Thursday, 27 March 2014

Thankful Thursday! *With Batman*

Good Afternoon wonderful blogging and non blogging friends! Welcome to another week of feeling thankful and grateful for all the good in our lives! This week I've been feeling rather chirpy! Probably something to do with the amount of cake I've been eating...and prancing around in my tulle netted skirt on my days off with bunches of tulips. Anyway, I'd love to know what you're all thankful for this week, and in general how you all are?!  

And I'm feeling thankful to...

1) Batman- For always making me chuckle. This week I gave him blueberries for the first time (not many, they're crazy full of sugar) and he LOVED them.(And he loved the Cath Kidston plate they were served on.) He was throwing them all around the room, munching away and then zooming around the house in a sugar induced slur. He didn't like the raspberries though...maybe the furry-ness of them? Maybe they were too sharp for him, either way, it was funny to see him shake his head at them as if to say "Remove these from my vicinity woman."

2) Baking Success!- It really REALLY bothers me that my other lesser half (Harps) is such a better baker than I am. He can't cook to save his life, so I guess it shouldn't bother me....but it does. What about when we have children and they have a birthday and they'll be all like..."Eugh, Mum,don't shove that mess in my face, I want Dad to bake it." It is NOT acceptable. His baking success makes me not want to fail partake. However, on Sunday I decided to try and bake a banana loaf, with no butter and plenty of fruit, so that I could pretend to myself that it's healthy cake and I can eat a slice with every cup of tea...that's acceptable, right? Gotta say...I'm pretty pretty pretty happy with the results...But then Harps made chocolate chip pancakes aswell. Double win!

3) Pretending that my teddies are actually best friends.- Because they are. Durr. Yesterday I found that moomin had slipped down by the radiator and cat was looking sad...I put them back together. Panic over. I think Toystory may have had more of an impact on me than I realise.

4) My Mummy.- For still doing my washing since our washing machine broke. Thanks Mummy!

As always I thank thee Liona and Listette for inspiring me to be more thankful. Be sure to read their posts aswell. Last week they were both awesome by the way. Have a great rest of the week! 
Sophie and Batman Xx

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Weird and Wonderful New Wednesday#9 Flight MH370, Lazy Oaf Lasagne For One, Amazing Facts To Make You Happy & Magic Tricks On Dogs.

Good day to you all! Today I am loving my Gruffulo mug that Liona got me for my birthday. Isn't it cute?! Plus it's pretty small (probably because it's for children) which makes it all the more perfect for a little late afternoon cup of tea. Unlike Liona, I have a cut off time for tea. Gotta stay healthy guys!

Now for the news!

Flight MH370 The Truth? Via the

The world has been gripped since the 8th March 2014 when news flooded onto the news channels, radio stations and Twitter feed. How could a plane go missing in 2014?! Was my immediate question, as I'm sure it was most probably yours. Sadly it seems to me that still this is the main question that goes unanswered. How can we have such advanced aircrafts and technology and yet not hold the tracking equipment, better black box systems or radar technology to be able to keep our world safe?! How is it possible to 'turn off' communications? Why is that button there?! Why should there even be the option to stop communications and tracking signals? Who designed that?! And then EIGHTEEN DAYS later, why (if the reports are correct that the plane has landed in the Indian ocean) did families of the passengers on board receive the news by text message?! TEXT MESSAGE? There were 239 people on board. I'm sorry but that's not many families to have to tell. Have the decency to do it in person. My heart, of course goes out to the families that have been affected by this disaster, and I hope to god that they get some answers soon.

Dogs Baffled By Magic Trick. Via

This dog video really made me chuckle. They look so confused! I wish I could do magic. That's how I'd pick up the fellas (sozages Harps) Haha! The music that goes along with this has me bobbing along too!

Here's some of my favourites incase you decide not to click on the link and enjoy!

4) Cows have best friends and they tend to spend most of their time together.
6) Otters have a special pocket for carrying their favourite rock.
13) The official Space Jam website has not changed since 1996. (I looked at this. It's brilliant!)
21) A group of pugs is called a grumble.
31) When you shave a guinea pig it looks like a mini hippo. 
34) Someone, somewhere is having the best day of their life.
52) There is no angry way to say "bubbles".

