Monday, 30 November 2015

November In Photos.

Psssttt...Winter has arrived friends. November is a funny old month; when leaves finally fall after hanging on seemingly impossibly for weeks, that darker, colder morning is hard to adjust to and the days seem to be swept away. I'm sure I probably haven't actually done that much during the month but it seems to fleet by nonetheless. My favourite photo of the month (which lets face it- all are Instagram snaps) is celebrating my seven year anniversary with this bundle of winter beard above. 

  • My best friend was in an actual magazine for FOUR pages. It was the most brilliant of articles and you should check out her handmade knitwear winter discount here

  • I ran around with the messiest hair pretty much all month. And wore the same scarf almost every single day.

  • Local art in my local town. I walk past this all the time and never stop to look. It's quite great really!

  • Dared to get the smallest pinch of festivities rolling in the house by buying this pretty little poinsettia for a whole pound at Lidl!

  • Spent a Sunday sat up at the bar like a proper lad and put the world to right with a lovely friend.

  • Started The Great Gatsby. It's all very grand! And invested in a snuggly wooly blanket that totally had to be bought being reduced from £59 to £17!! 

  • Had one pretty stripes and snazzy sunrise! Look at that palm tree making St Austell look all fancy. You ain't fooling St Austell.

  • And had a bitterly cold morning that was only made slightly better by this view over Truro .

  • Baked for the first time in actual months. I wanted to get a little practice bake in before starting the festive treats and this banana, honey and blueberry loaf got pretty good reviews! 

  • And finally, spent some time being an utter weirdo with this creature. 

I'm desperate to find some new and exciting people to stalk in this darker days, send me all the links to all the people! 

Love Sophie Xx