Saturday, 11 July 2015

Poppies & Peonies.

I've become obsessed with my garden. We're lucky enough to have both a front and back garden; I'm banned from having any involvement in the back garden as that's 'where grass should be' so whilst I leave Harps to measure/groom/obsess over his lawn, I've taken to creating the nicest front garden in the street (I may be a little biased ok?)

We wood chipped over the weedy mangle that was there when we moved in almost four years ago. It seemed the easiest way for two total non gardeners who work full time to manage. Weed control is possibly one of the most tedious jobs in all the lands. I almost regret it now though as I spend every sunny moment potting and planting and re-potting and re-planting. The bargain sections of garden centres are practically going out of business thanks to me. This week alone I've planted a honeysuckle (with the intention of it growing over my door like some sort of fairytale...) A peony plant (totally in time for next year to use for my wedding!) My poppies are in full bloom (grown from seed like a magic green fingered giant.) And I have strawberries that I'm on an obsessed slug watch for...

My new plan has become; grow as much as I can ready for next year and save the money on my wedding flowers! Who wants to bet I'll be carrying my own stinging nettles and doc leaves down the aisle next year? 

Tell me all about your gardens!
Love Sophie Xx