Sunday, 31 May 2015

Nice To See You....To See You....

Nice! Hello everyone, it's been a while. I haven't fallen off a cliff (though maybe a proverbial one!) but needed to take a little time to myself. It's been quite a challenging few weeks both professionally, personally and I got into a bit of a funk. I'm coming out the other side again and starting to find the want to write again which brings me here. I've missed you friends.

For now, lets have a bit of a catch up and you can all get jealous over my plate of rocky road fudge above...

  • Three Pieces of fudge devoured in double quick time.
  • Two train disasters- more to come on these soon!
  • One reason to where black. And one less brilliant smile in the world.
  • Catching up with four different friends over 48 hours. Equating to three hot chocolates and four cakes.
  • Endless snuggles with Batman.
  • Sixteen little seeds planted ready for summer (I think I've left some planting all a bit late though!)
  • Seven baby plants going into the garden.
  • Two unexpected (and unbudgeted!) sprees at M&S.
  • Thousands *cries* spent on a marquee for our wedding! Seriously guys, don't even talk to me about it...
  • Nine episodes binge-watched of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.
  • Five working days until I'm on holiday for fourteen days! (It's my longest holiday of the year...I'm very excited!) 
  • Eighty six pages of my new book read.
  • Three early nights...and seven late ones.
It's been a bit quiet. It's been good for me. 
How have you been? I really would love to catch up!

Love Sophie Xx