Monday, 30 March 2015

Hey You Guys!

I'm so pleased right here that my face skin is literally cementing my glasses to my face. That's pretty darn pleased folks!
I got a little email through the other day informing me that my little blog had reached 200 followers on Bloglovin which made me both laugh (because seriously who even reads what I blabber about!?) and smile greatly that there are a few of you out there in the inter web stratosphere that deem my random Batman posts, Cornwall bumbling posts or the odd half assed cake recipe actually interesting. I mean I know I'm totally awesome, but who'd have thought so many of you'd agree? Must be my oodles of modesty...

I never started blogging with the intention of anything other than keeping my weird antics a little further from my colleagues on Facebook and maybe just maybe coming across a bit more normal to the general world. Here I'm free to chat about you ladies and gents about the best type of biscuit and the embarrassing antics that happen to me on a semi daily basis and I've even gone as far as to make some proper grown up (ish) friends out of some of you fancy pants! Who'd have known!?

Regularly you see posts about 'How to earn more from your blog." or 'How to turn your blog into a business." And for many this is an amazing opportunity; for me however, this little page is just somewhere to look back on, something to share and some friendships to be made. So far it seems to be working out pretty pretty pretty good.

Here's some of those mentioned above that I regularly stalk...

I'm sorry, I fear that I've just missed no less than shit loads of you from the list above- feel free to shout at me in the comments section! It's been my first day at my new job, don't judge me!

Thank you again so much everyone, you're all the super-est super stars in town!

Love Sophie Xx

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Signs of Spring.

Wave your hands in the air like you just don't care! *Flails around for a moment or two* Spring has shown it's wonderful first signs and I for one am whooping with joy both literally and metaphorically!  As you can see from my rather surprised looking face to the left; (and showing off my new No7 face match thingy magingy lipstick!) I opened the curtains to glorious sunshine on Sunday and promptly skipped out into the garden where I spent the day de-weeding, garden prepping and seed planting (as well as being introduced to the new neighbours next door and their 3 year old who by the afternoon was running around my front garden naked?! Oh and a cat came into the house TWICE Batman was NOT impressed!) It's been the first weekend in a while I've felt glad to be productive and not just wanted to crawl back under a blanket and binge watch Netflix- damn it felt good.

There's a smell of fresh rain and freshly mowed lawns in the air- the birds are singing just that little bit louder and the warmth of the sun is something I feel I've been longing for months now.

There have been other, subtler signs of Spring; 
  • Hot cross buns after a long day in the garden. Smothered with plenty of butter of course ;-).

  • Batman enjoying a plum whilst mid-malt. Seriously I have his fur just sticking to everything at the moment- it's making him pretty grumpy too!

  • Repotting house plants (and tending to my rather sad looking aloe vera plant!)

  • Nursing my very much growing forget me not's and getting excited for them flowering!

  • Starting (and finishing) new books. I'm enjoying how quickly I can get through these Nick Hornby books. They're such easy yet engaging reads.

How are you all enjoying the return to warmer weathers? 

Love Sophie Xx

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Liona & Sharkbait.

Yes this is pretty much a love letter. And what? A few days ago you asked me if I'd cry when I see you in your wedding dress- rather you told me NOT to cry when I see you in your wedding dress. To which I responded for a very long time in many capital letters as to why I will. Here's an extended version of that...

Hiii smile emoticon
I'm Robs frienddddddd & thought i'd add you!
How're you?

(Look at that saucy one kiss in your first message. You know how to woo a girl.)

We've been friends for almost seven years now. Scientists say that friendships that last for seven years have an 80% chance of being life-long friendships. Isn't that exciting? Don't do anything to piss me off in the next six months or so ok?

I remember the evening you got engaged like it was actually yesterday. In fact I remember bothering you on your entire trip that something fishy was going on and that you were definitely going to get engaged...every few hours checking in "What perfect and awesome surprise has happened now?!" I mean man what a day that was!

I remember being drunk in a pub at a staff party when you called me from the stadium. Screaming down the phone, I'm not sure either of us entirely said proper words as you tried to explain to me what had just happened. on stage. with Paramore. Serenading you. LIKE A FUCKING PRINCESS.

I remember screaming to an old man who was next to me in the smoking area and maybe crying a little on him...and him not really knowing what was going on. Neither did anyone else there really. It still makes me jump around with excitement thinking about that night.

You wrote on her Timeline.

