Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Weird and Wonderful News Wednesday#8 All About What I've Been Up To On My Time Off! Vintage Wedding Fayres, Animal Antics and Cake...of Course.

Good evening/day readers near and far! SPRING IS HERE! HUZZAH! This week I want to do things a little differently. Mainly because I'm just coming to the close of my FOUR days off! Which will feature heavily on Thankful Thursday, I'm sure. And so sue me, I want to brag all about what I've been up to in the last few days. So snuggle down, grab some malteaser bunnies (I'm having a cheeky couple as I type) and have a catch up with me!

So then, Sunday was my first day off. As was it the only day I had off with Harps during my cheeky holiday. However, like the full on, proper grown-ups that we are begrudgingly becoming, we decided to skip 'Sunday Brunch' (my absolute fave way to spend a Sunday in bed.) He decided to go and try the new bike trails at Lanhydrock House (he loved it but almost deflated when we got home!) Whilst I went to The Alverton in Truro to attend a wonderful vintage wedding fayre! I went with mummy. It was the first actual wedding thinking/planning/browsing/panicking/frolicking that I've actually
done, and it was lovely to go with my mummy. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! I had so so many ideas by the end of it, and we went straight home (for a cup of tea of course) and I've narrowed my locations down to five! How exciting is that!? And I'm definitely having an ice-cream man. Fact. I saw these beautiful tea-cups for hire and some snazzy cars. Though to be honest, when I got home I realised that I really don't care how I arrive (I'm kinda scared of cars, I don't drive.) Whereas Harps would LOVE a fancy car to drive him around. So we agreed that he'd have that! :-). The wonderful Benny's Organic Ice-Cream definitely are a company I'll be booking. They have this awesome tandem bike! (Harps is a bike mechanic) *grins at how thoughtful I am* *eats another malteaser bunny as reward* Mummy cooed over some handmade rings and I cooed over some beautiful necklaces. I also saw cake lollipops!? How cool are they?! After a lovely day out, Harps and I went for a buffet at his Grandparents and I ate too much to move. (Hey, it's fine, I don't need to fit in my work clothes for a few days!)

On Monday I went for a wonderful brunch with my dear friend Tracey (her blog/photography is awesome-check it out!) and her little girls. We had cake and hot chocolate at Charlie's Boathouse in Charlestown. (well I had massive fudge cake. She had a very sensible teacake). I spent some times blowing bubbles with her eldest (I tried to get her to aim them at an old woman, but she preferred my face.)

On Tuesday I recovered from all the cake on Sunday and Monday.

And then Today! Well today I had just the most splendid time! I call mine and Liona's time together as 'Animal Antics' mainly because for a number of years, we have referred to eachother as 'Shark' and 'Lion'. We are strong women. Strong animals. *shakes head.* I've been watching too much Game Of Thrones. We live about an hour apart, and both working full time it's hard being adults and still seeing eachother. So we usually manage like every four months or so. Really bad I know. We talk every few days though. This was the first time we'd met up since Christmas and our birthdays (We planned to a while back but the dreaded storms kept us apart.)....Why do I feel like this whole paragraph keeps having G.O.T innuendos? 
I went to Plymouth for lunchtime. (We decided her's because of better food choices.)...I think I might be a secret eater?!....On the train there was a man that stood there for the ENTIRE time. And it's like he's morphed/styled/adapted himself to look like Robin Thicke?! It was so strange! Then after a big hello to Rex, If you know Leona, you know all about Rex (He's a MASSIVE cutie-pie).We went to Pizza Hut! Buffet time! And after scoffing lots and lots and lots and lots, we sort of belly rolled back home. We opened our presents and she knows me so well! I got a pretty scarf, a cute squirrel notepad on fancy paper, a cat in the hat 'cat' teddy (he is now sitting with the moomin one she's bought me and the tiger who came to tea one!) ((that's why I'm called Sophie by the way!)) A gruffulo mug and an adorable robot necklace made by the beautiful Sophie at She also got me, and none of the photos I took could do it any justice  a moomin candle holder with a rotating silver mobile above it AND a precious moomin book 'MoominTroll'. I read it at the train station and all the way home! We walked Rex and met some friendly doggies in the park and then alas it was time to go! I wanted to pop to Primark before they closed (I got Harps a little gift because he's working until 4am tonight!) and bimbled home. 

And that concludes my lovely days off! Weren't they lovely!? I am off to carry on reading 'MoominTroll' and gobbl...oh wait, there are no more bunnies.....Better hope my clothes have stretched for the morning!
Goodnight to you all (And goodnight Harps!)
Love Sophie Xx

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  1. I had the most fun day ever! I miss you so much now! Move closer to me?x


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