Monday, 30 June 2014


Thank you.

  1. For giving me words to learn. Phlegm still gets me.
  2. For loving A.A.Milne with me.
  3. For holding my hand when I needed you to.
  4. For being so proud of me.
  5. For encouraging my love of the English language and literature and for teaching me poetry. 
  6. For keeping me strong for so long.
  7. For all the nights we sat and talked about your travels.
  8. For inspring me with your name in lights in Tokyo.
  9. For teaching me that a lady should rarely be seen in jeans.
  10. For loving me unconditionally and for seeing yourself in me.

I miss you everyday but today even more. Tomorrow probably more than that.
Love your Sophie. Xx

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Introducing...ATP Illustration & Batman and I Have Gone Technicolour!

I first discovered ATP Illustration on Instagram, I'm not quite sure how, I'm not one of those people that 'browses strangers Instagram pages'. But anyway, I came across Alfie's work and followed him instantly! @atpillustration and Twitter @ATPillustration. His illustration is exactly my sort of art; tattoo based and inspired, attention to detail and original. It's so easy to tell that his work is by him, that I can be scrolling through Instagram first thing in the morning (BEFORE TEA!) and know instantly when I see his work. Which I love. I think so many artists don't spend enough time developing their own style, so I certainly appreciate it.

Don't Batman and I look fabulous?! I love that instead of the original photo of my ironing board in the background, carrots and diamond rings are there. Our favourite things! Haha! 
I was lucky enough that Alfie is a total babe, what with me being totally rubbish recently and he even answered a few questions for me that I wanted to share with you all! 

Your illustration style is quite personal and recognisable; when was it that you discovered what works for you?

Well most of my work is black and white to start, if I want to add colour I usually use photoshop. I can actually pin point when I started to draw in black and white using fine liners and posca pens. It was in the second year of uni, I was doing a project on overfishing, I was using poscas to draw everything and found that black and white really suited me. My tutors at the time told me I was really finding my style and this is when I decided to really develop this way of working. 

Where do you find your most inspiration?

Tattoo culture plays a massive part in the way I draw. I take a lot of inspiration from traditional tattoos, sort of mixing my own style in. Big illustrators that influence me are Rik Lee and Tom Gilmour, their status is where I one day aspire to be! Most of my work is influenced by nautical themed things, or wildlife. You'll always find some reference to tattoos in my work to, I even gave you one.. because thats how I usually draw woman, with a heart tattoo.

What's the big dream?

Haha the big dream? Who knows, Ideally become a world famous illustrator, marry my girlfriend and settle down. But right now, it's find a job in a design firm so I can save money for the future. I'll always be plugging away with my freelance work, trying to build it, so that one day that's my soul job. I'll get there eventually. 

What's coming up this year to keep an eye out for?

Errrm, well recently I did some work that will hopefully be used for orange mobile, fingers crossed! There'll be various t-shirts coming out with my designs on! and there's always my company Co Conspirators Clothing to look out for, hopefully one day competing with the big dogs in the fashion world. 

See, I told you he's awesome. And I'm going to know him when he's rich and nurrr.
You can check out more of ATP Illustration on the above sources, or pop to the shop on;

Love Sophie & Batman Xx

Weird and Wonderful News Wednesday #19 Offering to Drive Drunk Strangers Home for Free, Bicycle Tricks From 1950's, Liquid Colour Sculptures & Embroidery Silhouettes.

Good Wednesday Wednesdayers, how are we all today? Waiting for the weekend I expect, if you're anything like me? Which of course you are, otherwise you wouldn't procrastinate so much reading my ramblings. Before the news of the week, which is once again a bit shit due to my love of sunshine and children's book reading to Harps, (he's 25 and LOVED it..I'm sure...Michelle liked it more I think) I just wanted to thank you all for your support following yesterdays post about grief. I got a message from a friend of a friend last night, who sadly is going through the initial heartbreak for her own dad, as we speak. She thanked me. Of course it made me cry, everything does this week. And I guess, I want to thank her too.  I know exactly how she feels. Exactly. And despite my rambling list of it being ok to be heartbroken right now, it gives comfort to know that someone else benefitted from reading it and not just me from writing it. ...And on that rather depressing note, let's check out some amusing and interesting stuff...

