Friday, 13 December 2013

Batman's First Christmas!

Our Christmas tree is finally up! And I love it! Last year I decorated it on my own and it was fun, but no where near as fun as decorating it with Harps! I sat making paperchains whilst he untangled the lights. Then we put the tree together (we have a fake one from when we first got together and I wanted a real one this year but wasn't sure how Batman would react) and I wrapped my really thin paperchains all around it! Then we put on the lights and started on the baubles (I hate tinsel EUGHH) and our handmade decorations I get every year from my best friend Stacie. She also has a blog, and she's a pretty fucking awesome designer!

Batman was SO curious whilst all this was going on! He barely left my side! I think he's decided he's kind of scared of it now...he sort of sniffs at it, realises that it isn't hay or straw and runs the opposite direction! He fucking loves wrapping paper though! Literally EVERYTHING has little Batman chew marks on it! So much so that I've had to wrap up his Christmas presents early, JUST so as I can put them at the front under our tree! Hahaha, so now when he tries to chew, he's just opening his presents bit by bit!

Also, every year Harps and I have a contest to see who can come up with the best tree topper! This year, however we joined forces and bring you.......GLADIATOR TIGER!

I officially am excited for Christmas! 
Love Sophie xx

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