Thursday, 6 March 2014

Thankful Thursday and Weird and Wonderful News Wednesday #7 All Rolled Into One-One Man Activists, Rise of the Robots and CAT BURGERS!?!

Good evening, good morning and good day to you wherever you may be! I've been making blogger friends abroad, and it makes me realise that you could be very well fast asleep whilst I'm posting this! I've got looaaaddss to catch up on this week, and starting with WWNW (a day late, I know. I've lost my voice again and last night all I wanted to do was lie on the sofa and moan! Haha!) We'd better crack on really! And sitting in my woolly jumper AND woolly cardigan-I really don't think you want to see my face. Haha! Such snuggly clothing reminds me of chuckling to myself at Michelle's post on 'Don't Grow Up It's A Trap' (She's awesome by the way, have a read!)

Anywhooty....This week there have been a couple of news stories that really caught my eye. The last is more just..well, amazing. Enjoy!

Are The Robots About To Rise? Via

Well basically, the answer is yes. Yes they are. And quicker than I think I was expecting. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not your technical kinda gal..(Liona had to create this blog and holds the password for when I need things changing!) And there's no way I'm trusting Siri as far as I can throw her. But this article really excited me! It's all about Google's new director of engineering and his futuristic predictions, but also incredible accuracy and skill. Did you know that over the last few years, Google has been a busy little bee buying out all the robotic companies it can find? If anyone will do it, it'll be Google...Or Mr Dyson? He's pretty swish...Or o'l Branson maybe? Does the thought of robots excite you? Or are you petrified like me that they'll take your job and your appliances will act out against you like the Simpsons episode?! 

This Man Planted An ENTIRE Forest By Hand! Via

This is the sort of story that you don't even think you'd hear! Isn't this just wonderful! Over 1360 acres have been grown by one man trying to change the world. Jadav Payeng, you are my hero for the week, and I'm also very thankful to you.

I did tell you that the last one wasn't news....LOOK AT THIS BURGER FOR CATS! I WANT A CAT AND A CAT BURGER!

On that very chirpy note, I am also as, ever thankful this Thursday! Infact, I've just this evening become even more thankful...but I can't talk about that yet, it's a secret Shhhhhh!...But maybe next week.

And the thanks goes to *drum roll* (Yes, I loved the Oscars)

  • Best Friends Catch Up- Since reaching that horrible time in your life, referred to as..dun dun dunnnn "Adulthood", it becomes harder to maintain friendships. But the best are the ones that no matter how hard it is to see each other, when you finally do, it's like you've never been apart. I love that feeling. Especially with best friends. Especially these beauties!
  • Pancakes- Always gotta be thankful for foods. Haha! Oh and I've given up fizzy drinks for lent, resulting in the realisation that I am definitely a sugar addict.- Day two and only 38 to go! Then it's Get.In.My.Body Dr.Pepper!
  • Olbas Oil and Potters Cough Sweets- For saving my life.
  • Liona (Otherwise known as Oh Leona!)- For being the more sarcastic, and more excitable version of me. She's a fucking babe and a half!

I'm  already thankful for Liona, but as always I am also thankful to the lovely Lisette!
 Have a great week everyone!
Love Sophie Xx

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