Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Weird and Wonderful News Wednesday #14 Bob Hoskins RIP, Pigeon Freaking Photoshopped Girl, Amazing Lunchbox Art & Happy 10 Years Mean Girls!

Happy Wednesday midweek lovers! On Wednesdays we wear pink. I'm looking a little concerned here because I considered proving my pink attire by showing you my panties, but that's not fetch so I totally wouldn't do that. 

Incase you haven't realised, I FUCKING LOVE MEAN GIRLS. 


Let us start with the news with a homage to Mean Girls.

If Winnie The Pooh were Regina George. Via

It would be amazing.

Amazing Lunchbox Art Via

Grace makes the most AMAZING themed lunches for her children. I need her to make my lunch every day. Forever. Seriously, go and look at her blog, it's so inspiring! She's got this never ending creativity that I just aspire to have one day. Here are just a handful of my faves. Show me yours! 

We're Going on a Bear Hunt theme.

Easter themed!

Train themed!

Science themed. Serious lunchbox envy.

This Girl Got Freaked Out by a Pigeon and photoshop went CRAZY! Via


Rest In Peace Bob Hoskins. Via

The legendary Bob Hoskins has passed away at the age of 71. The extraordinarily talented British actor was well known in some of the best classics;  Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Long Good Friday and Super Mario Bros to name a few. The world has lost an immeasurable British Film Icon. 

Love Sophie Xx

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Batman Diaries #1

A day in the life of Batman is pretty pretty hard to beat. He loves routine, and though he isn't the cuddliest of pets, I'm here to convince you that a Netherland dwarf rabbit could be perfect for you! *Please excuse the morning photos and my face in them*. 

Batman is a house rabbit. During the day he roams free, usually hanging out pretty close to wherever we are at the time. If one of us is home alone, he tends to be more cuddly, but you can usually either find him staring at himself in the mirror, sitting on his hammock or sleeping in the sunshine. Like me he feels the cold and during the winter he's most likely under the radiator or on the sofa. Usually he'll come upstairs and have some greens whilst I have a cup of tea and watch Jeremy Kyle, then he'll go and find a spot for a snooze. Don't let this fool you though, Netherland dwarf rabbits are CRAZY! He runs faster than most medium sized dogs and he loves a bit of a drift around corners and hurdling obstacles. Having lots of time to run is important for his legs and he takes full frolic advantage when he can *I may or may not currently be building bunny hurdles*. Check out how malty he gets! He had a good ol comb after this was taken! 

He's pretty sneaky too. He likes to challenge himself to get to new places. See Harp's bedside table above. He spends a lot of time balancing on the back of the sofas, he's climbed up the stereo before and tried to jump into the bath once as well.  When we're downstairs we keep him with us using a makeshift door (applaud Harps for the sewing, not me) and he's pretty keen to get upstairs all the time so he jumps up on two legs. Isn't he a cutie?! And though his hutch is pimpin, he has so much fun that we have to herd him home on a nightly basis. 

It's taken about a year and a bit for Batman to become affectionate, he ain't giving that love to just nobody! But now he comes and sits on my lap for strokes, runs up to us when the other one gets home from work, kisses me on the nose (if you haven't had a bunny kiss then you haven't felt absolute joy!) and even licks my face sometimes. (Probably pretty gross, but if you think it's gross and not adorable then I'm sorry but we can't be friends). Overall, I adore my crazy, fussy and sneaky bunny rabbit. He's become a best friend. 

Love Sophie and Batman Xx

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Thankful Thursday!

Good Thursday to you all! I hope that you're all having a glorious week?! I've gotta say, mine is quite the mixed bag. You see,  I was peacefully enjoying my mini easter break until Tuesday and since going back to work on Wednesday I'm starting to wish I'd run away with the easter bunny to the land of easter until next year. But hey ho, there we go. 
Oh and I'm feeling much better today, last night did result in curling into a ball like a fragile possum and having a cry about how much my tummy hurt. Proper adult right here.

A few things to be thankful for. 

1) My organisation station.- That's right! The vitals were all there on macbook delivery day. I bought this notebook from TkMaxx as a birthday present for my bestest Stacie. Foolishly I left it on the spare bed which has increasingly become Batman's day-bed and I came back the next day to find suspicious little gnaw marks all over it. So sozages Stacie, looks like that one's staying here. I love Jane Austen and it says "There's no charm equal to tenderness of heart."...I'm also reading Angela's Ashes which is the book beneath my snazzy notepad, but I'll do a book review when I finish. Hooray for tea and jelly babies though!