Driving Drunk Strangers Home For Free. Via

Alex Sheen stood in front of a bar with this sign, founder of the Because I Said I Would Group, 'to better humanity through promises made and kept.' I just think if more people were like this, what a better world we would live in. In fact, others have followed suit and since this news going viral, there have been plenty of others that have done exactly the same. Hero of the week in my books. (P.s. I don't drive, otherwise I would be joining in!)

'In all the challenges that our society faces, remember that we all play a role. We can make a promise to care about the safety of others.
We can make the promise to never drink and drive. But do not hide behind ‘we’.
It is your sole responsibility. The only person in this world you can control is yourself.
Please share the memory of this innocent man.
Rest in Peace Vincent Canzani.'

Nastasja Duthois- Embroidery Artist.

Such a talent. Such an interesting craft! 

Liquid Art Sculptures. Via

Floto and Warner Studio created these liquid art 'sculptures'. Images taken of colourful liquid and using stop motion photography, capturing them in these beautiful arrangements. 

Bicycle Tricks From the 1950's Via

Right let's crack on with the rest of this week.
Love Sophie Xx

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

When You're Not Ready to Say Goodbye.

This week I need you to bare with me. As I've hinted the last few posts, this isn't my favourite time of year. This time of year, my heart yearns, my mind aches. This time of year, there is no brave Sophie, she's gone into hiding. There's no such thing as 'time heals'. Time heals who? Not this heartache, there are some that just go too deep. And so I've been braving myself to write this post, maybe for closure to some extent, maybe just as an explanation and maybe a bit as an apology and a thanks to all of you. 

Someone once told me that grief is like catching the train from Penzance to London Paddington; you just want to get there and be done with it but you've got to stop at all the stations. I'm stuck in Exeter. It's not that life hasn't gone on, on the contrary, my wildest dreams have come true. In the last twelve months, plenty has changed, the most exciting of all getting engaged. But that makes this year even harder. 

It's three years on Monday 30th that my Grandpa passed away. It's been three long years of being utterly lost. Piecing back together myself in a Picasso style way that's left me metaphorical ears on my forehead and so on...My Grandpa wasn't just my mum's dad, he was the most significant man to ever have been in my life. He's the one, standing male role model I had throughout and the one man that I utterly trusted with my entire world. Since he's been gone,  I can actually feel the little part of my heart that's been chipped away. Another therapist once told me of 'The stages of grief.' Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. But what do you do when you're stuck in a limbo of all of those stages? When is it a worrying amount of time to go through these 'stages'? I spent the first twelve months trying to force myself out of them, I just wanted to speed-ride that metaphorical train. Did it help? No. By the first anniversary I was on a different anti-depressant every week, trying to find one that 'suited me'. By the second, I was more ready, and depressant free but instead, felt a wave of numbness and alienation that left me in a panic that maybe everyone else was moving on and I was still stuck? Did this mean forgetting? Did this mean 'acceptance'? And coming up to year three? Utter heartache. See how the fancy grief cycle kind of jumps off a cliff right about here? 

Dear Grandpa,

Already the tears start flowing, writing your name reminds me that I'd have never written to you like this, 'When one is writing to one's immediate family, note how you address them in ink to make it more personal.'  I remember looking up to the sky on November 2nd (your birthday) and our five year anniversary. I was walking around Rome, squeaking at anyone that would listen, anywhere, that 'I JUST GOT ENGAGED TO THIS FANCY BUGGER!' And even then, that little pin-prick in my heart stabbed and thought of you. As a little girl, planning your big day, revolved around you walking my up the aisle. I can actually see your face as you hand me to Harps. I can feel your hand holding mine, shaking a little, both of us as, as you let go. I can hear you, laughing at the speeches, sitting quietly, cigar in hand watching with a proud smile. And I can only dream of you're eloquent, defining speech that brings a tear to your eye and plenty to mine. 
How do you change what you've always dreamed of? How do you just 'accept' it and move on? I remember after Nanny died and you told us how she spoke to you. Every night I squeeze my eyes shut as tight as I can and I look for you. I call out in my head, 'I'm ready, let me know everything will be ok. Talk to me just the one time. Just let me hear your voice again, once more.' 