So THIS is happening. I fucking love Garfield. As much as I love my bunny, I wasn't enough of a fan to purchase anything from their Batman collection...but I was pretty tempted by the Looney Tunes collection..Garfield however, takes it to a whole new level. GO LAZY OAF!!

Please leave any comments below, I love reading them! 
Love Sophie Xx

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The Wedding Planning Series #1 Venue.

Ok, so as you all know (and if you don't, you should) the Harpermeister and I got engaged in November. It's been five grueling years of doing his ironing, (I kid, don't leave me Harps!) picking peppers and onions out of his food and being chased around the house like a child. But anyway, what can I say, the man completes me. (He'll be happy to know I called him a man if he ever reads this). So has the exciting time of wedding planning begun and I'm not gonna lie. I'm gonna need a bit of help! So far, my savings calculate that we won't be getting married until around 2018...but you can never be too prepared! Plus, it's fun isn't it! So far all we really know is that Harps is happy to turn up and sign on the dotted line, as long as he can choose his own "cool" shoes. Job done. Easy peasy. I've got a few other ideas but for today let's just stick to location. As you all know, I live in Cornwall and I think one of the best parts about living down here is that I can DEFINITELY have an outdoor wedding.
1) I want all of it to be outdoors. All day.
2) And in the same place. I don't want people to have to move around. 
3) Lots of lawn games.
4) A picnic for everyone.
5) A band- Maybe jazz music, maybe ska, maybe reggae, maybe steel drums? I'm finding this a very hard decision?! 
6) Lots of booze....and tea...and cherryade and slushpuppies.
7) And maybe a petting zoo of some description.

 Not much to ask, right?

So, to the venue. I think I've narrowed it down to four potentials..Exciting stuff I know. I haven't visited any of these places yet, but I'm planning to over the next few months!

1) Lantallack.

I am a massive sucker for a swing. You can make these sorts of decisions over whether there's a swing or not can't you? Also it has beautiful wild flowers, picnic benches (I'm currently just planning on popping everyone on the floor on blankets?!) Big green space for plenty of funsies, a lovely lake nearby and gorgeous barns in the background. There's not much not to love! I want our wedding to be rural, fun, and a whole day event that people can just relax, party and go to bed that night with a smile on their faces. I don't want much fanciness (though there'll be the obligatory Sophie fanciness) and this place seems perfect for all of that.

2) Rosteague.

Rosteague HAS A MAZE! An actual hedge maze! And doesn't it look so fun! They also have a separate croquet lawn especially for lawn games, and once again tick all my boxes for the perfect outside location! There's also this beautiful little thatched roof summer house that I have fallen slightly in love with. It'd be quite romantic to get married in the maze I think? There's pictures on their website of it and I like the angles that it makes the chairs? Is that weird?

3) Lamorran House Gardens

Lamorran House Gardens looks beautiful and I absolutely ADORE "The Cupola" that is almost hidden amoungst the trees. Isn't it just perfect? The iron work makes a lovely detail and though I'm not that bothered about being close to the sea (I don't care for the generic-'I live in Cornwall and therefore need photos on the beach feel') However, the sea just sneaking in the back there is breathtaking. How lovely would the photos look of us getting married here?! The only problem is that this area can only hold 25 people for the actual ceremony...And I'm thinking closer to 50?...Hmmmmm...

4) The Green Cornwall

I really like The Green Cornwall because it definitely has that wholesome feel I'm looking for? I like the simplicity of the lawn and the trees, and that little archway is pretty cute isn't it? I can imagine just everyone spending all day and all evening in the same place. Using chairs from the ceremony when they're cursing me for making them sit on the floor to have a picnic? (It also has a lake and wild flowers everywhere)

So there's my nominations. Please help!

Love Sophie Xx

Thursday, 20 March 2014

It's *Drumroll* Thankful Thursday! And The Story of My Concussion...

Good early evening, late morning, afternoon, early morning, day and good night. I hope that you're all feeling snazzy this week wherever you are! I've had a bit of a meh week. Mainly due to the main story of this concussion..which is still a bit apparent, so please excuse this gabble of a post.

 Let's start with the crappy. 