2) Cornish being recognised as a minority.- Isn't this great news!? I'm not Cornish myself, but Harps is (not that he has an ounce of heritage in him) and my Facebook newsfeed has been flooded with this today. So many of my friends are over the moon about it.  Congratulations Kernow folk!

3) Not feeling lonely.- I'm a funny old fish (shark) and sometimes, for mostly no reason at all, I find myself feeling incredibly alone. I think it usually happens at Grandpa important dates. Since writing this, making bloggy friends (I hope) and making more effort with the real-live ones that I have, I haven't felt like that. Also, so many open and honest posts from other bloggers make me feel sane and  grateful and not as crazy as life sometimes feels. Lisette I'm looking at you. Thank you.

4) Trust.- Some friends confided in me at the end of last week, about very different matters. I'm thankful that those people feel that they can trust me.  I've got a good ol set of ears! 

5) Speaking in funny voices.- It's so rare that Harps and I will actually use our regular voices when we talk to each other. It makes me laugh. Does anyone else do this?!

As always thank you to the ever fabulous Lisette for inspiring me to be more thankful. And to the very bodacious Liona for the same. (Also does anyone else say "Oh Leona" like "My Sharona"??)...

Love Sophie Xx

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Weird and Wonderful News Wednesday #13 MY MAC AIRBOOK HAS ARRIVED! Reasons You Shouldn't Take Holiday From Work, Letters From a Brave Soldier, Happy 450th Birthday William Shakespeare! And Rosie Got Engaged!

Good Day wondrous world! I must confess, I had a much more easter themed weekend planned for you all! Alas, I had too much fun not being at work that I neglected you all in favour of eating too much chocolate and taking afternoon naps- ya know, the usual. I cross my heart and hope to die promise that this weekend you will all enjoy the most spectacular of Batman posts. He had a great easter too! He's looking forward to a take-over! 
Second confession. I intended to make his post all over this evenings' but then two things happened.

1) My Macbook arrived! Huzzah! This is brilliant news for all of us because my poor lappetytop was almost eight years old, had been reset to factory settings more times than I've had hot dinners, and blue screen crashed on a daily basis. I feel so fancy...But I'm still getting used to using it! And using a keyboard that i haven't got to fist pump the keys to type! Bare with me.

2) I've been a sick puss this evening.  I'm not sure why, combo of a long, tiring first day back at work and not eating/drinking enough/ eastereggcomedown. Who knows. I feel crappy. 

So let us sum up a spot of news and I'll catch you all in the morrow. When I feel a bit more human....until then, you can fantasise about me kissing me above. You're welcome.

Happy Birthday Bill! 450 TODAY! 

I am a massive fan of William Shakespeare. My mum has this massive book with everything he wrote     (well as much as was known when it was published) and I used to love spending hours looking through it. My darling Grandpa used to encourage his work as well. He once spent three hours discussing/ explaining Hamlet to me when I was about seven! 

Letters From A Soldier To His Mother. Via the

Cyrus Thatcher was one of the youngest victims fighting for this country in the war. At 19 years old, he served for over two years before he was sadly killed. Read his letters, feel his love and honour his memory. As you all know, I'm not a supporter of war, in any way. In my opinion, troops should have come home a long time ago, preferably not at all. What can I say, I'm a lover, not a fighter. That standing aside, it's hard to imagine, writing a letter to your family at 19 years old, incase you die. Sad stuff.

All of these are brilliant. Except 5 and 6. I HATE Nicholas Cage. WITH. A. PASSION. I dare you to challenge that.  Seriously, they're hilarious. Click.


Everyone knows the wonderful Rosie from the brilliant and massively inspirational blog Cider with Rosie. She posted the most beautiful post all about her awesome engagement! Congratulations Rosie! I can't wait to read all about your wedding planning! P.s her photos of Teddy the dog are adorable! 

Here's a photo that I took the exact moment I realised that fishes were moving on my screen and I could pretend that I was underwater! YES.

Love Sophie Xx

Friday, 18 April 2014

Easter Eggstravaganza!