 I know what you'd be saying right about now. 'Shape up Sophie. Where's the John Holmes in you?' I'd tell you that every single day I try and find the John Holmes in me. Every single day I tell myself what I'd want you to say. And I'd also say, right now...this week and leading into next. It's ok that I can't find my John Holmes. It's ok that for now, I'm stuck at Exeter station and in a maze of 'stages of grief.' It's ok to miss you. It's ok to still try and make the sneaky ol bargain with the man upstairs to have you back. It's ok to start crying at a man smoking a cigar in the middle of the street. It's ok to not even be able to look someone in the eye because their sympathy sets you off again. It's ok to still be angry. It's ok to hate the people that compare us to 'their grandparents.' It's ok to feel lonely. It's ok because next week when the memories start to faze into numbness again, I'll find my John Holmes.

'How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard?'- Winnie the Pooh

Love Sophie Xx

Sunday, 22 June 2014

How to Bake a Delicious Honey Cake.

Good first day of summer to all of you! I hope that wherever you are, you're enjoying sunshine, the smell of BBQ's and that you're not too burnt because you didn't use suncream! Today I thought I'd drop by with a delicious recipe that a wonderful woman from the National Federation of Women's Institutes gave me when I was visiting the bee tent at Royal Cornwall Show just the other week! I'd been excited to try it, so when I discovered that it was my baking week (we have a longstanding Great Banking Bake-Off Wednesday in my work) I knew I wanted to try this. I was lucky to get some super delicious Cornish wildflower honey and I made sure I got some local feee range eggs to help our friends, the hens.  I'm a bit of a sprucer, so  I spent ages bumbling around on Pinterest for inspiration as to what to add to my delicious cake; until Harps told me to stop faffing and just make it plain. (I still snuck a few raisins in though.) I've got to say, it was one of the easiest cakes I've ever made and went down a right treat! Perfect for summer days ahead! 

200g SR Flour
2 Eggs, large
125g Butter
150g Honey, clear
100g Soft Brown Sugar
1 tbsp Water
Optional – 1 tsp Mixed Spice or a few Flaked Almonds or raisins 

1. Set oven Gas 5 175C
2. Grease and line a tin 28cm x 18cm
3. Put the sugar, butter and honey in a large pan and melt together
4. Allow to cool
5. Beat in the eggs, water and flour (and spice if used)
6. Mix well
7. Place in the cake tin and sprinkle with flaked almonds if used and bake for about 35 mins until firm

And hey presto! Perfect and long lasting honey cake! I didn't add the almonds or mixed spice, mainly because it was too sunny and I didn't want to go and source these things. I'm sure it'd be delicious with them!

Love Sophie Xx

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Thankful Thursday.

Howdy there Thursdayers! Welcome to a quick and lazy thankful Thursday. If you've already swung by Liona's post, which of course you have, she's the bomb diggity, you'll know that we had a rather pleasant end to our not so pleasant days. I had been in a cramped room all day learning all about the kind of things you need to learn about in my sorta work, and she'd been at work all day too. We met up afterwards for quite possibly the most therapeutic dog walk ever. Probably because Rex is a massive babe.

1) Thanks to Leona.- For the physical dropping of my tense shoulders and the beautiful catch up. As one of my best friends, time together is always awesome, even if it is only like an hour. We're planning a lovely picnic before the sun goes away for good and I can't wait!

2) This snazzy shirt. - Thank you shirt for saving me from what was sure to end up being severe heat stroke being in my suit on such a glorious day. Kudos for looking like a mens bedtime pyjama shirt. The best kind in my eyes. Cute pocket for a gentlemanly handkerchief or pen too.

3) The thoughtful people.- That were so kind to me on Sunday. Fathers day marks the beginning of a tough couple of weeks for ol Sophie. I've been wanting to write a post about how I'm feeling right now, I'm just not quite ready....and a bit scared. (Also a special thanks to Harps for cracking more jokes than a Christmas cracker to keep me smiling.)

4) First Great Western.- For being on time today. Hey, I know it's not much, but I doubt these guys ever get thanked...ever...Although I didn't appreciate the snarly woman asking for my ticket. Just saying.

I really intended after my lovely time with Liona to put a bit more thought into this weeks post. I'm afraid I got distracted with my Moomin book. Sozages.

Thank you to Lisette for her most inspiring posts (and her new love of marble!) And to the effervescent Liona, for being brilliant.
Love Sophie xX

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Weird and Wonderful News Wednesday #19 The Fairy Tale Tag.

