Saturday, 15 August 2015

A Month Away In Photos.

This is probably the most summed up photo of my summer. Cake, flowers and a sneaky bunny.

Made some delicious brownies for a charity event!

Funky blue flowers.

Falmouth at 7am on a sunny morning makes early starts for work not half bad.

My hair is red again! Was it last time you saw me? Probably not! The ends have faded pretty badly now though!

I could spend all day organising shelves like this.

Good weekend everyone! How the golly gosh are you all?! It's been forever, ok well maybe not that long but it has been over a month since I last visited this little corner of the land and there a couple of reasons why it's taken me so long to get my backside in gear. Firstly; I've been pretty ill. Losing my voice for just over two weeks has had me pretty flat and sleeping at every single spare moment just became a bit necessary. Then, just as I was feeling better, a certain four legged creature whom stalks my life and my house decided he'd gnaw through my macbook charger (for the second time this year!) and do you know how bloody hard it is to get a replacement macbook charger in Cornwall?! Amazon to the rescue and ya-da ya-da here we are!

So, let us catch up with lemonade and cake!

Love Sophie and A Very Naughty Batman Xx

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  1. Hello, Sophie! *waves*

    Cake, flowers and a bunny rabbit make for a pretty lovely summer. And those brownies look so delicious! Is there anything better than supporting charity by eating cake?!



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