Thursday, 31 July 2014

Thankful Thursday: Fancy Drinks, Firewalks & Friends: The Perfect Weekend.

Good Afternoon guys! How the devil are you all this week? I've gotta say I'm feeling the drag of the week round about now, probably something to do with having the most super weekend that I've had in a while, combined with another very busy weekend coming up! Sandwiched in-between seems to be this annoying week of working and little playing but lots to do! Right now I should be making bunting which means I need to zoom through thanks and crack-a-lack on!

1) To the ladies I spent Saturday night with.- I am so thankful that I have you all in my life. I had such a lovely dinner at Noodle Kitchen and Cocktail Bar-Newquay- Seriously, the food was delicious. AND I learnt to use chopsticks! Finally!

2) Dancing the night away.- It's been far too long since this last happened, and after a few of the above, cheeky cocktails I have no shame in admitting to starting and participating in a break dancing circle in Newquay's busiest bar. I nailed it btw.

3) Bosom Buddies UK- This amazing (and local) charity educates young women in schools about regularly checking their breasts for signs of cancer. It also provides a massive support network for women that are battling the illness. A few weeks ago I held a charity poker night and raised over £200 for them, which will be matched by my employer! And on Sunday a good friend of mine (and 44 others) gathered at the amazing Perrenporth Beach- The Watering Hole to take part in a firewalk. The Watering hole is situated right on the beach, the only one of it's kind in the UK. Not only that but the beach is dog friendly so there really isn't a more perfect place in Cornwall. The event also included a skydive challenge that was being completed throughout the day, but people were still falling from the sky when we were there. 

4) My Harpona- The awesome part of the charity event on Sunday was that a certain Liona's fiancĂ©'s band were also playing at the event and Leona had decided to come too! It wasn't until a few days before that we even realised we were both going to be there! Plus, for once Harps wasn't working so he came too! We had a great time squinting at the bravies walking on 550 degree heat (eh-no thanks) and dog watching. We also realised that Harps and Leona are basically the same person- which is what magnetically attracts me to them both ;-)...So I hereby christen...Harpona! (sounds like a dodgy shark film?) Harpona actually knew each other before I knew either of them (which is so weird to think of!) But basically I stole them from each other and now they're allowed contact once in a blue moon (it's more that Harps is rubbish at being free) By some magical luck, we ended up spending Tuesday together too! 

So there you have it. Pretty perfect ey? Pretty thankful for last weekend. As always thanks to Lisette for not only inspiring me to be more thankful, but CERTAINLY inspiring me to make those yummy brownies! (I'm going to try tomorrow!) And to Leona for all of the above.
Love Sophie xx


  1. I totally know the feeling of being sandwiched between two busy weekends - Paris last weekend, back to Dublin Sunday night, and flying home to the States tomorrow. AH. Hang tough, girlie!
    By the way, I love your hair in the top photo. I don't think I've ever seen someone pull off that red color so well!!!
    ~ Samantha

  2. Aw, it's so nice to see all this thankful feeling! I'm doing the same, inspired like you, by Lisette.
    I'm glad to hear you have TWO great weekends! :D
    And I read on previous posts that you're getting married, so congrats on that! (I love you wedding planning edition, although marriage is not in my near future!)


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