Wednesday is upon us and it's been a bleddy long day, I'll tell ye. What with the recent weather and all, I haven't browsed the news as much as normal, for once have no idea what's going on in the world (world cup- yawn) and to be honest, it's been quite nice being in a sunny, book reading and gardening kind of bubble. As a result of this, I have no amusing news to share with you, for which I apologise. But my plants are doing super well! Little lavender is sprouting and my hot lips (that's actually their name) is also blossoming. Happy days, I can actually grow something! If anyone has any tips for keeping my aloe vera plant alive though, it'd be muchos appreciated.

So last night, my bosom buddy, Liona tagged me in The Fairy Tale Tag (which is basically a myspace quiz for those of you that did those) and massively loving all fairy tales and Disney related things, that my dears is what I'll be blabbing about today! If anyone else happens to be doing it, let me know! I'd love to see them! 

Snow White - Do you consider yourself beautiful?  Oh what a question, well of course! Haha! Just kidding. It's hard. When I was younger I suffered with an eating disorder, it is something that has never quite left me. I guess it'd be diagnosed as body dysmorphia, but over the last few years it's something that I've been able to cope with much better. I still have days where I pick out the stupidest things- like 'oh my god, what's wrong with the shape of my knees.' Really silly stuff. Are there things I'd change? Absolutely. Are they the things I'd have changed ten years ago? No way. I think we all go through fazes of how we see ourselves. For me, a massive loss emotionally meant that I suddenly snapped out of it and realised that people really couldn't care less about my wide back or my small boobs, life is on a deeper level than that. If it isn't, something more important is  probably wrong. 

Sleeping Beauty - How many hours do you sleep at night?   Once again, a pretty hard question to answer. I get up at about 7.30 every day and usually I'll get into bed at about 22.30 and Harps and I will watch something until about 23.30? I always aim to get to bed earlier, but quite often Harps doesn't finish work until 20.00 and by the time he's got home, we've had dinner etc... It ends up being super late. So probably like 8 hours on paper, but I'm a bit of an insomniac, so probably closer to 6. I'm practicing my mindfulness though to help me switch off at night.

Cinderella - Do you have a curfew?   Nanny always used to say, 'Nothing ever good happens past 2am.'. I think that's pretty true as a general rule. 

Rapunzel - Do you love being outside?  Of course I do! I live in Cornwall! IT IS THE PLACE TO BE OUTSIDE. I'm outside now. I'm not, that was a lie...sorry.

Red Riding Hood - Do you trust strangers easily?   Yeah. I'm really glad no strangers offered me sweets to get into their cars as a child. To be honest, if someone offered me cake to get into their car now, I probably would. Like a sophie bear trap. In my job, there's a certain level of trust that has to be built with complete strangers, so I think that's helped. I kind of have two completely different sides. There's surface sophie (sounds like a cleaning product.) That everyone knows, funny, open blah blah blah...that level comes with a superficial level of trust I guess. I think if everyone knew everything about me, they'd probably be  a bit scared. Surface Sophie is a massive extrovert. Deep cover Sophie (cheers 24 for influencing my life) is as introvert as it gets and very untrusting. There's literally like 4 people I'd go to with actual life problems. 

Beauty and the Beast - What makes someone beautiful in your eyes?  An open mind. Anyone who can be accepting, have a good conversation with and some sort of idea of what they're talking about is more than beautiful to me. I find closed people with no interest in the world around them, other people's views or anyone that doesn't have at least an ounce of curiosity about them is wasting themselves. I'm super curious about EVERYTHING. FEED ME KNOWLEDGE.

The Little Mermaid - What would you sacrifice for love?  My sanity. Just kidding. Pffft. You shouldn't be sacrificing anything for love. It's the most beautiful, natural thing in the world. Saying that, I've sacrificed onions and Mexican food and birds for the maybe sacrifice a few things...fucker...

The Frog Prince - What do you find disgusting?  So much. So so so much. I'm grossed out easilyish. Feet being number one on the list, Arnold Schwartzhisface being a close second. Both are the most frightening and disgusting things in the world. I don't like open mouth chewers...I really could go on for hours...

Jack and the Beanstalk - What plants do you have?  Aaahhh well, see above! I've got some toms growing at the moment and they're doing amazingly well! I have some white foxgloves that haven't flowered yet but I'm holding out hope and a rose bush growing-ish. My other indoor plants, excluding weekly flowers and my aloe vera are my super duper parrot plant, which is probably the best thing I've ever grown...and my peace lily. 