So if we're friends on Facebook or Twitter (I hope we are @SophieHasNoName) you'll have seen my moans since Monday all about my concussion...Well here we go, in full..what happened was...I was leaving work and had to pop to mother's because our washing machine broke and she's been doing my washing like a little angel, when a "bargain-store" 12ft lorry was coming along the main street of the town centre (It's not a road), so I stopped like a good pedestrian to wait for it to pass me. As I was calling my mum, to let her know I was on my way, I wasn't really looking at the lorry as it drove past me, when all of a sudden I heard a loud sound above me and as I looked up, a 7ft branch fell from the top of the lorry onto me! And as I squawked and fell, floundering to the floor, people came running out from shops, flats, etc and checked I was ok....THE LORRY DIDN'T STOP THOUGH! Asshole. So long story short, I went to the hospital with concussion and now I'm lumpy and sore and angry...AND NOT THANKFUL TO THE LORRY DRIVER!

And now for the thankful...

1) I am LOVING these make-up less selfies circulating at the moment! How brilliant is it that in just 24 hours, over  £1million has been raised?! I think that anything that helps beat cancer is great. I of course have joined in (though I tend to not wear makeup more days than I do anyway) and you can see my #nomakeupselfie here. I'm copping a feel of my boobs at the same time in this photo, just in case you're wondering about the pervert face? Also I have donated, twice (once for Harps) AND decided to nominate people a bit differently...I nominated 15 men to take a "make-up selfie"...and of course to donate. And though it was about an hour ago, they're flooding in! So if you think that your man would look good in a bit of lippy, or if you're like me and just think it'll be funny, get tagging! 

2) Nights out with my boy. Ok so I can be honest knowing that he doesn't care for reading this. But I really didn't want to go out at the weekend. It was dinner and bowling and drinking with his work friends (and some of them are my friends too!) And though we all know my love for food...well eating.. (that's what convinced me to go) I can't bowl because of my knees and I'm not much of a drinker, I sort of, regrettably, dragged my feet about going. But I did and I'm so glad because I had a lovely (if rather tipsy) evening. Which ended up at 3am singing Vengaboys songs as loud as we could. (DID I TELL YOU I'M GOING TO SEE THEM BY THE WAY?!)...I'm dragging Liona whether she's excited or not....I did get a slug in my hair from wearing a traffic cone like a crown on the walk home, and proceeded to scream pretty pretty damn loudly when I discovered it...*shudders*, Still sounds like a good night ey?

3) Ordering a Macbook. I'm so excited about it arriving!

4) Not dying from freak accident branches falling.....and not punching ignorant lorry drivers.

So that's my week so far, lets hear what you all have been up to! I'm sorry I missed my WWNW post yesterday..I was too concussed. And I'm sorry I've missed you all on posts/chats/comments this week....Blame the lorry and the
As always, I'm super thankful to Leona for being a sexy beast, Lisette for being just fricking awesome AND Tanya for her sexy photography.
Love Sophie Xx

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Thankful Thursday.

Once again it's that time of the week to think and give thanks to the good bits of life. As you all know from yesterday's post, I've been up to lots over the last few days, so it was almost impossible to categorize my happiness this week. Still, after my first day back at work since my mini vay-cay (I've never ever ever used that word...I feel fetch..Never used that word either?!) it's even more important to reflect on the things that make me happy! And without further adieu; 


  1. Feeling revitalised!- This is how I've decided to categorize my few days off. Mainly because it feels good to remind yourself that you're not a boring 9-5 worker who's always tired and slightly grumpy after a long week. But actually I am still me under that slog of a person. And I still quite like me. And I think everyone else likes me when I don't become a slogmonster. So my new resolution (since me lent may have secretly and actually accidently failed with Leona) is to banish...YES BANISH my slogmonster-Sophie side.
  2. My health.- This is the slightly down-side of this week. Strangely in the last forty-eight hours, three completely unrelated friends (they don't even know eachother!) have been given some pretty heart wrenching news about close family. And it fucking sucks. I am thankful for my health and my family's health and thinking of all of my dear friends in their hard times.
  3. Kinder Egg- Because I love the chocolate AND you get a prize. I say that like I had one...I had three...however, two of the prizes were fuzzy animal things and I cross my heart that THIS is how the picture implied that they should look? Have kinder egg gone x-rated without me knowing? Are there small children getting fuzzy animals with positions from karma sutra? Either way, it was brilliantly funny.
  4. Batman yawning.- Yes I mean my rabbit. And it's because he's so entirely the blackest of all black rabbits out there for 98% of the time. And whenever he yawns there's this bright pink and white-and he looks like a lion. A black rabbit shaped lion. It's not a yawn. It's a roar. Haha! Enjoy!
As always the biggest of thanks goes to my beautiful friend Liona, and the total babe, Lisette for inspiring me to be much more thankful! And of course, to you for reading!
Love Sophie and Batman Xx

