Saturday, 24 January 2015

My Name is Sophie and I'm a Twitterphobic.

You may or may not have noticed that last Sunday I participated in the #lbloggers chat on Twitter. For me this was a pretty big deal. Though I had the fastest hour of my online life, I had a brilliant time and look forward to getting to know some of the lovely people I got to talk to. (Which wouldn't happen if I didn't man up and get used to using Twitter. )

You may have caught onto the fact that I'm petrified of using Twitter. I just don't understand it and feel like I've let that train get to the other side of the country before I've even got to the platform! When I rarely venture into the realms of that little blue bird I just feel overwhelmed by how much there is! Honestly, it boggles me! It started when I signed up to Twitter in 2012, late but not too late into the game- I was drunk and some friends created me an account "Everyone does it now Sophie" they said. The next morning, opening my laptop in a hungover, sensitive state my screen read the following. "Barack Obama is now following you." I got scared, logged off and stayed away for about a year, however long it took for Leona to keep mentioning that I should start using it...

Being used to 'catching up' on the day over on Facebook (before that I was a Myspace queen) and that's just not possible/what Twitter is about. Anyway, this year I told myself I was going to be braver, it's pretty much the hub for me to catch up with blogger friends and I want to spend more time talking to you all. So I created Twitter lists which I'm not that sure if is going to help me because when I started categorising people after the first hundred or so Twitter stopped me in my tracks (I still don't know why!) 

Also I still don't understand hashtags? To me they still mean number. Do they go mid-sentance/ end of tweet or just none at all? How many hashtags is too many? Is it ok that I make hashtags that nobody, anywhere, ever will look up? Is it acceptable to use the hashtag FriendsWithBenefits on a photo of Batman and a stuffed elephant? Will my employers fire me because of my improper use of hashtags? *If I haven't stressed you out about Twitter you're a warrior.*

When did emoticons become emojis? Is there a difference? Why does the poop emoji have eyes? And eyebrows? 

Do you make introductions on Twitter or just talk on anything and everything? Is that tweet-hyjacking? When people/companies follow me should I follow back (even if I don't care about them?)

And whilst we're on it, is there a way for me to make sure I don't miss out on what you lovely people are up to? Are lists the best way? 

PLEASE HELP ME and if you're brave enough follow me on Twitter @SophieHasNoName

Love Sophie Xx

Friday, 23 January 2015

Location Location Location: Falmouth.

I honestly almost called this post "Cornwall- The Best Place on Earth." Which whilst may be accurate, let's face it- it's a little bragasaurus isn't it? It's been too long since I've posted a locations post, which sadly is due to not visiting many new places in recent weeks. Now that the hubbub of Christmas and 'new year new me' is out of the way, we can all get on and enjoy 2015. So when my bestest gal in the land offered to take me out on a date as a birthday treat, we both hopped, skipped and jumped at the chance to head into Falmouth for a day of good food and wintery walks. 

Time with Stacie is always the best, someone who understands that you need to pour the tea slowly so as to get a nice photo for the blog and considering we have pretty much exactly the same tastes for good quality, quirky food places, I knew it'd be a perfect way to spend a Sunday.

Our rumbling tummies and freezing fingers had us heading straight for food as we arrived and after a short walk we ended up visiting Fuel cafe/lounge/bar for what became the most amazing lunch. We settled with our delicious lunches (see my drool worthy chicken burger below!) and picked up one of the many games scattered around to play. Shrieking at the sight of Guess Who we were ready to move in then and there. 

I'm pretty damn fortunate to have another best friend who lives right in Falmouth now (he's studying film at Falmouth University!) and knowing we'd be in the area, he came down to meet us. We were just finishing our championship round of Guess Who (I won obviously) when he arrived, and we all headed for a little tour around Falmouth town. 

