Friday, 6 December 2013

My Lucky Rabbit Feet, Text Santa & Winter

So at work we are raising money for ITVs Text Santa which is an awesome fundraising event every year that raises money for six different charities. This year they are hoping to raise money for Barnado's, Age UK, Beat Bullying, British Heart Foundation, CLIC Sargent and Help The Hospices. All of which are jut amazing charities, wouldn't you agree!? You can see all about them here! So I have been wearing a very snazzy Christmas hat designed by Ant & Dec. It's great because it's a santa hat AND a reindeer hat all in one! It's really easy to donate too and there's loads of fundraising going on around the UK! So please get involved, donate time, money and care to these causes because they help so many and Christmas is the perfect time to get involved and help. Trust me you'll feel amazing and it definitely put me in a festive spirit!

Speaking of festive spirit, look at the pretty lights in St Austell town centre! They drape all along the street...I wonder if I could borrow them for my wedding??! haha! These are the only good ones to be honest, the rest are a bit lame, so I didn't bother with those! 

Also I have actually got a pair of jeans! I only had one pair and they were mens, so I'm not sure if that counts? I always find it really hard to get a pair that I like; they never seem to fit right or have some sort of embellishment or design on them. But I saw these the other day in TKMaxx and they are perfect! Nice colour ey? 

And to finish off, aren't't Batman's feet cute! I hate feet but I think I found an exception :-)

On that cheery note, good day to you all!

Love Sophie xx

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