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Weird and Wonderful News Wednesday#8 All About What I've Been Up To On My Time Off! Vintage Wedding Fayres, Animal Antics and Cake...of Course.

Good evening/day readers near and far! SPRING IS HERE! HUZZAH! This week I want to do things a little differently. Mainly because I'm just coming to the close of my FOUR days off! Which will feature heavily on Thankful Thursday, I'm sure. And so sue me, I want to brag all about what I've been up to in the last few days. So snuggle down, grab some malteaser bunnies (I'm having a cheeky couple as I type) and have a catch up with me!

So then, Sunday was my first day off. As was it the only day I had off with Harps during my cheeky holiday. However, like the full on, proper grown-ups that we are begrudgingly becoming, we decided to skip 'Sunday Brunch' (my absolute fave way to spend a Sunday in bed.) He decided to go and try the new bike trails at Lanhydrock House (he loved it but almost deflated when we got home!) Whilst I went to The Alverton in Truro to attend a wonderful vintage wedding fayre! I went with mummy. It was the first actual wedding thinking/planning/browsing/panicking/frolicking that I've actually
done, and it was lovely to go with my mummy. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! I had so so many ideas by the end of it, and we went straight home (for a cup of tea of course) and I've narrowed my locations down to five! How exciting is that!? And I'm definitely having an ice-cream man. Fact. I saw these beautiful tea-cups for hire and some snazzy cars. Though to be honest, when I got home I realised that I really don't care how I arrive (I'm kinda scared of cars, I don't drive.) Whereas Harps would LOVE a fancy car to drive him around. So we agreed that he'd have that! :-). The wonderful Benny's Organic Ice-Cream definitely are a company I'll be booking. They have this awesome tandem bike! (Harps is a bike mechanic) *grins at how thoughtful I am* *eats another malteaser bunny as reward* Mummy cooed over some handmade rings and I cooed over some beautiful necklaces. I also saw cake lollipops!? How cool are they?! After a lovely day out, Harps and I went for a buffet at his Grandparents and I ate too much to move. (Hey, it's fine, I don't need to fit in my work clothes for a few days!)

On Monday I went for a wonderful brunch with my dear friend Tracey (her blog/photography is awesome-check it out!) and her little girls. We had cake and hot chocolate at Charlie's Boathouse in Charlestown. (well I had massive fudge cake. She had a very sensible teacake). I spent some times blowing bubbles with her eldest (I tried to get her to aim them at an old woman, but she preferred my face.)

On Tuesday I recovered from all the cake on Sunday and Monday.

And then Today! Well today I had just the most splendid time! I call mine and Liona's time together as 'Animal Antics' mainly because for a number of years, we have referred to eachother as 'Shark' and 'Lion'. We are strong women. Strong animals. *shakes head.* I've been watching too much Game Of Thrones. We live about an hour apart, and both working full time it's hard being adults and still seeing eachother. So we usually manage like every four months or so. Really bad I know. We talk every few days though. This was the first time we'd met up since Christmas and our birthdays (We planned to a while back but the dreaded storms kept us apart.)....Why do I feel like this whole paragraph keeps having G.O.T innuendos? 
I went to Plymouth for lunchtime. (We decided her's because of better food choices.)...I think I might be a secret eater?!....On the train there was a man that stood there for the ENTIRE time. And it's like he's morphed/styled/adapted himself to look like Robin Thicke?! It was so strange! Then after a big hello to Rex, If you know Leona, you know all about Rex (He's a MASSIVE cutie-pie).We went to Pizza Hut! Buffet time! And after scoffing lots and lots and lots and lots, we sort of belly rolled back home. We opened our presents and she knows me so well! I got a pretty scarf, a cute squirrel notepad on fancy paper, a cat in the hat 'cat' teddy (he is now sitting with the moomin one she's bought me and the tiger who came to tea one!) ((that's why I'm called Sophie by the way!)) A gruffulo mug and an adorable robot necklace made by the beautiful Sophie at She also got me, and none of the photos I took could do it any justice  a moomin candle holder with a rotating silver mobile above it AND a precious moomin book 'MoominTroll'. I read it at the train station and all the way home! We walked Rex and met some friendly doggies in the park and then alas it was time to go! I wanted to pop to Primark before they closed (I got Harps a little gift because he's working until 4am tonight!) and bimbled home. 