Stacie and I had been hoping to visit one of Falmouth's many art galleries but lack of planning and Sunday hours meant that by the time we emerged from the warmth of Fuel there weren't any open. Heading to the sea (and then sharply retreating after flailing in the high winds) we all took solstice in a pub/bookshop/ping pong table emporium (ok maybe not emporium- it was pretty impressive) called Beerwolf Books. Reece said that this is where the students come and I imagine I'd actually live there if I was at Uni. After a while of browsing (I'm pretty lucky to have friends that are just as huge bookworms as I am) and a couple of purchases after, we continued our little walk, eventually ending up stopping for more cake and drinks at The Shed, a beautifully decorated restaurant and bar with the tastiest cakes! My phone was dying, my belly full and my heart happy at such a lovely time with these two. I'd thoroughly recommend to any of you visiting us down ere a trip to Falmouth. 

Love Sophie Xx

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Books To Read 2015 & The Exotic Teapot.

The time has finally come. My prayers have finally been answered. *I'm saying this in my gospel-esque voice by the way* For my birthday I received a glass teapot and teacup with saucer for one AND. IT. IS. PERFECT.  My brother and sister in law treated me to this beautiful tea set made by The Exotic Teapot . Not only does it come packaged in the most loveliest of boxes, it also came with five different flowering teas to try. Seriously, their website will have you adding literally everything to your basket.

Though a week after my birthday, this has been the first chance I've had to sit down with all of my new books (all purchased/gifted within the last week) and have a little catch up.  How are you all? I have been busy at work, feeling more driven but alongside that, more stressed. There's a lot of change happening at the moment and as someone who usually ties herself to the floor when the winds of change arrive, I usually struggle. This week I plan on creating a little me time, getting into a newer routine before it all gets changed again in a couple of months. Enjoying the moment.

This is how I found myself sitting with the most delicious green tea with vanilla and berries, deliberating which book to start next.

Have any of you read any of the above? Or just as interestingly, have any of you got these on your 'to read' list? 

Love Sophie Xx

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

"Nobody Likes You When You're 23"

Here you have it. The face of a 23 year old. I look a bit smug here right? Well I am. Not only have I survived another year (I'm pretty accident prone, it's an achievement dammit!) BUT we have officially chosen our wedding venue and set a date for 2016! Isn't that just the most exciting thing you've heard all day!?

My birthday is always a bit of a awkward affair. Being a January baby almost guarantees the most hideous weather every year; this year was no exception. Weather warnings flashed amber the night before, gale force winds, the news told me. My annual trip to the zoo was a no-go. Still, the older you get, the nicer it is to have a quieter birthday don't you think? As someone who works full time, Christmases, bank holidays and birthdays are all pretty awesome for one main reason- Lie in. 

Later than I'd usually let myself sleep in (still a little tired from the hurricane outside our house the night before) we woke up and had tea in bed. Not long after, Harp's grandparents came over for tea and gift giving. They really go out of their way, lovely people. 

A while later, and many "oohs" and "aaah's" from me, they headed home and we decided to get a bite to eat. The previous day we'd been hunting around Cornwall for our perfect venue. With three places lined up, we finally found the right place for us (see above). I've been thinking a little about my wedding and the amount I've been sharing about it on here. There are a few out there that I wouldn't want to 'surprise' me on the day by turning up, so I have decided to leave the name of the venue and date we've booked a bit close to my chest. Do ask though, I'm sure I'd tell most of you! 

Anyway, the day before had left us rather tired and instead of driving anymore, we headed into town to the Eden Cafe for a light bite to eat. Bellies sufficiently stuffed we headed home for more gift opening and wedding planning. 

What has become quite a lovely little tradition over the last few years is a big family (I say big-there's 8 of us) dinner at my parent's house on my birthday evening. Around sixish, Harps and I headed through the winds there and had a delicious steak meal and lots of family fun, involving booze and Harp's beard of course.

Thank you to everyone who made my birthday extra special. And yay for wedding venue choosing and date setting!

Love Sophie Xx

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Monday, 19 January 2015

The Wedding Planning Series #8 Honeymoon Choosing.

You can see all sources via my Pinterest page here.