Puss in Boots - Do you have pets? If not, do you want them?  I have the best rabbit in the world. Batman. I also in my heart, still have Polo, my childhood cat, even though he doesn't live with me anymore. 

Pinocchio - What is your biggest wish?  For no more heartache. Ever. And to be a gazzilionaire. Obvs. 

Peter Pan - What is your mental age?  I'm an old head on young shoulders....But also super immature. And childish. And weak like a newborn baby. So that's really impossible to answer.

The Snow Queen - Who is your best friend and what would you do for him/her?  My best friend is Harps. He's the only person in the world that knows every single little, nitty, fucking twisted part of me. I'd carry him to Jupiter on my weak little shoulders if he asked me. I'd bring him all the tea in China if I knew it'd make him smile and I'd probably even consider wiping his ass when he's old and saggy and incontinent....I'm not too sure about that last one...ask me in 60 years...

The Princess and the Pea - Are you sensitive?   I'm actually like a marshmallow of sensitivity. Yes. I cried for three days once when I saw a donkey with his head stuck in a fence trying to get to some grass on the other side...I'm welling now thinking about it. Poor donkey. 

The Brave Little Tailor - Do you consider yourself brave?  On a day to day basis? Nope. I'm a real scary cat. Which is horrid because I like to pretend in my head that I'm really ready to be a secret agent and defend the world...probs not though. In life. Yeah I can be and I have been.

Well how very revealing for a little quiz. I may have taken it all a bit seriously. Maybe I've scared you away. If so, sozages! I tag the very spectacular Sunae, who we should all cheer for because she's got onto her midwifery course! Well done Sunae, we all knew you would! Sophie, because she's my Sophie buddy and I'm sure she'll like this! And ma gurl, Stacie, because she shares my love for fairy tales and Disney and it's pretty fun! Enjoy!

Love Sophie Xx

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Creative Inspirations of the Month.: June. Marc Johns, Rachel Atulomah, Emily Soto, Katie Rodgers and Jenny Liz Rome.

Good day or night fellow flowers of the summertime! 

Here's some arty farty types that have been keeping me gawping at their work for one way or another over the last month! Still going through quite the illustration phase, and loving it. All images will take you to the source (nobody likes a thiefy!) 

Marc Johns Serious Drawings.

Because they're awesome, and funny and make me want to pick up a pencil. 

Rachel Atulomah Illustration

The first two images are from a 'Strange Dreams' series, which I just love the idea of! Her pictures are so imaginative! Does anyone keep a dream diary/journal/record? It's something I've been thinking of starting...but I'm not sure what I'd really do with it? Send my strange ones to Rachel I suppose? 

Emily Soto Fashion Photographer.

The composure of her images is just brilliant, wouldn't you agree? I follow Emily on Facebook and Instagram and just love seeing her work as I'm scrolling through.

Katie Rodgers Paper Fashion.

These were created as part of an editorial spread, but I really love the use of illustration and photography! Aren't they beautiful and dreamy and spectacularly amazing?

Jenny Liz Rome Illustrations.

Jenny's attention to detail is fascinating but I especially have loved looking at her work because the illustrations are all quite dark? I love them.

So there you go. That's what's been inspiring me this month. How about you? 

Love Sophie Xx

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Thankful Thursday.

Good Thursday happy people! I say happy people under the assumption that you're covered in glorious, never ending, cloudless sunshine like I am this evening. If you're not...sozages...

So I'm midway through the 'back to work week'...and it's not too bad..just kidding, it's fucking horrific. Oh my god, how long do mornings last?! For the last two weeks, it's been an achievement if I've finished watching Jezza, got a pastry down my gob and finished my second cup of tea by midday! It's made me realise just how much of a sleepy person I am. Seriously, sleep is just amazing isn't it? I chuffing love sleep.

I was trying to show off my ampersand tattoo in this photo, may have just realised that the photo needs to be flipped. Meh, I'm not going to change it, I'm just letting you know I've noticed.  P.s. Look how long my hair's getting! 

A spot of thankfulness...

1) Planting Success.- As you saw sometime last week, I've become rather green fingered. I find gardening really relaxing and I'm becoming super interested in plants. Since planting my bee seeds (see here)  and my super duper aloe vera houseplant I've become obsessed with monitoring the growth. I'm becoming a right little scientist...or horticulturalist...or gardener....Anyway, thanks little plants for not dying on my just yet! I'll nurse you to life!

