Friday, 13 December 2013

Sunday's Photoshoot With Tracey Warbey Photography

On Sunday morning, I got up at crazy o'clock for a Sunday (like 8am!) and went out to shoot with my wonderful friend and talented artist, Tracey Warbey. Anyone who's read a few posts before will know that I spend a lot of time letting out my arty farty side with this lovely lady. If you have read my other posts, you will know we went out a few Sundays ago to Bodmin Jail! It was really fun and here's a few of the shots that she captured; I think you'll agree she's awesome! 

They're called her 'Lost Souls'. She wrote an awesome blog post that you can, and should, check out!

Anywhoo, this was a few weeks ago! Gosh I'm behind on writing to you all! So back to Sunday just gone (December 8th) we went out again to a small woods near Charlestown to find some lovely leaves! We did a pretty good job and I felt like a little hedgehog burrowing in them to get the shots we wanted! It was so much fun! Here's some behind the scenes pictures and the first of the edited ones! 

Love Sophie xx

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