You'd think it'd be easy working out the one place you'd love to visit for your honeymoon? Well it really isn't as easy as it seems; over the last few weeks, winter has been vicious and it's taken me to Pinterest, longing for warm climates and paradise settings for our fanciest of all the fancy holidays. Your honeymoon is supposed to be the best trip ever isn't it? What with so many places I'm dying to visit, the choices are endless. So far Harps and I have agreed on three things: 1) It needs to be hot enough to tan- because that's part of the romance/loveliness of honeymoons. 2) It needs to have adventure- we're not the sort of people to lie on a beach for 2 weeks, we'd get too bored! We need things to learn about and sights to see and activities to look back on for years to come. 3) It needs to be beautiful- It's my damn honeymoon, it has to be fabulous looking right?

1) Portofino, Italy- I'd quite love to do a little tour around Italy, visiting Portofino, Florence, Pisa, Pompeii etc- Harps thinks we should be going further away-longer haul and a new continent.

2) Tulum, Mexico- Doesn't this pool look amazing? The pros of Mexico include amazing food and lots to do?

3) Finland- I will not go on a snowy honeymoon. I'm always pretty cold and it's just not my idea of honeymoon paradise. Harps loves this though.

4) Maldives- Pretty cliche but who can't be amazed by that glowing beach! How magical! 

5) Machu Picchu- A real adventure and something I'd love to do one day. I'm just not sure if I want to have to do training before my honeymoon? Maybe a little too much adventure?

6) Chile-  These marble caves look breathtaking- I HAVE to see them one day. Not so keen on the coldness of Chile though!

7) Costa Rica- This tree house resort looks AWESOME! There are monkeys and sloths and other animal friends right outside your door. It looks luxurious and original and beautiful and I'm seriously considering this as a location!

8) Bali- Bali seems to me to have the best of both worlds. Total paradise right? Also so much history and culture to soak up makes it a pretty perfect choice. The price tag makes me nervous...

9) Dominican Republic- Not somewhere I've looked into as much, though looking through some pinterestesque photos make it a bit of an dark horse?

Have any of you been to any of the places above? Do you have any tips from your honeymoons? As always, any and all feedback/help would be appreciated! 

Love Sophie Xx

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Shore Projects. Finding The Perfect Watch.

For months I've been searching for the perfect watch. It all started at my interview a few months back, it turns out that when you've been told you can/should talk for 15 minutes, time goes really slowly. And when the sneaky interviewers hide all the clocks in the room, it's hard to know that you actually only spoke for eight minutes because you were too nervous of babbling..(sort of like what's happening right now)...

Anywhooty, this new found, adult realisation, that I actually should wear a watch everyday sparked a mass watch hunt; days of endless pursuing for 'the perfect watch for me' entailed, Pinterest boards created and bargain hunting consumed me. The problem that I have is that I used to work for a well known jewellery retailer and therefore have become a bit of a jewellery/watch snob. I priced my options way out of my budget and kept telling myself I'd find the one

Eventually I came across Shore Projects and immediately fell in love with their well crafted, high quality and simple designed timepieces. As someone who likes their jewellery relatively simple, I didn't want anything that I'd loose interest of relatively quickly. An investment piece if you will. With the interchangeable straps I can always adapt the smart, simple, androgynous face with my outfit. The one I ordered came with a lovely light blue strap that I've since changed to a black Italian leather one that I really must say is the softest, highest quality strap I've ever owned. 

As well as being a British company, the strong, durable quality of these watches is shown throughout. The crystal sapphire glass, luxurious straps and being waterproofed up to 100m meant that immediately I knew what I wanted for my birthday. Funny how that happens hey? The cementing fact was that for every watch sold, Shore Projects donates £1 to Marine Conservation Society to help protect our beloved seas and coastlines, the beaches and the animals that surround them.

The delivery was amazing, it arrived the very next day after ordering, at no extra charge and I'm so very happy with it and I'll never under-talk at an interview again!

*By the way, I have no affiliation with Shore Projects, I just really like their watches!

