Thursday, 17 July 2014

Thankful Thursday- The 10 Blog Posts I'm Thankful For.

I wanted to use this Thursday as a bit of a thanks for all the lovely reads from a few of the most fabulous people that I've come across. This Thursday is dedicated to all the lovely posts that I kept busy reading whilst getting out of my 'funk' and getting over my cold.

1) Tanya.L.Reynolds aka-Tanya's -'When You Know, You Know. Even if the Universe Doesn't Yet...'post was inspiring to us who constantly second guess ourselves. I see a lot of myself in what she wrote and couldn't help but shout a little inner 'Hurrah' to Tanya's inner confidence. 

2) The Tea Drinking Rose aka Charlotte's- 'The Modern Day Romace' post was beautiful. I'm a sucker for a lovey dovey kinda read. Sebastian's a lucky guy.

3) Miss Jojangles aka Jojo's- 'A screen printed tote bag' post was SO DAMN CUTE. I was sold at bunny print to be honest. It looks like a fun thing to do too, her posts are always make me want to jump up and grab some scissors and glitter and run amuck! 

4) Tartanmouth aka Charlene's- 'Five quotes form children's literature' post is the sort of post that I could read all day. I love a series post to fall in love with. Matilda was my favourite in this months ;-).

5) Trisarahtops aka Sarah's- 'Adventures in Exeter' post had the most amazing bookshop ever. It reminded me of Shakespeare and Company in Paris. I wish there was a bookshop like this close to me. It's so pretty. I guess I'll just have to visit Sarah and frolic around there with her! 

6) The Sparkly Panda aka Rhiannon's 'I have some BIG news!' post was exciting to see someone else so super excited about getting married. She's set a date! How official and exciting is that!? I can't wait to set a date, probably later this year when we've finalised our venue...Exciting stuff! 

7) A Rosie Outlook aka Rosie's 'Dear iPhone' post was so well written, so true and so close to home. I've also recently been rethinking my relationship with my phone. Her 9pm curfew sounds like a really good idea...I'm just not sure I'd stick to it. 

8) Lisette Loves aka Lisette's 'Lisette loves Palm Print' made me immediately start zoning in on palm print when I was looking for a new dress over the weekend. It was then VERY hard to restrain myself from sending her every leaf printed item of clothing that I came across...A few may have slipped through the net.

9) The Peppermint Pencil aka Anya's 'Little Corners of Mine' post showed off her lovely home. Being a fellow renter, it's really hard to have the dream house you imagine. She does a great job with so much loveliness everywhere! I love that she has melted candles onto bottles too! 

10) Oh! Leona aka Liona's 'This week I've...' post had the BEST photo of M. Just chillin next to a giant sundae. Haha! Plus Liona has these pretty damn snazzy Black Milk leggings she's sporting there. They're Alice In Wonderland themed which is just, let's be honest...perfect.

So thank you to all of you! For inspiring, entertaining and intriguing me. Have a great week. 
Love Sophie Xx


  1. I definitely loved Miss Jojangles screen print tote bag post - I definitely want one!!! And Oh! Leona is one of my favorite blog gals as well :) I think it's awesome that you wrote this post to shout out to all of these amazing bloggers!!!
    ~ Samantha

  2. Some absolute crackers in here (and some I havent read yet, bonus!)
    And that photo of you is a beaut.
    M x

  3. Thank you so much for including me, lady!

    This is such a lovely post - I love a little bit of fellow blogger appreciation! I've only read Rosie's wonderful 'Dear iPhone' post so far but I'm looking forward to getting stuck into the rest.


  4. Thank you so much for the feature! Really pleased you liked my post x

  5. Come to Exeter and we'll go read books and have adventures!!!
    Thank you so much xx


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