Thursday, 13 March 2014

Thankful Thursday.

Once again it's that time of the week to think and give thanks to the good bits of life. As you all know from yesterday's post, I've been up to lots over the last few days, so it was almost impossible to categorize my happiness this week. Still, after my first day back at work since my mini vay-cay (I've never ever ever used that word...I feel fetch..Never used that word either?!) it's even more important to reflect on the things that make me happy! And without further adieu; 


  1. Feeling revitalised!- This is how I've decided to categorize my few days off. Mainly because it feels good to remind yourself that you're not a boring 9-5 worker who's always tired and slightly grumpy after a long week. But actually I am still me under that slog of a person. And I still quite like me. And I think everyone else likes me when I don't become a slogmonster. So my new resolution (since me lent may have secretly and actually accidently failed with Leona) is to banish...YES BANISH my slogmonster-Sophie side.
  2. My health.- This is the slightly down-side of this week. Strangely in the last forty-eight hours, three completely unrelated friends (they don't even know eachother!) have been given some pretty heart wrenching news about close family. And it fucking sucks. I am thankful for my health and my family's health and thinking of all of my dear friends in their hard times.
  3. Kinder Egg- Because I love the chocolate AND you get a prize. I say that like I had one...I had three...however, two of the prizes were fuzzy animal things and I cross my heart that THIS is how the picture implied that they should look? Have kinder egg gone x-rated without me knowing? Are there small children getting fuzzy animals with positions from karma sutra? Either way, it was brilliantly funny.
  4. Batman yawning.- Yes I mean my rabbit. And it's because he's so entirely the blackest of all black rabbits out there for 98% of the time. And whenever he yawns there's this bright pink and white-and he looks like a lion. A black rabbit shaped lion. It's not a yawn. It's a roar. Haha! Enjoy!
As always the biggest of thanks goes to my beautiful friend Liona, and the total babe, Lisette for inspiring me to be much more thankful! And of course, to you for reading!
Love Sophie and Batman Xx