Love Sophie Xx

Monday, 12 January 2015

Last Week I Was A Chameleon...

I've been known to have red hair for a rather long time now. Customers that so delightfully forget my name refer to me as 'the young one with red hair'. Quite the compliment I'm sure you'll agree. For about a year now I've been bored with my red hair; once the girl kept in isolation for mad hair colours at school and the envy of my friends that it didn't fall out through reckless dying.  It was time for a change. I'd settled on red when I got my 'proper grown up' job and still couldn't quite let go of my 'alternative style' but over time it becomes a pain to maintain, preparing for my wedding (NEXT YEAR GUYS!) means I suddenly care about it being healthy and having the choice to not have it red has suddenly become important. 

My hair is the kind to stay red- full of red pigment, I knew it would be a task. My beloved Boots advantage points I'd saved for years were put to good use and throughout the last week I've slowly succeeded in finally ridding the majority of the red from my hair (quite the feat after years of over-dying!) 

1) Strip the artificial colour from the hair. I did this knowing that the colour below had been peroxide blonde- yes it meant that my hair always held the red well but I knew this would be the cause of my stress over the rest of the week. Sure enough, it became a browny/orange/red colour.

2) For the next two days, I washed my hair with an ash toner to help minimise the orange tone.

3) Pre-lightener. I would advise most people to leave a little more time between stripping the colour and bleaching the shit out of it, but as noted above, I'm pretty impatient with my hair and once I get started, it all changes pretty fast. Note to self- wait until you don't have work the next day because you're hair will actually glow in the dark after this. As you can see above, it went pretty pretty pretty orange. But at least it was all one colour for once. 

4) Three more days of toner shampoo (make sure it's purple/blue based for cooler tones).

5) Ice Brown dye, has turned out to be a little darker than I'd imagined it would, but hey this is last night. I know from previous brown hair experience that it'll fade a little after a couple of washes and I'll be left with the cooler, brown hair that I've been longing for. I'll give it a little trim after a few washes and then it's growing time!

So what do you think? Of course I may decide that I do want my red hair back for our wedding (I still haven't quite let go of alternative emo Sophie) but most of all, I want that option! 

Love Sophie Xx

Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Wedding Planning Series #7 Invitations.

All images found Via Pinterest. You can find the sources linked on my Pinterest board linked here.

The new year has arrived which means wedding planning can officially commence! I say that, if you've been reading for a while you'd have seen I haven't exactly not been thinking about what I want for the big day- but I'd promised myself that until we had enough to actually start purchasing and putting deposits down that I wouldn't get too carried away. I CAN NOW GET CARRIED AWAY! We are now on holiday for a week and with three potential venues booked to visit and the first venue we saw still hanging in there as a possibility, by the end of next week we will have a date set and a venue chosen. How exciting is that!? Which means getting onto the other bits- save the date cards and invitations. Because we're not having a colour theme, it's actually pretty hard to visualise what sort of invites we should have/colours/style etc... So here I am looking for all of your lovely advice and opinions as to what you think out of some of the options/styles I've been looking at. 

Any and all input as always would be greatly appreciated!
Love Sophie xX

Friday, 9 January 2015

Batman Diaries #5 Batman Turns Two.

Every photo of Batman seems to have food in it. I'm pretty sure that's the only way I can get him to stay still long enough. How do all those internet genius's get their rabbits to wear little outfits etc? Batman's far too streetwise for that! He knows when I'm within 5 metres!! He has had a lovely Christmas and enjoyed his birthday (two years old December 19th!) On the 15th it'll be two years that we came into each others lives and I'm excited! I'm going to get him a few bits from his buddies over at Barks and Bunnies who are also having a fabulous sale at the moment! With a great level of service and original, fun toys  (It's where I got his Bat-castle from!) and goodies for Batman he'll be a lifelong customer. You should all take a look on their website and if you sign up by clicking here, you'll get 10% off your first purchase over £20!

