Tuesday, 19 November 2013

So up until now....

Good evening wonderful world! I thought I'd pop up a bit of a background about me, a starting point, should I say! And show off my snazzy new Christmas jumper to you all! IT HAS A CAT IN A SEQUIN HAT!

I live in Cornwall, the most beautiful place in the UK (in my opinion) and have been living here for about 10
years. People tend to have friends that start at school and are everlasting. It's still hard because I've only got one friend from childhood; the rest have sort of added up along the way.

I live with my FIANCE! That's right, it's all still pretty new! We went to Rome a couple of weeks ago (amazing place, I'll post more about it separately) and he did the whole shibang! Got down on one knee on our 5 year anniversary, as a very conveniently timed 'I'll take your photo for money' man came over to us at Trevi Fountain! It was pouring with rain and I thought he was getting money out to pay the bloke, when he pulled out this AMAZING 18ct white gold, diamond ring! (Lucky me, I know!)...That's pretty much all I remember from hysterically crying like a child getting a pony for Christmas.

I also have the cutest bunny in the world! His name is Batman, and Harp's (His name is Robert Harper) got him for my 21st birthday. He's a Netherland Dwarf so he's as big as he'll get, and he's my best friend. He loves his straw hammock (Bat-Hammock) and his bed (Bat-bed...you get the idea). He's a house rabbit so you'll all get to see much more of him! Right now I'm trying to get him to wear a wooly hat so that I can take a nice photo for our Christmas cards....It's not going so well.
And really in a nutshell, that's pretty much it. I LOVE dresses...some may call it an addiction, I call it a hobby. I like most things arty farty and airy fairy and any form of animal jokes are A-ok with me!

Sophie xx


  1. Everything is so adorable! I am so excited for you being engaged, congratulations! I am loving Batman already. Can't wait to see more of him :)
    N xo

  2. Thanks so much! I am excited too! Finally my hidden wedding scrapbook on Pinterest can be unveiled! haha. I think that freaked him out a bit! How do I follow your blog? Is it through Bloglovin? I am setting out this evening to capture him in his wooly hat! I shall report back! xx

    1. Click on Naomi's name and it will take you to her profile, then the link to her blog should be on there somewhere :) x


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