Thursday, 7 May 2015

Thankful Thursday// April.

This is an actual selfie taken mid-sneeze. Isn't my sneeze face sexy? I thought you'd agree. We're in MAY! Which means that actual proper summer is on it's way! We had a beautiful April, alas as you can tell from the above pose, I had the most horrible cold during most of it! May has come to save the day (and my poor nose!) slowly my body is aching a little less, my knees grateful for some vitamin D and slightly warmer mornings makes my heart smile. 

In April I was thankful for...

  • The first BBQ of the year!
  • My flask of tea (it's ok to be thankful for this every month. Must keep the flask gods happy!)
  • Conquering the trains for a whole month. Thanks train gods!
  • My new friends in my new place of work! Thanks for making me feel welcome guys!
  • The continuing love from my old branch family.
  • Continuing wedding plans! We have a marquee booked you guys! Actual shelter for our guests! But on that note, can we just talk about how INSANE marquees cost? You're all lucky Harps wouldn't let me force you all to be outside all day and night!
  • New glasses! Ok so I wasn't thankful for losing my old glasses on my fancy trip to St Ives and almost DIED (almost) from the headache that followed for the week without any sight! Alas, sight has been restored and I am back to being fully alert like a badger!
  • BANK HOLIDAYS! A day dedicated to me as a bank worker (that's what they're for right?)
  • That little off button on my work phone. "Begone Voicemail!"
  • Batman has almost finished malting which means happy buns all day long.
  • Charity planning! Oooh finally I've started to have meetings with a couple of awesome charities that I can't wait to tell you all about!
  • All of my adult bridesmaids shoes have arrived! They look so pretty next to each other!
  • The overwhelming response from everyone following my mental health post. It was so uplifting to have such great people surround me. 
  • Banana shampoo. For obvious reasons.
  • Day dates and fun frolics with friends, reminding ourselves that getting older isn't so bad.
  • Quiet walks to work in the morning, before the cars are filling the streets and the babble of people start to awake. The perfect time to prepare for the day. 
As always, and even more-so this month, thank you Lisette, your thankful Thursday posts remind us of the fragility of life and the positivity in the shadows. You're super duper.

Love Sophie Xx