Do you guys get bit creepy when it comes to your pet's birthdays? Or are you even as sad as me and celebrate your anniversary with your pet? Let me know so I don't feel so weird!

Love Sophie and Batman Xx

Thursday, 8 January 2015

A Birthday Wishlist.

With one week to go until I turn 23 I thought I'd compile a little wishlist if anyone out there would care to purchase me a little gift!? *tumbleweed rolls past* Anyway, with next year being the YEAR OF OUR WEDDING I can't help but pop on my practical hat and wish for a few items suitable for our wedding that we can get in advance. Mostly, it's just things I'd really like though!

1) Glass drink dispenser- I actually want four or five of these for our wedding and the cheapest I can find them is around £20 each so if someone could buy me a couple as birthday gifts that's be great!

2) Paper honeycomb tissue balls- Once again for the wedding- in all colours and in mass please!

3) This jumper! I can't find it anywhere! Boo!

4) Grow your own blueberry jam kit- I've wanted a blueberry plant for a little while and saw this brilliant starter kit with two plants and some jars to make some delicious jam!

5) Shore Projects Watch- Ok, something I'd really like for myself is a good quality watch, I've been swooning over these for months.

6) Chopping board- Also a bit of a weird, adult gift but I've wanted a decent chopping board for a while and came across this rather comical chopper board.

7) Apple and Elderflower large candle pot- St Eval candle company- We were treated to the foggy pudding candle when we got engaged and it lasted until about a month ago which is damn good going in my books! They smell beautiful and the pots that they come in are perfect for little plants afterwards!

8) A Glass teapot- Whittard- This was on my Christmas list, alas it was not to be. Damn it GET ME THE TEAPOT!

9) Wicker picnic hampers x11- Anywhere but I found these as an example on Also for the wedding, though I'm not sure what I'd do after the wedding with 11 picnic hampers? Host giant picnics in the summer? Maybe actually...

I intend to be better with sending cards and being thoughtful this year with my friends birthdays. Pop yours down in the comments so I can add you to my diary!

Love Sophie Xx

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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Tonaaay The Magical Dressage Ponaaay

One day late last year, I came home to discover that my brother, who works as a chef in a lovely local restaurant, had invited me to join his group on Facebook. 

It was called "Tonaaay's Dressage"  

The only information on the page said the following: "Come follow Tonaaay is he horses around on his magical dressage journaaaay!"

The only picture was this: (that's my brother in the background and yes that is spiderman...)

I honestly have been wanting to tell the entire world about the journaayys that followed but just couldn't work out quite what to say. I'm still not sure exactly 'what' is going on in my brother's head in his spare time at work but here it is...and I love it!

So lettuce begin...
Sundaaaayy morning Tonaaay.

Nice pear Tonaaay...

Cheer up Tonaaay, why so blue today?
Tonaaay's ready to go out and impress the ladies tonight...

Tonaaay's late for everything. He's always playing ketchup.
Tonaaay's always letting medical problems get waaaay out of hand!
See a doctor Tonaaay!
Tonaaay doing a little research on a dish close to his heart...Always on a roll there Tonaaay!

Tonaaay needs to lose a few pounds. Bit of a lard ass there Tonaaay!

Tonaaay took scrubbing up a little too seriously..
Tonaaay got into the Halloween spirit but needed help staying upright after a few...

Tonaaay showing off what a fungi he can be...

And then....disaster struck... Tonaaay was taken hostage for weeks...many thought he wouldn't return, there was even talk of his cousin Anthonaaay coming over from Gallopoli to help the search...We received this devastating hostage photo...

We mourned....

Had Tonaaay had his hay day?

As Christmas approached, all we really wished for on our festive lists to Santa was for Tonaaay to be returned safely...and then, a Christmas miracle if I've ever witnessed one...

Tonaaay feeling festive with braaandy sauce...

Since then....nothing. Tonaaay didn't see in the new year with us. We haven't heard I write to you now to ask you all.... Have you seen Tonaaay whilst he gallops around on his magical dressage  journaaay?

Love Sophie Xx