Monday, 13 July 2015

Location Location Location: Daymer Bay Beach.

I'd never even heard of Daymer Bay, let alone the fact that it's less that twenty minutes away from Wadebridge, Harp's hometown. It's almost as close as Padstow! So when Harp's mummy visited we all headed for a day at the seaside, much to my utter joy! Can we just all talk about how incredible this beach is? It's the perfect beach for everything! Scenic, shell scattered, sandy beaches, clear seas and some of the best rock pools I've seen in ages! There's also a great little shop and cafe just in the car park, I bought the snazziest bucket and spade I could find with the sole intention of making the greatest sandcastle Cornwall had ever seen. 

Dogs, buckets, spades and smiles in toe we made our way onto the beach. After a while of settling Harps and I started to explore. He ended up climbing so high that he could't remember how to get down from the cliff edge and I got all too excited spotting wildlife- donning my best Attenborough impression, my bucket and spade had a whole new job!

Harps and I gathered an underwater world (and yes we put it all back!) There was a little crab, some rather raunchy snails that maybe had a little orgy, a jellyfish I named Jeremy and a couple of fancy shells. Eventually, sunbathing for a little while incited me to the sea. Not equipped to go for an actual swim, I decided to take the little black dog above for a splash in the water. A sudden wave meant little legs here needed to actually take the plunge and doggy paddle, she freaked the fuck out and promptly clambered up my legs taking refuge in my arms. 

Many giggles and a sneaky ice-cream later, we headed home again.
Have any of you been to Daymer Bay beach? Maybe you'll plan a trip there this summer?

Love Sophie Xx