been choking up when I've tried to write this. Really I can only talk from my life with Bimble, and of course he's one of the reasons that I'm a bit teary. I'd been incredibly stressed all day, was feeling nervous about the success of the show and worried that it wouldn't raise as much as I'd hoped. 

Just as it started...
As I took his hand and we walked onto the catwalk, I watched him (worst model ever I know!) I couldn't help it, seeing his face light up at the 12 strong photographers and videographers at the end of the catwalk, made my heart just burst. Actually burst with happiness. Holding my hand tight, he strutted his stuff with a beaming smile, confidence oozing. (I definitely cried when we got offstage!)  It leads me on to my main reason for being so proud of last weekend; it wasn't just Bimble that gained something that night. I truly believe that every single person that stepped onto that stage from P&G gained the best gift they've had in a while. Confidence. To any of us, getting glammed up and people appreciating how great you look is just awesome, but imagine that on a much bigger scale. Huger scale in fact. On that note, take a look for yourselves...

Image sourced via Facebook David Presswell

Image sourced via Facebook Kristian Vanviere
Image sourced via Facebook David Presswell

Image sourced via Facebook David Presswell

Image sourced via Facebook Karen Nolan. 
Image sourced Via Facebook David Presswell (Bimble showing his
embarrassed by me face)

Beautiful isn't it?

Very quickly my face went from all the above to this >>(embracing the inner Spice Girl that I am, singing "When Two Become One"- Bimble must have been rubbing off on me.)

There really are so many people that helped us pull this off- I'll be damned if I remember them all. I'm so very sorry if I miss you out, please know that I'm eternally grateful for the hard work that everyone put in.

St Austell College arrived to do hair and makeup for us, they stayed and did an amazing hair presentation which was WILD but I can't seem to find a photo yet, there'll be plenty more added over the next couple of weeks!

Our fashion show was split into two parts; established Cornwall and Devon designers and Plymouth College of Art's second year fashion students showcasing their garments themed around Cornish heritage- a brilliant line up wouldn't you agree? Our interval also included a breathtaking performance from Cornwall Rock Choir! If you're looking for quality fashion that showcases some of the best talent in design that the south west has to offer, take a look at any of the designers below! 

Blossom Clothing Cornwall has the most beautiful knitwear and scarves!

Tamsin Poley Design is a fashion graduate with brilliant style.

Wednesday March has the most amazing retro dresses

Stacie Clark Knitwear is not only my best friend but also an innovative knitwear designer.

Denise Stracey has the most beautiful way of presenting clothes and accessories.

Earth Kind Originals made me fall in utter love with all of their earth friendly, sheek clothes.

Corinne Carr Designer Knitwear put together her looks like no other. Everything looked amazing.

Via Facebook Stacie Clark Designs
The evening was a total success, that when I woke from my coma the next morning, I was greeted with such wonderful messages from so many of you that the support for P&G has continually thrived throughout the last week. Including a very generous, charitable and snugly offer from Stacie Clark Knitwear for all of the proceeds from the sale of her delightful snoods going to People and Gardens! Perfect with Christmas coming up and as someone who wore one just last week (see below) I can highly recommend their quality and cosiness! 

I honestly could carry on telling you all about the evening with such depth that we'd be here all day! As I said, there will most certainly be a catch up post when we've received more images and the wonderful documentary by Tribe Magazine. Until then I leave you with two things;

1) In total that night, we raised £2541.69 and when this is matched by Santander, will be an outstanding total of £5083.38! I couldn't be prouder of the hard work and amazing support from everyone involved, it leaves me welling up all over again.

2) This smile on Bimble's face. Worth every moment.

Image sourced via Facebook David Presswell
Love Sophie Xx

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Wednesday Words #8

Snuggled down, watching 'That 70's Show', it suddenly dawned on me that I hadn't thought of a phrase for this weeks Wednesday Words. I thought back to how I've been feeling this week (tired and relieved if you're asking) and thought about how hard the charity event was to pull off (we did though, it was a brilliant success!) It led me to thinking;

'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.'

