Friday, 11 December 2015

15 Strange Things I Wonder Falling Asleep.

I've always struggled with my sleep. Insomniac, night bird, whatever you call it; I've just never been able to shut down ol' brainy when it comes to getting some decent shut eye and if I've got an actual reason to fall asleep quickly, you betcha it'll be nearly impossible until the wee hours of the morning. Birds are singing by the time I sleep sometimes. A couple of nights ago I started thinking about a strange series of things (as usual) and thought maybe you'd like to hear some rambling thoughts of a tired lady. Psychologists eat your heart out with this lot.

  • Does the wind make a sound or is it the effect of wind making a sound?
  • If Slipknot sang childrens' songs what would they be like?
  • Who was it that I once knew that poooped on a strangers trampoline?
  • Why did that happen?
  • Could you survive living in a whale's stomach if you were protected from the acid?
  • If Batman really did fall into the ocean what would I do?
  • Do I need to walk like I've wet myself up the aisle on my wedding day or am I allowed to walk normally?
  • What is actually happening when my throat makes those weird loud sounds when I'm settling down to sleep? And where are those sounds coming from?!
  • How great would my life be if I was best friends with Bill Murray? 
  • Does Putin cry himself to sleep at night?
  • What is my next door neighbour doing when she runs her taps so much after 12pm?
  • If that creaking sound I just heard WAS in-fact a murderer, what would my weapon be?
  • Can a pot of vix count as a weapon?....If I opened it first it could choke someone surely?
  • Do polar bears get sunstroke?
  • Could I make my life dream of going into business selling goat flapjacks called 'oaty goats' and still pay the bills?

Of course more often than not I actually lay there and worry about 'important' *read anxious* thoughts. But let's be honest, that's a bit heavy for sharing online and don't we all think about the crazy things at the worst times anyway? 

Over & Out.


*Oh and cheers deep dream for the creepy edited image!