2)  Science.- I don't mean GCSE science in any way at all. Let's just make that clear. I didn't really grasp, well any of it when I learnt it. Too busy getting high with my friends than revising I expect. Anyway, I watched a very interesting physics documentary the other day and at some point, it stuck with me when they explained that the reason we find it so hard to grasp science at school is because everything we're taught is the 'victorian science.' I.e. The basics. So much of what we know has changed since all that gubbins, that all that is obsolete really as soon as we've learnt it. Knowing this has perked up my little ears that maybe it's not too late to be an astronaut or a surgeon or a chemist? Cheers science for making yourself appealing to me again.

3)  Mindfulness- I've been practicing the art of mindfulness since I started my time off. I feel more relaxed, more focused and more in control of my thoughts.

4) The smell of sunshine.- I LOVE SUN. Even finishing work today, coming home, grabbing my book and running to the garden. All the stresses and bother just vanishes (helped by mindfulness) and all that's left is a pretty freckly Sophie.

5) Banana Loaf- Because it's delicious.

As always, a massive thanks to the bombastic (whatever happened to Shaggy?) Liona and Lisette for inspiring me to be more thankful.

Love Sophie Xx

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Weird and Wonderful News Wednesday #18 Van Gogh 'Living Ear', Homeless Spikes In London, Rik Mayall Rest in Peace, Guinea Pig Fathers 400 & Some Brilliantly Hurrying Hedgehogs.

Good Wednesday readers and browsers! I hope that you're all having a great week? Has anyone been up to anything exciting? I'm back at work now and reaching a level of normality at getting up early again. Just. Still totally obsessed with my bird dress and wearing it even just around the house at every given opportunity. Here's a little glimpse of my home. Pretty crowded right? Yeah I don't like blank space much. Fancy dress everywhere and bunting next to pirate balloons is pretty much a decent summary of me I guess? 

Lets check out some news...

"Homeless Spikes" in London. Via

Can somebody just remind me what century we live in? Am I right in thinking that in this day and age, to prevent people from sleeping in your doorway by putting spikes in the ground is pretty fucking sick? Like these people think that they have a better right to life than those who are less fortunate than them? It actually embarrasses me to live in a country where this behaviour is allowed to happen. Shame these senseless and selfish people didn't use the money to support the homeless eh? There is now an online petition to have these removed, please check it out and sign and stop this kind of barbaric behaviour in 2014, in what is deemed an advanced and civilised country. 

Vincent van Gogh 'live ear' on Display. Via

Genetic material from the Dutch artist's relatives has been used in a live cells art piece of Van Gogh's ear, shaped using a 3D printer. It's being kept alive by a nutrient solution which in theory could last for years and can be seen at an exhibit at the Centre of Arts and Media Karlsruhe until July 6th. Artist, Diemut Strebe plans to tour New York with it early next year. Have a look at the full article for an interesting read.

Rest in Peace Rik Mayall via

Such a legend. Such a loss.

Guinea Pig Fathers 400. Via

Randy (yes that's actually this saucy fellow's name) has made headlines this week for sneaking into the female enclosure in impregnating over 100 female guinea pigs before anybody noticed. He is now set to father over 400 as staff at Hatton Country Park work to extend the inclosure to accommodate exhausted Randy and his new brood. You go Randy! 

Hurrying Hedgehogs via

Seriously, I sat giggling at this page for AT least five TEN minutes. Look at their little legs! They're in such a hurry! Hahaha! 

Love Sophie Xx

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Royal Cornwall Show and Fundraising as a Giant Bear..

Aaah Royal Cornwall Show, a true Cornish event. Held in Wadebridge, this annual event lasts for three days, showcasing the majority of Cornish farming, businesses and entertainment gaoler. I've only attended once before, and it's just a huge fun time and was excited when I was invited to fundraise for the brilliant children's charity CHICKS. CHICKS provide week long respite breaks for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Supporting a range of children from a variety of backgrounds including; those living in poverty, abused or abused children,  children who have lost their parents and those that are full time carers at such a young age. CHICKS provides two retreats for children to spend a week enjoying themselves and making happy and lasting memories. When I was asked to go and help out at Royal Cornwall, I was more than happy to give it a go.