Certainly apt. I think this is on of those sayings that follows you through life, I know that I've thought it on plenty of occasions. I do believe that the hard times are there to shape us as individuals. My priorities have changed massively over the last ten years. I imagined travel was the only plan for me, I didn't care about a career of having a family, just me and the world. Experiences changed me in that my aim became having a secure and safe home- something I'd never have imagined I'd care about.

That quote is attributed to German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche in 1887. Actually he said it much more eloquently; "That which does not kill us, makes us stronger."

And now we know,
Love Sophie Xx

Monday, 24 November 2014

The Two Questions That Will Determine If We Will Be Friends.

Image Via Pinterest.

There are two questions for when you meet someone new that in my opinion, can tell you enough about them to make an instant judgement. I shared these questions with Leona and Liam over lunch the other week and we agreed that they're at the very least a good conversation starter! I honestly use both of these questions when I meet someone new and hey I don't get a bad response! 

1) What is the best type of biscuit in the world?

Now, my answer (after MUCH deliberation) is of course a jam cream. Some people get confused with a jammy dodger here but I assure you that is not the same thing. Jam creams are usually found in the Christmas selection box (not nearly enough of them!) but literally EVERY UK supermarket agrees with me that they are amazing and now stock them! I'm not a dictator, there are plenty of appropriate answers! For example; bourbon is a very close second and a delicious choice. A true, honest person would choose a bourbon. Etc etc, Someone who chooses a 'NICE' biscuit is probably pretty close to the bottom of my biscuit list- there's just so many better biscuits!  

There is one answer that is under no circumstances allowed- and this my friends, is where you can learn about someone the most.

Jaffa Cake.

Leona: "Anyone who answers with jaffa cake is a c***t."

2) If you were (hypothetically of course) to throw an animal over a rugby (American football) post, what is the largest animal you could throw?

As we all know I'm not exactly 'sporty'. This is what I think of when I hear rugby posts...

The answer here is important. Once you've got past the whole "Well I'd never throw an animal like a ball!" part. Let's just make is clear people- NOBODY WOULD DO THAT IN REAL LIFE! People's answers can be quite interesting. Mine is currently a small goat. I'm feeling a little feeble from the weather but sometime in the summer I was feeling confident about a large monkey. The question is really two-fold. A) The size/weight of the animal compared to distance/height to throw. B) The ability to actually throw the animal (the goat- use the horns *underarm swing*) etc. People that wuss out and say " Oh I could't throw dust from a moth." Get out. 

So what do you think? Good conversation starters hey? Maybe not in an interview...Or an animal charity event....Or in a jaffa cake factory..But great over lunch!

Love Sophie Xx

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Thankful Thursday: A Little Wish.

Two days to go until my final charity event of the year! I promise that this is the last time I'll mention it (until I tell you all about it on Sunday of course!) Currently too busy to reflect on what I'm thankful for (there's currently a running list in my head of people that I'm thankful to!) there is one little wish that I have for you all.

Please share and promote our charity event as much as your little hearts will allow you to for the next couple of days, you all know how much the work the People and Gardens do means to me and my little family- it would mean the world to raise as much money as we can for them.

Thank you Lisette for inspiring me to be more thankful. And thank you to every single one of you that's shared/ mentioned to friends and family/ may even be coming on Saturday night!

Now how to get down that catwalk without falling on my face?...
Love Sophie Xx

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Wednesday Words #7 Good Things Come To Those Who Wait.

Image source Via Pinterest.

Wednesday is actually speedily becoming Thursday and I find myself panicking for the weekend and hoping that our charity event goes off without a hitch! We'll sit down on Sunday and have a cup of tea and a catch up shall we? With charitable intentions and good faith in mind, positive attitude has been my motto of the week- followed by this little gem:

'Good things come to those who wait.'

Used, but probably not originated, by Violet Fane (1843-1905) in her poem Tout vient ß qui sait attendre.
'Ah, all things come to those who wait,'
(I say these words to make me glad),
But something answers soft and sad,
'They come, but often come too late.'

I just couldn't find the origins of this phrase but did think the slightly darker undertones of this poem made it all the more interesting!

