Monday, 1 June 2015

In May I Stalked...

Happy June everyone! It's my favourite month of the year; summer starts to make an appearance, Cornwall comes to life and I always have a two week holiday! PLUS it's the month I'm getting married in (next year!) which means IT'S ALMOST A YEAR UNTIL I GET MARRIED GUYS! *I mean we get married of course...ahem* Anyway, as always when I take a blog-holiday it doesn't mean that I don't stalk you all like a dawg. (That's right, a dawg- so sue me.)

  • Whisky and Pancakes posted quite possibly the most jam-packed post about a new move, a new job and an exciting trip! It made me smile just to read, it was so bursting with excitement and news!
  • Not only did I stalk Rosie throughout her wedding AND honeymoon. I've continued stalking her all the way home again (I'm excited to see lots of Bali photos soon!) Anyway, over on A Rosie Outlook, she's been getting back to normality which includes lots of fitness and healthy living. Perfect inspiration timing as I'm about to start my wedding fitness plan! 
  • Over on Underland To Wonderland there was a great, nostalgic DIY post about making zig-zag friendship bracelets! I could never make them but Danielle makes me want to try, or at least have loads made for me to wear like a cool kid. 
  • I really missed following what Samsam Cherie was up to during her little blog break- it's great to see her back and in fine fettle. She also looks amazing at a recent wedding- I stalked her Facebook all day! *double stalking points here for moi.*
  • Welcome to the world little Emily Victoria! Over at The Dusty Attic, you can coo over the prettiest little girl and send a massive congratulations to Anna! 
  • Lisette Loves gets more and more babelicious every time she posts (which is more regularly recently hurrah!) and you should read everything she's posted in May and forever in my opinion..but look how magnificent this rape seed field was and how glamorous Lisette looks standing all casual-like in it!
  • I'm so proud of Sunae for so many reasons, but most recently she's unveiled over at Little Foal, a wedding decor hire business she's starting. I'm totally wondering how much of it i can convince her to bring across the other side of the world later this year for me (and probably Leona) to hire!?
  • If you're looking for a lady with a plan, head over and catch up with Love In Modern Life. Chelsea has just finished university! How exciting is that!? What's even more exciting is I'm sure she'll be reading more again (see said plan) and I can always find something to read thanks to Chelsea. 
  • You should catch up with Michelle whilst you're on the catch-up train. I obviously stalk everything Michelle writes because it's so belly achingly hilarious (and she's damn fine) but if you're looking for a round up on Life Outside London -she's been doing just that this week.
  • Has anybody else fallen in love with Mark sharing his artwork? I certainly have. That Gent Mark is such a great blog to always have tor read because it's so varied and Mark is a hoot! But seriously, look at this Galaxy collection. It's beautiful. If I wasn't saving for a wedding I'd be hiring Mark's talents immediately (that sounds a bit rude doesn't it?)
  • Inspiring my Kimmy Schmidt addiction, Oh! Leona has shared a great book tag. I love buying books for Leona but more importantly, I love receiving them. There's a book that she got me for Christmas (or maybe my birthday) that has become one of my favourite books ever...She knows her stuff.

There are loads more...actually loads. I normally save the posts I'm stalking on Bloglovin- I'm one of those silent stalkers when I'm in a funk, always saving and never commenting. That's one of the blogging no-no's isn't it? It'll be fine. Anyway, if you want to see the many more posts I've been saving/stalking head on over there! 

Love Sophie Xx


  1. Have a go!!! They do take a little time but are super cute :) Thank you so much for including my post!! :D
    Silent stalker eh? Thats a good way to describe it! I swear it' me constantly - I am sooo bad at commenting but am trying super hard to get better at it.

    Now that theres only a year I bet it will fllllllly in!

    Hope you're well xo

  2. Aaah you lovely little lurker you! Great to see you back in the blog hood dawg.
    And I've missed some of these posts so thanks for rounding shizzle up for me.
    Love you long time lurker, welcome back
    M x

  3. It looks like we follow very similar blogs so I was happy to find you in your corner of the internet. There's a few blogs on this list I don't follow and will be checking out now x

  4. You've definitely been stalking some crackers lately!


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