Thursday, 3 March 2016

Thankful Thursday // All The Things.

It's been a while. Too long really. *Waves at screen!* I've had many a draft sitting there since I disappeared at the end of January; too tired to switch on and write, too tired to feel guilty for doing so. To be honest, the start of this year has been quite testing, I've lost myself a little and it's only really now I'm coming together again. I wanted to take some time to come back, read some books (so many books!) Watch some Netflix and spend some time resting. The cold evenings and even colder mornings have driven me to the comforts of hot baths, snuggles under blankets and pyjama attire whenever I'm not outside. A couple of days have been spent hands in the earth, making sense of the overgrown mess that my garden has become over the winter months. It's been good for me. Thinking about what the future holds for the rest of the year and with a little perspective under my belt, here's some things about myself that I'm thankful for...and totally unapologetic for being so...

  • Being Strong: When shit gets tough, I'm like a rock. Yes I may cry whilst watching an episode of DIY SOS but when the proper grown up, horrible shit happens, I seem to grow 10ft tall. I'm proud of myself for that.
  • Being Sensitive: In the totally opposite way, I'm starting to realise to stop apologising for being sensitive about the 'small things'. It's something I've been judged for before and I think we as women, feel we have to apologise for that sometimes? Well fuck that from now on, I'm sensitive because I care, I've got a great big heart and I hug like a unicorn, so there's that settled.
  • Curiosity: If I could learn something about everything then I'd be happy. My Netflix binge has been a mis-match of documentaries, from art fraud, bees (obviously), to cane toads and space. It's been amazing.
  • My Ass for Looking Amazing in my Wedding Dress: Because I'm not the greatest fan of my body but it looks pretty. fucking. great.
  • Wisdom: Someone recently said to me that wisdom is something that only comes with age. I've thought about this a lot and I agree... to an extent. I know plenty of people older than me that are quite simply naive and I personally think wisdom is something that comes from life experience, how long you've been alive doesn't make you wise.

That's about enough self gratification for today I think. I've missed you all. How is everyone? I currently have over 650 missed posts to catch up on reading so expect a little comment spam! In the mean time, please go ahead and pop recent posts in the comments and I'll get to nattering with you even sooner!

Over & Out

P.s. I don't actually steal forks, but Curb Your Enthusiasm is one of the best programmes ever made. WATCH IT!

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