Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Newbie to Twitter, Blogging AND Christmas Excitement! It's all happening here!

So quite a lot of new happenings have been happening this week! Which is always very exciting! I am starting this lovely blog, thanks to help from the babe Liona....who hooked a brother up. Thanks to her, I have also started using twitter as of last night. @SophieHasNoName. It is this because I don't like my surname...Not that I have anything against Jack Russells (Leona's was sick on me on Sunday!) But I am not in contact with any of the Russell clan....So yeah add me on twitter and watch me stumble around there too! 

I've been really getting excited about Christmas! Up until last year I hated Christmas, I just didn't see the point in all the fuss over a few days (grouchy, I know!) But last year was amazing and earlier this year I decided; Hell I'm gonna give it a go! So today has been my day off and I've been busy in my new snazzy Christmas jumper and doing spot of festive shopping! 

Artwork I'm loving this week...

As always I've got to include a bit of Pat Perry here! His work is just amazing!

And this awesome photo of a cat in an old man's beard.

And last. but not least. This beautiful illustration by Gosia. All of the work on here is amazing!

And for Batman catch up, today we discovered that he is NOT a fan of my jingle bells Christmas jumper and therefore refuses to come near me with it on (stubborn git)...but before I got dresses this morning (I like to call this Pre-Jeremy Kyle hour)...he was all up for cuddles! So to finish off, here's Batman and I looking lovely! 

Sophie xx


  1. A CAT IN A BEARD? Amazing.

    I want to see Batman! You only just got him the last time I was at your house :( x

    1. Yeah I ended up reading about it and he lived on the ship with the sailor for 10 years and it's where he slept. Isn't that awesome?!? Batman is mad at me for putting flash on his face, trying to get a photo of him with the wooly hat on...It didn't work =( xx


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