Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Weird and Wonderful News Wednesday....

WAIT A SECOND...JUST WAIT A SECOND...Ok, so I just learned that one of the best shows ever is doing a Christmas special..drum roll please...OPEN ALL HOURS! Oh my god how I loved this programme as a child. It brings back awesome memories of sitting down by Grandpa's legs; the smell of cigars clouding the view of the TV and his belly laughing to the adventures they got up to!!

It's of course not going to be the same without the amazing Ronnie Barker (RIP), infact I can't quite imagine the show without him squawking "GRANVILLLEEE!" every 30 seconds. Apparently, the rest of the original cast are still in it! Which is amazing! And the episode is all about Granville (the amazing David Jason) now owning the shop himself; including the bicycle! YES! Basically, I am more excited for Christmas than ever before! Isn't David Jason just amazing in everything!?

Secondly, and rather disappointingly I might add. Jammy Dodgers is being sold to an American company! First Cadbury, and now this! I bet they won't taste the same...I bet they'll skrimp on the jam...The Jam's the best bit...AND Wagon Wheels! They won't have half as much mallowey goodness anymore...*sigh* What is the world coming to?? ;-)

Someting that is also definitely worth mentioning is the return of the fabulous Monty Python! After 30 years apart, the original team is back together for a stage show! How brilliant will that be!? (This is all very TV orientated, I assure you it won't usually be!) To celebrate, here is a little clip of joy for you all!

And this awesome (if not slightly alarming) advert where Van Damme shows us all what his mumma gave him...

To finish off, I want to share one last video. Now, I think that this was actually from the beginning of the month, but I really hope it puts a smile on your faces.
My uncle is downs and he lives with my mum. When he was born, doctors said he wouldn't live past 8 years old. He's now almost 40! He's so amazing, his name is Tim and he helps make all the plants for the Eden Project! So when you pop down to Cornwall and obviously go there, think of him! You'll hear lots more about him! This video was sent to me from a friend and it made my heart swell with love and pride. Enjoy lovely people and good evening!

Sophie xx


  1. I FUCKING LOVE OPEN ALL HOURS. I S-S-S-SAID I F-F-F-FUCKING LOVE O-O-OPEN ALL HOURS. (Get it?) this excites me greatly!!x

    1. I have no doubts what so ever that it will make me's going to be amazing. If it's not on Christmas/boxing day (which it probably will be) we should try and watch it together! SOME OF YOUR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS CAME TODAY! XXX

  2. I was so sad when Cadbury's was sold to an American company! What is the world coming to :( The last video you posted was so lovely xx


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