Thursday, 5 December 2013

A post about our engagement party and the hangover that followed...

Good evening lovely world! I apologise for not catching up sooner! To be honest with you, I could lie about my busy busy life (which is partially true) but more importantly, I actually had a hangover that lasted TWO DAYS! TWO WHOLE DAYS! And my recovery on Tuesday was short lived; due to my twisted ankle, that I can only assume is from being a party princess at the weekend. I expect no sympathy.

To be honest with you all, I don't really drink. There are a few reasons. Firstly, I just don't like feeling gross the next day. I really don't think that the feeling of being drunk outweighs the after effects! Secondly, and probably more importantly, my family kind of has a love/hate relationship with it. My father drank a lot when I was younger (never bring red wine near me) and we used to go on holiday together once a year. By this time my parents had split and he'd get wasted from like 6pm and it'd just be a nightmare. This kept happening until I was 12 when I didn't want to go anymore. I called him the night before we were supposed to leave and told him. He was obviously heartbroken. I wanted him to go alone, some time with his thoughts, clear his head...maybe change his spots? Naive. We haven't spoken in over ten years now. I think drink can destroy families. Both my mum and my step-dad have also struggled with it, but are better now. My step-dad has been sober for over two years now! Isn't that brilliant! Anywhoo, for these reasons it's rare that I'll turn to drink for a good time. Give me a cuppa and I'm just as awesome!

 On special occasions (or if I fancy)....I will drink...This happened last Saturday.....this is all I can tell you..


The rest is blurry....and painful...and blurry..

All I know is I thought I was dying on Sunday. No amount of sleep/food/vomit (yes I know gross, sorry) could save for Monday...almost as bad to be honest...until the ankle..

So yes finally, it has been over a month since Harps put me in his pocket forever and it's been a month since I flew up to cloud 9. So far I haven't changed my mind and decided to run away...Nor has he revealed some really horribly disgusting habit that I didn't know about (it has been 5 years!)....And THAT guys, is something to drink for.

Goodnight, Sophie xx


  1. *raises a glass* (A glass filled with tea!!)

    I wish I could have pent the evening with you! Although i'm pretty glad I didn't because I would have suffered from a hangover just as bad!xxxx

    1. I cried over it..that's how bad it was. haha. You looked to have had an awesome time yourself though lovely lady?! xxxx


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