And that concludes my lovely days off! Weren't they lovely!? I am off to carry on reading 'MoominTroll' and gobbl...oh wait, there are no more bunnies.....Better hope my clothes have stretched for the morning!
Goodnight to you all (And goodnight Harps!)
Love Sophie Xx

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Thankful Thursday and Weird and Wonderful News Wednesday #7 All Rolled Into One-One Man Activists, Rise of the Robots and CAT BURGERS!?!

Good evening, good morning and good day to you wherever you may be! I've been making blogger friends abroad, and it makes me realise that you could be very well fast asleep whilst I'm posting this! I've got looaaaddss to catch up on this week, and starting with WWNW (a day late, I know. I've lost my voice again and last night all I wanted to do was lie on the sofa and moan! Haha!) We'd better crack on really! And sitting in my woolly jumper AND woolly cardigan-I really don't think you want to see my face. Haha! Such snuggly clothing reminds me of chuckling to myself at Michelle's post on 'Don't Grow Up It's A Trap' (She's awesome by the way, have a read!)

Anywhooty....This week there have been a couple of news stories that really caught my eye. The last is more just..well, amazing. Enjoy!

Are The Robots About To Rise? Via

Well basically, the answer is yes. Yes they are. And quicker than I think I was expecting. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not your technical kinda gal..(Liona had to create this blog and holds the password for when I need things changing!) And there's no way I'm trusting Siri as far as I can throw her. But this article really excited me! It's all about Google's new director of engineering and his futuristic predictions, but also incredible accuracy and skill. Did you know that over the last few years, Google has been a busy little bee buying out all the robotic companies it can find? If anyone will do it, it'll be Google...Or Mr Dyson? He's pretty swish...Or o'l Branson maybe? Does the thought of robots excite you? Or are you petrified like me that they'll take your job and your appliances will act out against you like the Simpsons episode?! 

This Man Planted An ENTIRE Forest By Hand! Via

This is the sort of story that you don't even think you'd hear! Isn't this just wonderful! Over 1360 acres have been grown by one man trying to change the world. Jadav Payeng, you are my hero for the week, and I'm also very thankful to you.

I did tell you that the last one wasn't news....LOOK AT THIS BURGER FOR CATS! I WANT A CAT AND A CAT BURGER!

On that very chirpy note, I am also as, ever thankful this Thursday! Infact, I've just this evening become even more thankful...but I can't talk about that yet, it's a secret Shhhhhh!...But maybe next week.

And the thanks goes to *drum roll* (Yes, I loved the Oscars)

  • Best Friends Catch Up- Since reaching that horrible time in your life, referred to as..dun dun dunnnn "Adulthood", it becomes harder to maintain friendships. But the best are the ones that no matter how hard it is to see each other, when you finally do, it's like you've never been apart. I love that feeling. Especially with best friends. Especially these beauties!
  • Pancakes- Always gotta be thankful for foods. Haha! Oh and I've given up fizzy drinks for lent, resulting in the realisation that I am definitely a sugar addict.- Day two and only 38 to go! Then it's Get.In.My.Body Dr.Pepper!
  • Olbas Oil and Potters Cough Sweets- For saving my life.
  • Liona (Otherwise known as Oh Leona!)- For being the more sarcastic, and more excitable version of me. She's a fucking babe and a half!

I'm  already thankful for Liona, but as always I am also thankful to the lovely Lisette!
 Have a great week everyone!
Love Sophie Xx