Monday, 25 November 2013

What a busy few days!! Photoshoots, Days off, Batman Update, New Dress! Family Engagement Do!

Good evening lovely world! Sorry that I haven't posted in a few days! Lots has been happening in SophieLand and I must say, I'm SHATTERED! I work full time, so must get used to scheduling my posts and being a bit more organised. Anywhoo, I've been off today and up to lots of lovely things! 

Firstly...I DID IT! Here is Batman looking awesome in his Innocent Smoothie Big Knit hat!!! I finally got the photo I wanted. He wasn't very impressed though! He proceeded to knock it off, sniff it a bit and then ran away. Ah well, can't say I didn't try! Maybe he'll prefer the next one I get!

Today I got this pretty dress from New Look for £2.50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT. A. BARGAIN. It's a little big but I'm gonna try and take it in before this weekend for our ENGAGEMENT PARTY! I also got this matching clutch bag for £3! And this GREEEAAAATTT Kellogs Frosted Flakes print! I feel like a champion today! I'm really excited for Saturday and celebrating with our friends (some are away though which is rubbish.) It's also an end of Movember party for all the men that have been growing taches this last month. Excuse the lack of make-up but so sue me, it's my day off! 

We had some family over on Saturday night to celebrate and I made a play-doh fish with Marie, Harp's 8 year old cousin!
It looks good doesn't it! I want to know if you can bake it? (I told her you could! Eeeekkk!) Does anyone know? She really wants to keep it! If not, I guess I'm gonna be making a replica sometime this week! 

And on Sunday, I was up at the crack of dawn to go to a photoshoot at Bodmin Jail. It's a really cool place in Cornwall, and the perfect location for a creepy shoot! The lovely Tracey Warbey picked me up and we went out in the freezing bloody cold! I's excited to see the shots, she's awesome at her thaaanngg. Check her website out here!
I've done some other shoots with her before, and she's great to work with! You can see them on her galleries and she's just started doing wedding bookings if anyone needs someone in Cornwall! 

Here's some behind the scenes photos from the day! 
And that brings my busy few days to a halt. Phhewww, makes me tired just thinking about it. Which brings me to currently sitting with my new Figgy Pudding candle burning, my first attempt at using my slowcooker bubbling away, and waiting for the feeling in my fingers to come back from being outside! Good evening lovely people!

Sophie xx

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  1. I wish we were coming to your engagement celebrations!!xx


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