Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Train Wanker #2 Things My Train Smells Like.

This week took a turn for the cold. Like dammmmn fricking cold. Like the brave woman I am, I faced the trains. It's also posted a little late as the cold has broken my internet so much that Harps forced me to watch that film with 50 Cent that I'd put off for the last ten years. Time I'm just not going to claw back.

Monday: This was the worst way to start Monday. You may remember it was the night where the weather was having a fucking party all night. Just as I had to get up it'd been calmer and I wasn't as fearful as I should have been when I left home. As soon as I stepped outside I'm almost certain frost started forming on my nose. I can confirm that winter has arrived folks- I've felt it in my bones. I'm on the night train on Mondays which makes it even more insulting (it feels like nighttime dammit!) The only part of my body uncovered is my eyes....Even they're closed.

Tuesday: "Why does it smell like carbonara on this train? Who's having meaty, cheesy pasta this morning for their breakfast? "

Wednesday: Took a pretty great photo of the sun rising over Truro cathedral on the way to work. On the way home I was graced with the intelligence of two girls talking about how to get their boyfriends to stop cheating on them. I regretted not charging my phone enough to listen to a podcast.

Thursday: Day off, huzzah! No trains for Sophie today!

Friday: The weather was back to taunt me on Friday. My train smelled like soup in the morning and it was all a bit much. The photo above is my attempt at getting home that evening! 

Saturday: I was excited on my walk Saturday morning. Though cold, the weather wasn't as gloomy and I even managed to take a snazzy photo. I also knew it was my last day of trains for a few days (I'm on a mini holiday this week until Thursday!). As i arrived at the station, a suspicious feeling crept over me as I saw more people standing around than usual. Train delays. And though this 10 minute delay may not seem like much to you, when you need to get a connecting train that leaves a seven minute gap for delays and doesn't wait if it's any later...It's bullshit. So giving in that I'd be running to work from the train, I  treated myself to a hot chocolate only to discover that not only did they not heat the milk before adding it to the powder, but I didn't have enough time to go and change it and was left cursing GWR yet again for ruining my morning. 

My train smelt of sadness.

As I say, I'm off for most of this week so we'll pick it back up again at the end of next. I'm getting closer to the colder weather and more and more uncertain of when I'll get to work or back home again!

Do you commute to work? I'd love to hear some examples go strife in your travels...It makes me feel better.

Love Sophie Xx