Happy Good Friday Easter bunnies and easter chicks! What beautiful weather I have had on my lovely bank holiday! And we all know how much I love a bank holiday! It's like I get it off specifically because I work in a bank! That's right, yeah? So I'm sorry I missed Thankful Thursday yesterday, I was out with work buddies having a drinking dinner evening. I got home not too late but rather merry and full of delight. Causing Harps to stay awake much longer than I think he's intended. Resulting in him asking me; "Do you have any idea how loudly you're talking?!"...Oops. So this morning as he trudged off to work (he doesn't have such bank holiday privileges) I decided that this afternoon I would hold him an EGGSTRAVAGANZA hunt! Well I couldn't find too many eggs, so it was more of an easter delight hunt. I also decided that this is Batman's prime time for photos so brace yourselves for a BATSTRAVAGANZA WEEKEND! 

On my day off I took my mummy's spaniels for a walk with her in the sunshine! Dylan is the eldest and we had him since a puppy. He's getting a bit old and grey now, so he just seems to plod along calmly. Tink was taken in by my parents about a year ago. Her best friend contacted her and told her about this dog near where he lived that was being treated badly and had been rescued. But she had such a lovely temperament and he thought my parents would be able to give her a perfect new home. So they've added her to the family. She's batty as anything. She's loving the spring time, chasing butterflies on her walks. We had a great time!

This Official Tea Chart is just awesome. I think that this should be on every wall...everywhere. I hate it when people make a bad cup of tea. I'm a Nigerian Sunset kinda girl. How about you? 

And here's the eggstravaganza! I've decorated Batman's hang out spots with easter bunting and included it in Harp's hunt! He gave him a bit of a helping hand! It was pretty damn fun. I'm pretty damn awesome.

Stay tuned over the weekend for Batman's very own special easter diary!
Love Sophie Xx

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Weird and Wonderful News Wednesday #12 AAAHHHH I Cut My Hair! Nirvana Plays As Original Line Up, A Baby Geep Is Born! A 13yr Old Mongolian Huntress & Easter Rabbit Celebrations In Prague!

Good Wednesday people of the world! This week it really has felt like happiness is in the air hasn't it?! It's all that sunshine going to my head! On my day off I put on a flouncy vintage dress that I got from a charity shop years ago (it's a bit big round the o'l boobies so I have to hoist it up with a belt!) I'm looking forward to Easter weekend! I've got three whole days off and I'm looking forward to some lovely family time at Mother's Easter Roast (it's quite the event) and a spot of time with Harps. What are all of your Easter plans?! I'd love to know!

Now for some news! As always the links are on the headings, unless they're clips I found on Youtube after reading newspapers! Enjoy! 

Nirvana plays to 200 people as original line up.

So isn't this awesome! Minus Cobain, the original line up of Nirvana played for a crowd of 200 people. Doesn't Dave Grohl look so happy! Yes! 

HELLO THERE LITTLE GEEP! That's Right, A goat-sheep! Via

YEAAAAHHH GEEP! This little sheep-goat or goat-sheep was born after some saucy affairs! The farmer's reaction is priceless! 

Ashoi Pan was the beautiful young lady, a rare sight as a female huntress, captured by the brilliant photographer Asher Svidensky whilst travelling in Mongolia. The power of the eagle is dominant in all the photos, but Ashoi looks so free, they're really all pretty spectacular. My hero of the week definitely goes to Ashoi Pan for inspiring a new generation in Mongolia.

Easter Celebrations Rabbit Obstacle Course In Prague! Via

YES YES YES YES! I'm not gonna lie, I had every intention of trying to stage a version for this for Batman for all of your Easter delight. I'm not gonna lie. He's pretty hard to convince. I shall persevere in hopeful time for Easter weekend! 

And here's my scary new hair cut. Not look like much you may think. To be honest I thought so first...kind of. I really should learn not to cut my hair whilst dancing around in the bathroom. Remember like Sabrina the Teenage Witch (Jenny) tells us: Hair grows. 

Love Sophie Xx

Friday, 11 April 2014

Life Lessons That I Learnt From Disney.

So recently, I had the rare opportunity to catch up with my best friend Stacie. What with me working full time and her in her final year of her fashion degree (check out her awesome work!) days together are usually cheap AND involving cake, tea and Disney. So I prepared the teapot (made special effort) and got the goodies (jam swiss roll and cookies) and we settled down to watch Tangled (she was shocked that I've never seen it) and Frozen (neither of us had seen it.) I've gotta say, I can't give any sort of review of Tangled because the only part I saw was her magical glowing hair (which is amazing)...Other than that, we browsed wedding goodies. Frozen on the other hand was BRILLIANT. We laughed, we almost cried. It was magical. Which got me thinking; Disney taught me so much! So here is an ongoing list of influences and things I've learnt from my years as a Disney fiend.

