Thursday, 20 March 2014

It's *Drumroll* Thankful Thursday! And The Story of My Concussion...

Good early evening, late morning, afternoon, early morning, day and good night. I hope that you're all feeling snazzy this week wherever you are! I've had a bit of a meh week. Mainly due to the main story of this concussion..which is still a bit apparent, so please excuse this gabble of a post.

 Let's start with the crappy. 

So if we're friends on Facebook or Twitter (I hope we are @SophieHasNoName) you'll have seen my moans since Monday all about my concussion...Well here we go, in full..what happened was...I was leaving work and had to pop to mother's because our washing machine broke and she's been doing my washing like a little angel, when a "bargain-store" 12ft lorry was coming along the main street of the town centre (It's not a road), so I stopped like a good pedestrian to wait for it to pass me. As I was calling my mum, to let her know I was on my way, I wasn't really looking at the lorry as it drove past me, when all of a sudden I heard a loud sound above me and as I looked up, a 7ft branch fell from the top of the lorry onto me! And as I squawked and fell, floundering to the floor, people came running out from shops, flats, etc and checked I was ok....THE LORRY DIDN'T STOP THOUGH! Asshole. So long story short, I went to the hospital with concussion and now I'm lumpy and sore and angry...AND NOT THANKFUL TO THE LORRY DRIVER!

And now for the thankful...

1) I am LOVING these make-up less selfies circulating at the moment! How brilliant is it that in just 24 hours, over  £1million has been raised?! I think that anything that helps beat cancer is great. I of course have joined in (though I tend to not wear makeup more days than I do anyway) and you can see my #nomakeupselfie here. I'm copping a feel of my boobs at the same time in this photo, just in case you're wondering about the pervert face? Also I have donated, twice (once for Harps) AND decided to nominate people a bit differently...I nominated 15 men to take a "make-up selfie"...and of course to donate. And though it was about an hour ago, they're flooding in! So if you think that your man would look good in a bit of lippy, or if you're like me and just think it'll be funny, get tagging! 

2) Nights out with my boy. Ok so I can be honest knowing that he doesn't care for reading this. But I really didn't want to go out at the weekend. It was dinner and bowling and drinking with his work friends (and some of them are my friends too!) And though we all know my love for food...well eating.. (that's what convinced me to go) I can't bowl because of my knees and I'm not much of a drinker, I sort of, regrettably, dragged my feet about going. But I did and I'm so glad because I had a lovely (if rather tipsy) evening. Which ended up at 3am singing Vengaboys songs as loud as we could. (DID I TELL YOU I'M GOING TO SEE THEM BY THE WAY?!)...I'm dragging Liona whether she's excited or not....I did get a slug in my hair from wearing a traffic cone like a crown on the walk home, and proceeded to scream pretty pretty damn loudly when I discovered it...*shudders*, Still sounds like a good night ey?

3) Ordering a Macbook. I'm so excited about it arriving!

4) Not dying from freak accident branches falling.....and not punching ignorant lorry drivers.

So that's my week so far, lets hear what you all have been up to! I'm sorry I missed my WWNW post yesterday..I was too concussed. And I'm sorry I've missed you all on posts/chats/comments this week....Blame the lorry and the
As always, I'm super thankful to Leona for being a sexy beast, Lisette for being just fricking awesome AND Tanya for her sexy photography.
Love Sophie Xx


  1. Wow that that lorry driver sounds like an a-hole, hope your fully recovered soon!

  2. That lorry driver better watch his back because I will TRACK HIM DOWN AND BEAT HIM.

  3. That lorry driver's going to have a posse of angry bloggers all over his stupid ass truck and his stupid ass. Glad you're ok though, boob feeling and mild rage aside.
    Have you been doing crazy things and blaming 'the concussion'? If not....
    M x Life Outside London


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