The night I got engaged I was all away in another country but I scoured the well wising comments from other people (sorry guys) to find yours (and a few others.) You had the best comment of course...* I really wish I could get onto my old Myspace account for the real origins of our friendship*

Leona Jayne May FUCKING YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FUCKING GET IN, SHARKBAIT!! I'm so happy for you both!! Xxx

Since these magical days we've been sort of kind of, not really planning because we can't afford it. And now we are planning to for real. With actual things REAL WEDDING THINGS purchased and choices being made it makes me absolutely burst with excitement thinking of sharing our days together. Not just you though, we're excited about seeing Leopard and Balsam all dressed up and it being so perfect that they'll be the days that we'll really look back on when we're 85 and are TOTALLY ADORABLE OLD PEOPLE.

And yes I will cry on your wedding day.
And yes I will cry when you give birth. (If not scream a bit)
And yes I will cry at every fabulous thing that ever happens to you...or to me...or to us.
And yes I will always try my hardest to make animals at the zoo like us.

Love Sharkbait. Xx

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Late Nights & Bright City Lights. A Catch Up.

I've been a bit aloof again. The time to sleep has overruled the time to blog and write; resulting in finding myself a little lost to be honest. What started with a busy couple of weeks and just not being home/ near technology enough to write, faded into an uncertainty of what to write. I'm sure we've all been there.

 In truth my weeks haven't been as exciting as can be; I've spent some time away from home- travelled to the big city lights where I scrambled alone on the tube and ran across traffic to escape a stranger following me. I also had some achievements; completing the training and focusing on my promotion, coping on the city folk's impressive ability to survive on four hours sleep (no wonder they all look so fecking miserable by the way.) I've been learning that my ability to trust myself, far outweighs the responsibility and pressure from those around me and I've realised a few home truths that needed to be faced up to. It hasn't been the easiest couple of weeks for my self doubts and confidence- a marvel at the wonders of the human brain and how it surprises us all the time.

There have been a few surprises too. Pure joy at talking wedding talk with my best friend and the few quieter days that I've managed to snag with Harps have included my favourite things; plant shopping, cake eating and bed reading. I've been doing a lot of reading guys! 

So yes, I'm back again. I'm probably not at my absolute best self but I'm doing ok. Realisation can be tough and change can be tougher and I'm trying my best to embrace both. 

How is everyone? 

Love Sophie Xx

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Batman Diaries #7 Batman in Winter.

Here's Batman just casually sitting down to update his diary. He actually really does love sitting in front of the screen, watching what I'm doing. I'll leave the room, come back and he'll have typed some illegible sentence on a blog post or clicked on so many buttons that it takes me five minutes just to close down all the pages he's opened!

Batman gets pretty lazy in Winter. The days where the sun is shining he finds himself a spot and sleeps for hours. On the days where it isn't he usually pops himself at the end of the bed and sits, watching the tv or playing with the duvet cover.
Fullest in fur and probably at his grumpiest, Batman feels exactly the same as I do in willing spring to arrive. Soon he'll be needing endless brushes and will be clogging up every available surface with his whispy hairs. I've been collecting them for a while now with the long term plan of giving them all to my friend Stacie to use as wool. Super eco friendly Batman! 

And then every now and then, that cute little face doesn't just look like a black ball of wool and you catch a glimpse of his little grey bits and those cutie pie brown eyes...I might be biased. 

Love Sophie and Batman Xx

Monday, 2 March 2015

The Wedding Planning Series #9 The Last of The Wedding Fairs.

Harps looks like he's on crack in the above photo (he's not honestly!) 

I'd advise anyone getting married to jump at the chance to go to a few wedding fairs. I've now attended four wedding fairs and yesterday I went to Wed Magazine's wedding fair at Boconnoc Estate and it was probably the best of the wedding fairs I've gone to in the last year. It certainly was the busiest and what made it such a lovely day is that Bimble and Harps came along with my mum and I; it's great to have Harps's input along the way with all this planning shebang. 

We arrived a little after 12 and it was jam packed! I was on a particular hunt for chatting to the marquee company that was there and also finding some selections of caterers and cutlery hire services. I feel like I've come away with a really great selection! I think this'll be the last wedding fair that I'll go to. It's easy to get wrapped up in all the selection and you could literally spend forever browsing and choosing that I don't really want to complicate too much for myself. 

Bimble had a great time too; munching goodies at the chocolate fountain, all I saw was my mum wiping 90% of his face afterwards- I wish I'd seen him go for it. He also blagged a ride on the horse and cart all by himself! It was even funnier when on the way back the horse stopped to let nature take its course. Bimble didn't know what was happening! 

The final adventure was trying to leave. We got so stuck in the mud that my mum thought we were going to have to get a taxi home! Luckily the horse and cart people saved the day and some lovely staff at the venue helped push the car to freedom! I wasn't much help (of course) but cheered them on from the sidelines and cracked inappropriate jokes as usual. 

Have any of you wedding planners been to any fairs? Did you find them helpful or just a bit overwhelming? 

Love Sophie Xx