Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Wedding Planning Series #3 Food.

All images courtesy of Pinterest- Check out the original links on there. P.s. I love the goldfish centrepieces but I'm not that mean to boil some fisheys on a lovely spring day!

Good day flower petals! The wedding planning is still very much in the early stages but it makes me so happy to piece things together and share them with you all (besides, I've had some great tips from you all!) So far we've looked at venues and bridesmaids and this time is a little look into the food that I want....Well actually Harp's (the massively picky eater- boo) will eat. 

Going along the whole picnic theme, I ideally want a lovely set of hampers and blankets strewn along the *insert venue here* that groups of people can have their pre-ordered, individual little picnic lunches. I really want a spring wedding (outdoors- I know, I'm actually insane!) which means lots of fresh foods and vibrant flavours. I plan for this to be like pretty much after we get married- I hate being hungry for hours at a wedding. We'll all settle down for picnic loveliness and then spend the afternoon playing lawn games and dancing to bands and generally having a blast. Then when evening comes, we all have a massive bbq and dance and prance a bit more. Perfect right? 

So, very much still in the planning stages, I know that I want these individual lovely, fancy picnics and I have totally fallen for cake-in-a-jar...Because that's a great idea of course. And I have absolutely and utterly fallen in love with Benny's Organic Ice Cream tandem bike. The ice cream is DELICIOUS. I want to arrange for this to come mid afternoon for a cooling treat for everyone before the bbq but amongst a big selection of cakes and cool beverages (lemonade, cherryade, fruity punches etc). 

So what do we think? Do you think people will be hungry? Do you think it's a good/bad idea? Share your wisdom with me! If your in the midst of planning your own wedding, let me know! I need tips and help and support. Haha.

Love Sophie Xx