How is everyone's weeks going? 
Cold isn't it?!
Love Sophie?

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

This Time Last Year I Started a Blog...

Bit of a creepy photo of me a little too excited about the giant
sweet I bought from the market! 
My my, how time flies. I am quite possibly the worst person for repeating myself but HOW THE HELL IS IT ALMOST DECEMBER?! Today was the first day that I cracked out my festive jumper for the winter (a cat in a santa hat with a sequin tummy-obviously)! Jingling my way around the house, it dawned on me that I'd just bought this jumper when I started this little corner of the internet and had a look back. 

You'll never guess what!? It's a year today since I started writing here! What a festive and cat-filled coincidence! 

I hadn't planned to post today to be honest but how could I not!? And what should you say after writing something for a year?! 

I never had started this with the intention of anyone really caring about it; more so somewhere to document for the future. I hoped (and still do!) that it'll be fun to look back on years to come.
I've made some pretty splendid friends through this little hobby (including the 165 of you that are following me at time of posting-thanks so much!) and I wanted to share with you all a couple of my favourite posts, and hey, if you've only recently become my friend, it's a pretty good time to get to know me a little better! 

I also wanted to take this opportunity (as I will be doing so for the rest of the week) to plug the wonderful charity fashion show that I've helped organise, this Saturday evening!

Here's the post that will tell you all about this amazing charity and the exciting plans we have to raise money for them; please have a look.

Cheers for the last year guys and gals!
Love Sophie Xx

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Thankful Thursday

Hitting the very almost middle of November just seems insane. There I've said it. Every shop I walk into means I'm bound to be singing festive songs for the rest of the day and winter warmers arriving in Costa and Starbucks have only heightened my adoration for hot chocolate. There are only SIX more Thursdays until 2015! With that in mind, here are six things I'm thankful for this week...

1) Animal antics- By this, of course I mean spending time with Liona and Rexamus. I ventured to Plymouth on Sunday to catch up with this pair, and after scoffing a yummy lunch with Liona and Liam, we wandered around Plymouth town centre, stopping to get more sugary delights. After our food had gone down, we took Rex for a walk around near the Hoe and I returned home. A great way to spend a few hours on a cold day! 

2) Friends doing so well- Isn't it just a really great feeling when good news comes to your friends? My best friend, Stacie, has just landed herself a job as the new marketing manager for lingerie company Mish. Sounds amazing doesn't it?

3) Hot water bottles- Because I'd forgotten how bleddy lovely it is snuggling with one tucked up your jumper.

4) Crunchy leaves- Make my walk to work so much more entertaining. And not many things can do that for me early in the mornings.

5) Sitting around the table with my family- There are some things that are priceless all year round. Though we're not your typical family, it's what I've got and they do make me smile rather a lot. (Poet laureate right here!)

6) A secret invitation- I have been cordially invited to a very exciting location! I really can't wait to show you in a couple of weeks! Eeeekk! 

Thank you Lisette for inspiring me to keep such a lovely record of the things that so easily could be forgotten.

Love Sophie Xx

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Wednesday Words #6

Image via Pinterest-Click image for source.

The cold winds are currently hurling outside my window, sitting with the heating finally on (I gave in yesterday!) My special winter 'Figgy Pudding candle from St Eval Candle Co' burning and wooly socks on- I am ready for you winter.  

The drop in temperature made me think of a rather well known proverb: An apple a day keeps the doctor away. One that I'm sure most of us are used to hearing from our mothers and grandmothers, a plight to eat your fruit, especially this time of year, I wondered where it came from.