Harps and I got there early and decided to check out the bee tent before we went and found our place. 

We had a great time helping collect donations, dancing as the official CHICKS bear 'MAS'- Make A Smile, selling raffle tickets and raising awareness. Thank you to every child that high-fived us, parent that waved and even hugged someone dressed as a bear because their children wanted them to and especially all those that donated. A special shout out to the guy who gave me £3.00 to dance whilst dressed as the bear to gangnam style. Touché. 

Love Sophie Xx

Monday, 9 June 2014

Travelling Tattoos Inspiration.

Hello there fellow tattoo loving friends. I'm jumping at the assumption that you've clicked to read this out of interest for tattoos? For those that have clicked purely to wonder what the hell that photo above is of? Is it actually a ball of yarn?  I hear customers and yourselves cry? Yes it is. I tell customers (and people that I don't care to share in-depth conversation with) that it's because my Nanny was a seamstress. Load of bull, by the way. Wish it was true, but nada. It's actually the first in what I hope to be many of travelling tattoos. Harps and I want tattoo sleeves and decided our theme would be places we visit. Even if we break up, it's a reminder of great places in the world right? So I didn't want to start my sleeve before I get married and decided to get this little bugger. Now for the reveal: It's actually a ball of hemp (hence the green) because when we visited Amsterdam, I was amazed about the uses for hemp! We even saw a guitar made of of it! Harps has a bike on the back of his leg, it was his first tattoo. The ball was my sixth and is perfect with my cat shoes.

Anyway, since Rome, we've both been weighing up what to have for there. Harps wants to start his sleeve and is looking at very manly gladiators and sharp objects (it's not very interesting, hence his inspiration not being here.) I have taken many different approaches and now need your help to choose on the final piece. All of the below are from my Pinterest page, just click on the link and all are inspired by Rome. I'll explain as we go...

1)Da Vinci, surely the most amazing man to come from Italy? Virtuvian Man/ The Flower of Life.
2) I like the idea of a compass but the arrow pointing to the word Rome. Symbolising the phrase 'All roads lead to Rome.'
3) Roman numerals. A little bit overdone? But pretty spot on to represent Rome?

4) The Roman Labyrinth. I love this design but I think I prefer 7? I'm worried this will either look too splurgy or too structured? If that makes sense?
5) and 6) The Acanthus Leaf.  Used in Roman architecture EVERYWHERE, this is a pretty idea that is subtle too? I like the use of it WITH the compass? The only thing, is that my other tattoos include a hummingbird and a rose and I'm a little worried that this turns it almost into a scene from Ground Force? 

Help a brudda out?
Love Sophie Xx

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Before I Go Back to Work...

A list of thanks.

  • Thanks Batman for definitely NOT caring for the cherries I saved for you.
  • Thanks also for trying to help me do the gardening.
  • Thanks Jeremy Kyle for making me belly laugh and cringe in horror at the same time.
  • Thanks sunshine for trying to make an appearance one day out of fourteen. Not.
  • Thanks Harps for being official tea-bearer for the majority of our time off.
  • Thanks Friends of the Earth for sending me some super bee saving seeds. Just text 'flower' to 70060 to find out all about helping the bees too with some free seeds! Even if you live in a flat with a balcony (here's looking at you Liona) you can help!
  • Thanks Lidl for feeding me with pastries literally every other day and contributing to my new thunder thighs.
  • Thanks for my fancy new birdy dress.

  • Thanks cows for keeping me all stocked up on milk for my copious amounts of tea consumed.
  • Thanks Amazon for next day delivery so I can catch up on Game of Thrones before I go back to work.
  • Thanks to Santander for matching the fundraising me and my little bucket did on Saturday.
  • Thanks CHICKS for looking after me. (I'll tell you all about this soon!)
  • Thanks Budweiser for not giving me a hangover. Wine, I do not thank you.
  • Thanks Harps for dressing up like a giant bear and being an all round good sport.
  • Thanks baby wipes for helping save me after being a giant bear.
  • Thanks WI for giving me some super honey based recipes! Watch out for these!
  • Thanks to everyone that ensured I had plenty of laughs on Friday night.
  • Thanks mummy for the many conversations over "what to have for dinner."
  • Thanks Cornwall for being a bleddy lovely place to live.

Love Sophie Xx