P.s. You're welcome for the photos. I make an awesome Bambi! Cheers FaceInHole!

1) Bambi put me off the idea of ever eating venison. Ever. Even though the decision was made when I was five.
2) Reading is cool. Belle says so.-Maybe not in those words.
3) My singing will NOT bring birds flocking around me.
4) The same goes for cute woodland creatures.
5) Infact, the only time I think my singing may have attracted an animal was when a snarling badger chased me.
6) Ohana means family.

7) And family means that nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten. I literally knew that by should you.
8) If you cut your hair and wear a suit of armour...idiots will think you're a man.
9) Toys are alive. FACT.
10) A girl will sell out her home town for a set of legs. (I am NOT a fan of Ariel's. Flounder however is awesome.)
11) A spoonful of sugar will always help medicine go down.
12) Always buy fitting shoes. No ala-Cinderella for me.
13) Don't lie, you'll get a massive nose.
14) Not to bother trying to pull any swords from any stones. I WON'T be able to. And it WILL be embarrassing trying.
15) That I don't like circus animals. The scene on the train in Dumbo still makes me cry...Like I cried last month at it.
16) Same goes for Oliver & Company. Cats should NOT BE SOLD IN CARDBOARD BOXES. This makes me well still thinking about it.
17) Alice In Wonderland taught me what getting high looked like.
18) That spaghetti and meatballs is the food of love.
19) If you can grab a prince, happy days. If not, show your woman power!
20) That everybody wants to be a cat.
21) That people are fancy in Paris.
22) Even mice can spy on you- a'la Basil Ze Great Mouse Detective. Big Brother is watching.
23) It's whats inside that counts. But a general rule when watching Disney is that the good guys will still be the best looking, and the bad guys will have warts and be ugly.
24) Not all rugs are magic carpets.
25) Tarzan is was hot.
26) As is was John Smith from Pocahontas.
27) Hiding in a big cathedral won't get you anywhere.
28) Saying that, neither will making a mess of yourself all over the town....nor will talking to gargoyles.
29) Film sequels will be a life disappointment. (Excluding Toy Story)
30) Every part of enthusiasm/knowledge about ancient Greece is thanks to Hercules.
31) Which is why I know nothing about ancient Rome. Missed a trick in my learning there Disney! *Shakes fist*
32) Monsters in the cupboards are real. But they are probably just as scared of you as you are of them.
33) You'll probably meet the "prince charming" type...he'll probably be slimeball.
34) What a clown fish looks like.
35) There will usually be a happy ending....depending on when you count to be the ending.

The list goes on and on.
No doubt I'll be adding to this sometime.
No doubt I'll think of 20 more things as soon as I post this.
Share with me the life lessons that Disney's taught you!
Love Sophie Xx

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Thankful Thursday...One That Means Something.

This week it's made me a little teary writing this post that I've started it again and again. All for one very important reason. Here's the backstory. The thanks is at the end.

On Monday evening I went with my manager to a childrens' hospice local to us. The reason for doing so is that we're hoping to be able to do some fundraising for them through our work and we were invited to their open evening to have a look around, get an idea of what we could do to help and see some of the amazing work that they do. The hospice is called Little Harbour. It's beautiful. That could be one of the strangest things I've ever said, I know. But it's true. The place really is just astoundingly amazing. Every single corner is dedicated to creating the memories for children AND the families of the children, who won't sadly, make adulthood. The lovely lady that showed us around spoke with such passion and enthusiasm and love, she was made for her job. She told us about times when they have pizza parties, fashion shows, etc. 
There was one time that a young boy wanted a James Bond themed birthday so they arranged for the cut-outs for the latest movie to be borrowed from the cinema, everyone dressed up and they had a secret mission for him to complete!

Another time, earlier this year. A group of children wanted to go to the beach. Of course it was too cold for them to actually go. So they stretched a 20ft tarpaulin  across the building, COVERED it in sand, put up windbreakers, buckets and spades and had plenty of ice-cream so it was just like a day at the beach! In the winter! Inside!