Wales seems like an unlikely source for most commonplace English phrases, however there's a fair chance that this little maxim originated there! In 1866 the first sourced printed use of this phrase was in Notes and Queries magazine:
"A Pembrokeshire proverb. Eat an apple on going to bed, And you'll keep the doctor from earning his bread."
Around the turn of the century, Elizabeth Wright recorded a Devonian dialect version of the phrase as we know it now:
"Ait a happle avore gwain to bed, An' you'll make the doctor beg his bread; or as the more popular version runs: An apple a day Keeps the doctor away."
'Apples have a good claim to promote health. They contain Vitamin C, which aids the immune system, and phenols, which reduce cholesterol. They also reduce tooth decay by cleaning one's teeth and killing off bacteria. It has also been suggested by Cornell University researchers that the quercetin found in apples protects brain cells against neuro-degenerative disorders like Alzheimer's Disease.'
So now we know! Is this phrase new to you? Or like me, did your grandmother used to entice to with an apple, humming this to you? I'd love to start hearing from you about some phrases local or unusual  that you've come across! 

Love Sophie Xx

Monday, 10 November 2014

Ten Blog Posts To Read On November 10th.

Who's excited that it's Monday? Raise your hands in the air like you just don't care? No? Oh me neither, never mind. Sunday just flies by these days and I think it might have something to do with the etching fear of Christmas lurking closer and closer. This year I'm trying to be more sensible (what with the wedding saving and all that jazz!) and have told my nearest and dearest that they will be receiving home-made treats instead of shop bought gifts, which would be find if I could stop myself from picking up little bits and bobs...

I went a bit awol on and off for the last few weeks but I've been reading lots of your lovely posts. My phone seems to have problems posting comments, so I apologise for not actually talking to any of you most of the time- I'm like a little ghost stalking you all *alright creeper*...Here's a few posts for you to enjoy if you like that kinda thing...Which of course you do! 

1) Oh! Leona posts the best series of Wednesday Loves! Last week I remembered my love for making little beds for your toys our of cardboard! Yes! Mine were always decorated pretty fancy! 

2) With All The Finesse of a Badger is probably one of my favourite bloggers out there. Her illustrations are laugh out loud funny and I secretly wish that we were best friends! I follow her posts religiously! If you haven't read her experience of working at a call centre posts- you must. This week she really made me laugh by sharing some home truths about riding sheep! ;-)

3) Life, Ninja Killer Cat and Everything Else shared a delicious looking recipe inspired by GBBO (which feels like forever ago!) of self saucing chocolate puds! I'll definitely be going back to this multiple times this winter! 

4) How goddamn cute did daydreams of summertime look in her snazzy Boden scarf? It made me feel all cosy I am now envious over her blanket/scarf and sharing a love for TKMaxx bargains! 

5) Cecilia in the rain reminded me that I too am a rubbish adult! Funnily, I had just this conversation the other day! It's ok to pretend Cecilia, I'm with you girl! She also posted a very interesting read on languages and how they effect us. I'm not really fluent in any other languages but I get recognised for my accent difference here in Cornwall all the time! 

6) A Rosie Outlook posted a poem which made me reminisce of all the writing I used to do. I too was the one always penning a poem, verse or short story of some kind. I too have fallen out of the creative routine through life and it really was nice to see something so personal and original as Rosie's writing. Inspiring even. 

7) Little Foal took stock and had a furry friend to join her! What a cutie pie (yes you too Sunae!) She's also a great source for beauty products as an Arbonne consultant; you should check out her Facebook page

8) Life Outside London gave us a few marriage tips- each one better than the last. She's like a wise spaniel haired owl that one. She also shared some photos from October from her Instagram (which obviously you already follow-if not, here!) and there's one photo in particular (bottom left) of Pete with arms that actually made me laugh for a good eight minutes...

9) Dear Ms Leigh shared some delicious foodie snaps from her first few days as an expat in America!  There are some pretty awesome photos of Detroit on there too! 

10) Samsam Cherie shared with the world the junk in her trunk (sorry I could't resist!) It's all about this trunk (and it's no pansy trunk either!) of childhood memories and is exactly the kind of lifestyle post I like to read- the really nosy ones! It's a really personal and lovely post!

Have a great Monday everybody!
Love Sophie Xx

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Location Location Location: Pentewan

As many, if not all of you, reading know, I live in the idyllic countryside of Cornwall. Here, we're starting to shut down for the winter; shops are closing earlier, tourist attractions are pretty much unavailable and you don't really need to book anywhere to eat because it's probable that you'll only come across a couple of tables of locals when you go out (especially on a weekday.) It's the perfect time to live here. I know that sounds strange, but there's nothing like a crisp walk on the beach; the fresh, autumnal air bringing you back to life, followed by a cosy cafe; snuggling with a warm cup-o-something and dreamily talking about Christmas. It's what winter is made of in my book.

Last weekend, celebrating six years of togetherness, Harps and I rose early and ventured out in the unpredictable November drizzle. Wrapping up warm, I suggested we went to Pentewan beach; about four miles from where we live and usually swamped with tourists, it seemed like the perfect place. Neither of us had been such young children and could't remember much- you know what they say about never seeing the places you live so close to? Situated just outside of St Austell town centre (before Mevagissey) we occasionally ride our bikes in the woods (Kings woods) nearby which has a brilliant cycle trail into the village. 

Not realising that it was the first day of the low season that dogs were allowed back on the beach, we were greeted by lots of smiling mutts, bellowing in the morning sun towards us, they all looked so happy! After quite the walk along the sand and rocks, where I could't stop taking photos and Harps looked for buried treasure and sea life, we wondered back into the village. We'd intended to have a hearty roast lunch but by the time we'd finished walking we felt a little too windswept to eat too much, which is how we ended up in The Cove B&B and Cafe.  

A warm rush of air greeted us by the door, as did the marvellously friendly owner. Literally my favourite type of cafe; crammed with little ornaments, interesting art work and photographs, not to mention the fish tank table! That's right guys- A FISH TANK COFFEE TABLE! We immediately flounced onto the corner sofa directly next to the table and ordered a couple of delicious hot chocolates to warm up. Whilst browsing the simple, yet plentiful menu, we glanced down to see Bandit the cat, greedily eyeing up the fish. "It's like television for cats!" I squealed at Harps.

A couple of tasty sandwiches, much cat stroking and half a mug of hot chocolate later, we decided to go and sit outside to finish off our drinks. Warm enough from the full bellies and cosy atmosphere, we watched the world go by for another hour or so.

What a lovely place to visit hey?
Have any of you been before? 
Love Sophie Xx

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Thankful Thursday

Thursday has snuck up on me like a little sneaky badger, which means that this time tomorrow my little holiday will be over *you may all cry along with me for the rest of this.* I've had such a relaxing few days that I really don't know where to begin with all the happiness. *you may also vomit a little in your mouth* I bang on about it all the time but it really is rare that Harps and I have proper time off together and then suddenly when you do, you realise; 

"Oh yeah I actually really do like this non-porridge-bowl-rinsing-bafoon!" 

Basically, I'm one big, pile'o mush. To the extent that I knew this post was going to be so mushy that I felt I had to add the photo of me being 'ard' and getting my new tattoo just to toughen it all up a bit. (Excuse my man's nips there!)

1) Time to relax- I can never sleep in anymore. You know when you get to that *shudders* age when if you sleep any later than 9am it's a disaster? You've wasted some of the day? Well despite my body clock waking me up early every day, I made a stand and stayed in bed with tea until 11am one day this week! How great is that!? 

2) Time with my man- Because he's actually still pretty funny after six years and under that HORRIBLE moustache is a pretty good looking guy. *sidenote- Harps isn't partaking in Movember this year, he plays a game with himself every winter to grow as big a beard as he can and this year he's going for gold. 

3) Travelling tattoos- You may know that Harps and I have started our series of 'travelling tattoos' for when we visit new countries. As our anniversary gift to each other, we finally got round to getting our 'Rome' tattoos from last year. It hurt far more than any of my others but I'm really happy- I'll show you soon!

4) Central heating- We've broken. It's time for the heating to go on. There is no sodding way I was going to 'relax' at home without it. I love sitting and watching the rain outside when you're all snuggly and warm.

5) Feeling ready- Ready for winter and ready to crack on.

What are you all thankful for this week? I've been absent for a little while with these posts, but I've been constantly catching up with the inspiring Lisette's posts. Go have a look, shmook! 

Love Sophie Xx