She showed us around this beautiful place which ended with a separate area attached, but still slightly apart, from the flawlessly designed building. "This is the Starborn room." She said. "This room is exactly the same as all the others, filled with colour, with comfort, with love. The only difference is that it's a refrigeration room. Families come to this area when their child has passed away." Until she said that, you would never have thought it was any different to ANY of the other rooms. It was full of love and of care. To be honest, naively to say, I'd almost forgotten about the fact it was a childrens' hospice up until then. The whole place is so...happy?! 
She took us just away from the room, to what looked like a beautiful chapel, attached. I say chapel because of the style of the room, the huge, stained glass windows and the peaceful, calming feel. She explained how one day they'd held a fake wedding here for the families and children staying at the time. Two teddies got married, and a little girl patient and a little boy patient did the voices, everyone staying dressed up and they had a big reception party at the end. The little boy's father came up to the staff and thanked them. 
It was the closest he knew he'd ever see to his son stand at the aisle.

I know that this is a sad post. And I'm sorry for that. But if you think about what you've read, people always assume about childrens' hospices that they're sad, palliative care places for end of life. But they are so, so much more. They provide respite care for families, care for the siblings of children with life limiting illnesses, and most importantly, they provide a lifetime of memories for the children and their families. And that, my friends, is exactly what I'm thankful for.

Thank you Lisette and Leona, forever you inspire me to be more thankful. And this week, I really am.
Love Sophie Xx

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Weird and Wonderful New Wednesday #11 (With Batman) How Crazy is The English Language?! Metalheads With Cats, Time Lapse Firefly Video, FREE Amazing Things To Print, FAIRES COULD BE REAL & BUNNY ISLAND!

Good Wednesday everyone! I hope that the sun is shining upon you, wherever you are! This week Batman has decided to join me in writing this post. No seriously, here's a photo of him all over the laptop. "Helping". So it seems that it is both of us bringing you our favourite news this week! Accompanied by some snazzy photos of our faces. Batman is a bit of a drama queen when it comes to making him pose. He's either really IN the mood...or really not. Sometimes he charges at the camera "NOOOO, I'M HAVING A BAD HAIR DAY!" And other days he's like "Oh go again, you didn't get my best side." Like pet like owner I suppose. As always the links to the full articles on all of 'my' news stories will be on the headers. And yet again it seems to have been a bit of a Buzzfeed week to be honest. With a few other bits and bobs thrown right in there!

Fireflys. By Vincent Brady.

This is absolutely beautiful. So hypnotic. The time lapse images were taken by Vincent Brady and the music is by Brandon McCoy. Listen to it aswell. It fills me with spring hopes and summer excitement. I could watch this all day.

Metal Cats. By Alexandra Crockett.

This isn't really news either. Well it is. It's a photography book being released on 6th May which is all about metalheads with their beloved cats. Now we all know that (close your ears Batman) that I FUCKING LOVE CATS! More than any other animal in the entire world. This book is adorable. And perfect...or should that be puuurfect? No? Sorry. It's such a nice metaphoric way of showing stereotyped people. Some of my faves include:

 The English Language is Crazy! 

This hurt my head. Alot. But is so true. It made me think about the non English speaking/reading people that would read this blog. I'm sorry you've got no hope. I can barely use the English language as my first language! I'm even less confident after seeing this. Besides I make up words like 'sozages' and 'funsies' so really there's no hope for you...or for me.

I WANT TO PRINT EVERYTHING FROM THIS LIST! I'm still working on reducing my use of caps lock when I'm excited. Bare with me...its is a tough adjustment. Still here are some of the best AND DID I SAY FREE?! things that you can print! All the photos will take you to print em off! get a printer....
Pie Holders!
House Shaped Lumineers...These are what made me share this! Aren't these beautiful!?
A Cute Easter Wreath!

A British Man Claims To Have Photographed REAL FAIRIES! Via

John Hyatt. You, my friend, are my hero of the week year. YES. What do you guys think?!

Bunny Island. Via

I've left this last. Batman thought it'd be best to leave this until last. So as we can let you know that we are OFFICIALLY EMIGRATING TO BUNNY ISLAND! How did this place stay secret from me?! The island close to Japan was originally used during WWII for the production of poisonous gas. As it was kept top secret, it goes relatively undiscovered. BUT THE BUNNIES RULE IT! BUNNIES EVERYWHERE! It's actually our destiny.

So on that note, So long from Batman and so long from me! You'll find us frolicing in the sunshine on Bunny Island.
Love Sophie and Batman Xx